Avira Internet Security Review

Avira Internet Security

Avira’s extra features score highly, with excellent performance optimization tools, strong password management including browser extension password management and safe shopping tools, and an outstanding web protection suite. Notable shortcomings include battery manager and basic parental control functions that could have been added.

Avira offers several plans that cover various devices, from free security plans to full Prime bundles. You can check device coverage within your account page.


Avira Internet Security is a comprehensive suite of tools that provides protection from ransomware, malware, viruses and other threats. Its anti-virus is among the most robust on the market; while its web safety features exceed even those found within Chrome or Firefox built-in options. In addition, Avira’s suite also includes password manager, file shredder and privacy settings to stop Windows apps sharing data with Microsoft or third parties.

Avira’s password manager is user-friendly and offers browser extensions for Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Opera browsers – it doesn’t quite compare to the best standalone password managers but remains an invaluable addition. File shredding also comes in handy and permanently deletes files so hackers cannot gain access. Finally, its privacy settings provide an easy to read display of all permissions granted to programs so you know exactly how much of your personal data is being shared by them.

Avira’s software updater and PC tuneup are unrivaled when it comes to system optimization, outperforming many standalone utilities in their respective categories. Furthermore, Avira’s startup optimizer shows which programs slow down your boot time so you can remove or disable them easily. Furthermore, their full-featured PC cleanup utility surpasses even Windows Disk Cleanup when it comes to thorough cleanup tasks – and outperforms many standalone specialist utilities in terms of effectiveness!

Another impressive aspect of Avira’s performance scanning is its minimal effect on computer performance, according to independent testing from AV-Test. Their most recent tests indicated that Avira had no negative impact on web browsing, software installation or copying local files – while Microsoft’s own anti-virus program slowing these tasks by up to 23% and 8% respectively.

Avira Prime provides additional features over and above those found in Avira Internet Security, including access to Phantom VPN Pro and unlimited licenses for other software included in the suite. Though more costly than competing premium security suites, Avira Prime more than makes up for its added expense with its extensive set of features and superior support services such as an online knowledge base and telephone assistance for free users.


Avira offers three paid plans in addition to its free security suite; each comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.

Antivirus Pro is an ideal plan for consumers who wish to secure multiple devices at once. This plan offers malware scanning, firewall protection, Software Updater service updates, password manager functionality and built-in VPN connectivity, with mobile protection available for Android and iOS devices as well. Furthermore, this tier includes email and phone support services in addition to its main features.

Avira Internet Security stands out from the competition by not overloading users with features they won’t use, meaning it doesn’t slow down their computer and is relatively straightforward. Furthermore, its clean and user-friendly interface enables them to easily recognize if there are any problems they need to address immediately.

Avira stands out from other security suites with its transparent privacy policy. Avira clearly outlines how it protects your data and only shares it with third parties as required by applicable law – unlike some competitors who remain more elusive about how they manage user information.

Avira Prime provides maximum value with every purchase; this package combines everything from previous tiers as well as P2P-friendly VPN and support for up to five devices, and malware removal tools as well as additional optimization tools.

This premium cybersecurity suite may be more expensive than its counterparts, but the extra investment may be worthwhile for anyone seeking peace of mind across their devices – especially those who frequently download and install software updates.

Avira’s latest offering, Phantom VPN, connects your online activities through an encrypted tunnel for anonymity and geo-restriction bypassing. While many people won’t encounter an issue here, bear in mind that there is only 500MB per month available through Phantom. When selecting a security suite.


As part of its installation process, Avira Internet Security may request access to your camera for scanning purposes. It’s best to allow this as it is standard practice among antivirus programs and should be enabled.

Once that is completed, Avira begins the installation process quickly and seamlessly – keeping its program minimized so you can use your computer normally while it works – once complete, an alert will notify you that your Avira software has been successfully updated and installed.

Software then runs a quick malware scan and, in the case of Avira Antivirus Free, downloads any necessary updates. Avira will scan for potential weak points and suggest any necessary changes you might want to implement. Avira also features several performance-oriented features to make your computer run faster; such as its Disk Cleaner which removes temporary files and caches that slow your system down; its Performance Profile Optimizer option on laptops; and Registry Cleanup feature.

These tools may not compare to those found in full-featured security suites, but they’re still very helpful. Avira also offers an easy password manager which syncs across devices – an advantage over some competitors’ products but could save time managing multiple accounts at the same time.

Avira Antivirus Free’s main goal is to safeguard your device against threats like phishing and spam, blocking email attachments that contain potentially dangerous links as well as blocking suspicious websites that you try to visit.

If you require additional protection, Avira Prime provides up to five computers with unlimited scans and virtual private networking for just under PS52/year. A cut-down version of Phantom VPN is included with this full suite but its protection only goes up to 1GB per month.


AV-Test has found that Avira had the best malware detection rate out of all programs it tested and was one of the fastest web scanning suites. Furthermore, its antispyware scored well for compatibility with leading network security technologies like Cisco Systems SonicWALL firewalls.

Avira offers free online support through a knowledge-base management platform with answers to frequently asked questions and quick infosheets for most features. In addition, community forums include employees of Avira who participate daily. Unfortunately, the free suite does not allow customers to make direct customer support appointments with someone.

Avira Internet Security’s dashboard gives users access to several endpoint products for Windows, Mac and Android devices from Avira’s portfolio of endpoint protection, including password managers, secure cloud storage services and full-featured VPN capabilities. Avira VPN software lets you protect multiple computers at the same time without worrying about data caps or other limitations found in competitive suites.

Your dashboard provides another useful way for you to run a full system scan that looks for malware and issues that could expose you to hacker attacks, without customizing what types of files or ways they’re scanned like competitors do. Furthermore, you can download additional Avira tools via it – such as driver updater which automatically checks driver versions – eliminating manual checking out drivers in their entirety and their versions for updates.

Avira Internet Security includes several helpful tools, including an automatic file cleaner that removes duplicate copies of existing files on your system, which is rarely offered by other security suites. Furthermore, Avira’s privacy strengthener lets you edit every setting that could leak information at one place — typically only possible using individual programs — while their PC optimization app outshone anything offered with other security suites or stand-alone programs we’ve tried.

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