Avira Free Antivirus Review

Millions of users trust Avira’s award-winning protection, privacy, and performance tools for desktop computers and mobile devices alike. Their free apps make protecting themselves easier – from password managers and VPN services to disk space cleaners and optimization tools.

This program utilizes cloud-based malware detection. It uploads suspicious files to its labs for analysis, and flags any that it detects as dangerous.

Real-time protection

Avira Free Antivirus offers one of the fastest virus scans available and comes equipped with advanced security tools like password managers and software updaters, in addition to ransomware protection and prevents unauthorized access. Utilizing cloud computing, Avira uses immunizing millions of users against malware within seconds – this allows it to remain lightweight yet efficient enough not to negatively impact system resources or performance. Avira provides various scanning options like quick, deep system and file analyzer scans.

Avira’s user interface is intuitive, with a clean dashboard and simple icons for functions and tools you’re likely to need. While Avira lacks some features such as firewall and password manager, you can add these for free by installing separate third-party programs. Avira also features a disk cleaner and optimizer tool which help remove bloatware or junk files that slow down your machine; you can use Avira’s performance section to find and delete duplicate files, clean the Registry, upgrade drivers or use its performance features for performance optimization purposes – saving both resources!

Avira’s user interface is straightforward and dark, offering shortcuts to common features on its dashboard. Ad blocker and tracking protection work effectively against online snoopers who seek to spy on or redirect search results for you; its browser safety feature alerts you of infected websites as well as malicious ads or phishing sites; it even detects unwanted apps hiding in downloads that could potentially run when installed – this ensures a safer browsing experience!

Avira’s antivirus suite consistently performs well in independent lab tests. Its real-time protection has an outstanding detection rate against zero-day threats and its AV-Comparatives test score is Advanced+ – its highest available rating. Avira uses cloud-based threat detection in tandem with an extensive user community; each device acts as a sensor reporting any newly emerging threats; once identified, Avira immediately immunizes all its users against emerging risks for maximum defense effectiveness.

Parental control

Parents can utilize Avira’s parental control features to monitor which websites and apps their children visit and what content they search for online, as well as prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data. Furthermore, parental control tools protect children against online predators who attempt to steal personal data such as pictures or stolen personal details, from phishing scams, malware from suspicious sites as well as accidental downloads by protecting children against these issues. Setting up and using Avira’s parental control feature is straightforward.

Avira offers a free version of their antivirus suite that makes an excellent choice for home users. This version includes real-time protection, anti-malware engine and password manager features; additionally it contains system scan to check for viruses, malware or threats to your PC; programs scanning; exclusion lists creation; events log creation as well as an events log feature are included as part of its suite of features. Avira free antivirus protection can be downloaded onto all Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.

This program features a straightforward design with an easily navigable interface, making for an intuitive experience. Its dashboard displays popular options such as Smart Scan which initiates a quick scan. Running in the background, it does not slow down performance or display many pop-up windows – plus no ads!

Although Avira offers decent parental controls, they fall short of what’s offered by standalone programs such as Norton or Bitdefender; most antiviruses also feature similar parental features – Norton Bitdefender and McAfee all have easy and comprehensive parental controls that users will appreciate.

Avira antivirus software enjoys an outstanding reputation, and their free version makes an excellent option for home use. Unfortunately, their premium plans are overpriced and do not contain all the features typically associated with standard antivirus programs.

My pick for an antivirus with parental controls is Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9. This company’s macOS-specific antivirus is exceptional at detecting Mac malware, while their parental controls provide a welcome upgrade from what Apple provides by blocking websites by category and offering customizable settings that meet family’s individual needs.

Privacy protection

Avira’s real-time virus protection checks any new files saved to your computer or downloaded from the internet for any sign of malware, quarantining them for further review and offering useful analyses for each piece. In some instances it attempts to fix problems itself; however, more often than not this requires purchasing one of Avira’s premium versions – you are invited to upgrade when clicking its button).

Privacy protection features of this software include an automatic file shredder that overwrites every deleted file so they cannot be recovered; an application to identify privacy settings on Windows and installed applications; as well as tools to optimize laptop battery use. In addition, there is also a selection of tools designed to make your computer faster: a disk cleaner, system optimization utility, and driver update checker.

Avira Prime features an interface typical of modern antivirus suites, featuring a greyscale background and large icons to aid navigation of its software. The Security tab enables on-demand scans, quarantined file review and accessing Windows firewall; the Privacy tab serves to promote other Avira products such as free password security checking and VPN services (upgradeable to unlimited throughput for Avira Prime subscribers), Safe Shopping extensions (including Safe Shopping protection), 500MB monthly throughput on Phantom VPN service (with unlimited throughput for Avira Prime subscribers), basic Password Manager capability across devices as well as basic Password Synchronization across devices (although additional charges apply for password synchronization across devices).

Avira offers excellent malware detection rates, though not as high as its competitors. The free version offers robust basic malware protection combined with extra tools like VPN and password manager; more advanced tools, like built-in firewall protection or ransomware guard require upgrading to one of Avira’s premium plans.

Avira not only has exceptional malware detection capabilities, but its clean and intuitive design also makes it easy to navigate on desktops and mobile devices alike. Furthermore, Avira provides support via email as well as an expansive knowledge base; some more advanced features may require payment in order to unlock.


Avira is an industry-leading provider of malware protection. Recognized by independent labs as easy and fast to use, its latest release stands out with features such as Real Time Cloud Protection which identifies hidden applications in real time and blocks them immediately; also scan emails/downloads for any phishing links/spammers/phishing attacks; as well as offer shopping tools that help find you the best prices online for products.

Once installed, Avira Free Security Suite runs invisibly without slowing your computer down. Avira uses minimal memory consumption and keeps pop-up windows to a minimum – an excellent choice for older computers. Furthermore, its customizable settings and options don’t overwhelm users; when hovering your mouse cursor over advanced settings they offer brief descriptions as to their functions.

After initial installation, Avira prompts you to run a Smart Scan of your system, taking just minutes and reporting that it’s free from viruses but warning about issues to address (for example outdated apps, privacy settings which need correcting, and junk files to delete). A full report and ability for Avira to fix these items requires upgrading to paid version of their software.

The main screen of Avira features tabs for Status, Security and Privacy. The Security tab enables on-demand scans, checking quarantined files and accessing Windows firewall – as well as toggling Avira protection modules on and off. Meanwhile, two additional tabs serve to manage and update Avira programs.

Avira’s advanced technology can protect devices against all forms of malware, such as ransomware, adware and Trojan horses. Avira utilizes cloud analysis technology to analyze suspicious files before sending them for evaluation at Avira servers – thus quickly detecting and blocking new threats faster than competitors like others do – an advantage for users that wish to protect their data against cybercriminals. Avira offers free email and telephone support as an added convenience for its customers.

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