AVG Ultimate Review

AVG Ultimate is an all-inclusive security and optimization suite with VPN, PC Tuneup, Mac Antivirus, money back guarantee and features such as ransomware protection, webcam blocking capabilities and multiple battery profiles for mobile devices.

PrivacyScan offers privacy scan and cleaning tools for iOS. However, advanced customization options are limited and optimization processes can consume considerable resources.


AVG Ultimate software bundles provide more than just excellent antivirus protection; they also include features for improving computer performance and privacy protection, such as gaming scanner to block annoying popups that distract players; Wi-Fi guard alerts users of dangerous and unsecured networks; Fake Website Shield helps protect people against becoming victims of phishing attacks; Data Shredder allows for the permanent deletion of sensitive personal or professional data; while robust firewall technology and advanced artificial intelligence to identify and combat even the latest malware threats.

The AVG Ultimate suite is easy to set up and use, boasting an intuitive user interface that doesn’t overwhelm users with alarms, alerts or notifications. Furthermore, updates are automatic while compatibility includes most operating systems including Mac OS X 10.8 or later; additional benefits include being relatively lightweight on system resources without adding unnecessary background processes or bloatware that might clog PCs up.

AVG’s antivirus product is widely respected for its real-time response to new threats, with the Ultimate version offering even greater capabilities. These include USB/DVD scans that check files stored externally as well as internally, detection of toolbar installations on computers, blocking ads or online distractions and spam protection, anti-phishing protection as well as spam blocking features.

AVG Ultimate’s backup and recovery tools are also an important aspect. The software automatically backs up data, with users being able to choose where the backup should go; its backups are encrypted with 256-bit AES technology for additional security, only accessible by account owners themselves; users may even restore files from previous backups if necessary.

AVG Ultimate software includes both a secure VPN and AntiTrack to obscure your online presence and prevent companies from tracking it. The VPN supports up to 10 devices simultaneously for maximum protection of privacy while AntiTrack can clean up and optimize PC performance while optimizing modern browsers.


AVG provides world-class products at an attractive price point, and AVG Ultimate is an impressive package with four feature-packed programs: Internet Security, Secure VPN, TuneUP and AntiTrack. Each program provides comprehensive protection from malware, viruses and ransomware while strong phishing detection is provided; additionally it provides private browsing lines to keep browsing data private while improving device performance by clearing junk files off. Finally it blocks companies from tracking online activity making AVG Ultimate an excellent choice to protect all your devices.

As opposed to other providers, AVG Ultimate gives you the power to simultaneously activate these tools on up to ten devices – including Windows PCs, Macs, Android phones and iOS phones – making this product particularly convenient if you need protection for multiple devices at the same time. Furthermore, this service tends to be cheaper than similar offerings from competitors like McAfee Total Protection.

AVG Ultimate includes not only antivirus protection but also firewall functionality and an enhanced version of their Cleanup tool – featuring powerful cleaning and privacy features such as File Shredder and Network Inspector. In addition, AVG Ultimate blocks malicious websites while helping recover broken passwords; furthermore its privacy protection is excellent; although some may be alarmed that Jumpshot user data was sold by AVG in 2020.

Norton AntiVirus Software is another strong competitor to AVG with strong detection capabilities and minimal impact on performance, winning several independent lab tests as the best antivirus protection for up to 10 devices at the same time. In addition, there are other useful features included such as Registry Cleaner and Backup/Restore tool for added convenience.

Like AVG, Norton provides top-tier security backed by an generous refund policy. Their customer support is efficient while the FAQs section can provide useful answers on specific topics. In addition, there are various business and home packages to meet individual needs.


Installation for AVG Ultimate is an extremely quick and painless experience. The installer automatically connects to your internet and downloads the product from AVG’s servers; once complete, it scans your PC for any updates necessary – in my experience this took only five minutes in total! Once complete, AVG prompts you to activate your subscription by setting a password – giving you full control of products and settings via its management console.

AVG provides world-class antivirus protection, an enhanced firewall, ransomware protection, a data shredder and secure VPN capabilities. In addition, AVG also features privacy tools like AntiTrack to block tracking attempts by websites and prevent browser fingerprinting; there’s also a do not disturb mode to stop notifications and activities; in addition to this it includes PUA scanner that detects potentially unwanted applications (PUA) that hog resources and slow down PCs.

Concerning performance, AVG stood up well during my tests. Both AVG Internet Security and PC TuneUp had minimal impact on my laptop’s overall speed even when running full scans; AVG Secure VPN had minor hiccups that didn’t warrant serious worry.

AVG Ultimate was designed to secure up to 10 devices simultaneously, working seamlessly across Windows, Mac OS X, Android, and iOS platforms. This single subscription ensures all your devices remain protected and up-to-date at all times – this bundle comes equipped with world-class antivirus protection, enhanced firewall features, data shredding capability and much more!

Support-wise, AVG does not offer a ticket-based help desk system; therefore if any issues arise with its software you will have to call into a support specialist to get assistance. While not ideal, this does ensure your issue will be quickly and effectively addressed; plus AVG’s staff are extremely knowledgeable and helpful – as well as offering free telephone technical support on all products they sell!


AVG Ultimate is an impressive suite of antivirus and security products, providing comprehensive protection. This includes AVG Antivirus – an industry-leading security solution – plus firewall, VPN and Tune-Up tools as well as ransomware protection and data shredding protection to make sure that you remain protected against all types of threats.

As far as user experience goes, AVG does a solid job at making its software easy for anyone to use and operate. The interface is clean and straightforward with minimal upselling or other distracting features; plus its performance tuning tools were well designed – we found them capable of quickly identifying unnecessary programs to save valuable system resources while increasing device speed.

AVG also boasts the added feature of actively scanning for malware and other threats with CyberCapture technology, uploading suspicious files directly into its cloud for analysis and identification purposes – an essential way to safeguard against new and emerging threats.

In addition to standard scanning options, AVG also provides boot-time and USB/DVD scans. Furthermore, users can set AVG up for automatic update download and installation at regular intervals – an ideal feature for those without time or desire for manual updates.

AVG stands out among antivirus companies, earning numerous awards for its performance. Customer support for AVG can be reached via email, community forums, telephone and live chat; their knowledge base contains answers to frequently asked questions; they even have friendly representatives that are eager to assist customers! While AVG doesn’t provide dedicated phone numbers they have an array of different support options available.

AVG Ultimate is an ideal all-in-one cybersecurity and system optimization suite, providing top-of-the-line protection for unlimited Windows PCs, Mac computers, Android phones/tablets/and iOS devices as well as mobile app security and Anti-Theft if they become lost or stolen. A single subscription covers up to 10 devices at once – perfect for protecting multiple devices at the same time!

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