Avidemux Review


Avidemux is a free application designed to non-linear video editing and transcoding. Utilizing FFmpeg’s multimedia functions and Qt for its user interface, Avidemux supports multiple devices while offering several useful features.

Avidemux allows users to edit videos, add subtitles and color profiles, resize images for better sharpening, increase or decrease overall volume of audio tracks and increase or decrease overall volume of audio recordings. In addition, Avidemux includes filters such as deinterlacing and gaussian smoothing that further customize user’s videos.

It is free

Avidemux is a free video editing program with user-friendly features, making it suitable for anyone wanting to edit videos and remix audio tracks. Compatible with most major file formats (including Linux), Avidemux offers unique tools such as noise reduction, footage scrubber and placement markers; in addition to this software can add logos or crop out unwanted parts of a clip.

This free software for both Windows and Mac systems uses FFmpeg for its multimedia functions and Qt as its user interface, providing nonlinear video editing, filtering and encoding with command-line support beginning in version 2.4. Additionally, the program features the capability of converting to various formats as well as saving custom scripts that can later be applied to various videos.

As much as its unassuming interface may appear cumbersome, it can actually prove useful for novice video editors. For instance, it can be used to cut, copy and paste segments of a video as well as appending one clip onto another (though no fancy transitions are offered). Furthermore, it boasts an estimation feature for final file sizes which makes for a useful way to track files sizes.

Video editing capabilities also include creating subtitles and different color profiles, resizing and sharpening image quality as well as increasing or decreasing overall volume of the audio track. Furthermore, it supports bulk processing via queue as well as various file types.

Avidemux can also be used to edit audio files and features several filtering options such as auto-resize, gaussian smoothing, deinterlacing and chroma shifts. Furthermore, Avidemux supports numerous video and audio codecs – making it a versatile editing solution suitable for all of your media editing needs.

It is easy to use

Avidemux is a free and open source video editing program, making it simple for anyone to edit videos quickly. Available both for Windows and Linux operating systems, follow these steps for installation:

Once installed, you can begin using this software immediately. To begin using it effectively, load up the video you wish to work with by pressing “Open” in the main menu or selecting it from file manager window. Once that video is loaded up, use “A” and “B” buttons to mark where you would like to cut the video at.

Step two of applying video filters involves selecting an appropriate filter. After making a choice, click on the plus sign-shaped add button to view its options, and check or uncheck “Apply Filter to Entire Video”, while opt for partial application if only applying to certain parts.

Another useful feature of this software is its capability of cropping video, enabling you to save space on your hard drive by eliminating unnecessary parts of the video. Furthermore, you can adjust its frame rate so it works more optimally on specific devices; such as changing it from 25 frames per second (PAL), 24 frames per second (FILM) or 30 frames per second (NTSC).

Avidemux not only allows users to modify the quality and format of videos, but can also add various filters and effects, including resizing a clip, sharpening its picture quality, increasing or decreasing overall sound volume levels as well as supporting batch processing/scripting capabilities for easier management of multiple files simultaneously.

Avidemux makes video editing simple by offering several methods for exporting edited clips, from conversion into multiple formats to playing on various hardware and software players. Hardware acceleration speeds up encoding/exporting operations; additionally it has an information display to inform you about codec, bitrate and frequency specifications of videos being edited.

It is compatible with a wide range of devices

Avidemux is an open-source nonlinear video editing program with many advanced features for converting, cutting, and processing videos. Compatible with all major operating systems and computers and offering built-in support for many popular codecs; highly customizable user interface; supports large number of file formats with various filters available – available on Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows operating systems with its source code freely available and freely downloadable.

Avidemux can be used to add or remove audio streams from a video clip, edit videos by cutting out sections, remix audio tracks, and create new images using different filters. Resizing and cropping videos are also supported along with noise reduction tools like footage scrubbers and placement markers. Avidemux processes both video and audio files efficiently while supporting many file formats like MPEG-1-MPEG2, QuickTime MOVs, OGMs, and DivXs as well as decoding tools, processing filters, framerate manipulation techniques, framerate manipulation options, subtitle options etc.

Avidemux stands out among competing applications due to its flexibility of use across various devices and operating systems, including mobile phones. It features an intuitive, user-friendly interface for beginners that displays basic functions with tags and icons easily for navigation; there’s even an accessible menu bar at the top of your screen! You can further personalize this application through plug-ins and extensions; plus it runs well even on low-end PCs with plenty of audio/video effects to choose from!

Final Cut Pro does not allow users to adjust synchronization between video and audio, which makes using FCPX impossible. FCPX also reduces video size through compression techniques such as MPEG-2 (using libavcodec), MPEG-4/H.264 (with x265) or HEVC/H.265 (with x265) compression codecs.

This program boasts an abundance of features that make it suitable for home users as well as professionals, from professionals to home editors. Unlike some other video editing software programs, this one boasts an easy interface that consists of only a few buttons and settings; its large user community ensures you always receive assistance for any problems that may arise; additionally it makes finding filters easily.

It is secure

Avidemux is a cross-platform video editing software with various features and capabilities that provides users with three basic tasks for video editing: cutting a video clip, filtering it and encoding it. Ideally suited to mid-sized businesses across industries including advertising, media, education and technology it also offers cloud deployment as well as on-premise options to meet medium business needs.

This open-source video editor features an easy user interface and wide array of functionalities, yet lacks advanced features needed for complex editing tasks. Furthermore, stability issues arise occasionally when working with certain file formats; overall it makes an ideal option for those in search of flexible yet powerful solutions.

Avidemux Library contains an exploitable vulnerability which could allow for arbitrary code execution, via an integer overflow that allows heap overwriting while parsing AVI files. It’s exploited using specially crafted files containing malicious payload. NVD analysts have assigned CVE number 10252 and associated vector strings and CVSS scores with this CVE to display in UConn AnyWare Virus Gallery.

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