Avira Internet Security Review

Avira’s free version offers antivirus protection, malware removal and performance optimization features; password manager; browser extensions and VPN (for paying subscribers).

Avira utilizes cloud anti-malware technology and heuristic analysis to detect zero-day threats, and in tests conducted by AV-Test in January and February 2022 scored 100%.


As part of your online work, shopping, socializing or gaming experience, proper computer protection is an absolute necessity. Avira’s suite offers solid basic malware detection – comparable with Windows Defender – plus extra tools like VPN, password manager and browser extensions designed to combat phishing websites. Furthermore, its light resource requirements mean it won’t bog down or slow down your PC when performing full virus scans; but for extra features like web protection, ransomware detection or premium mobile apps you may require an upgraded plan from Avira.

At the core of Avira is its anti-malware engine, which utilizes a cloud database of current malware strains to compare suspicious files against. After doing this, Avira conducts heuristic analysis on them and flags any that exhibit unusual behaviors – making its detection rates among the highest in its industry.

Other security modules offered by Avast include a firewall to block unwanted connections and an email scanner that blocks attachments containing malware, the latter of which was found to be especially beneficial; AV-TEST reported that even its free version blocked nearly all tested malware samples without producing false positives. It offers numerous scanning options such as quick or full scans, system and drive checks and customizable user-defined scans; its performance was outstanding with SELabs finding almost no impact when downloading files from the internet or copying local ones.

Privacy tab features various utilities, such as a network scanner to identify suspicious devices connecting to your Wi-Fi and PIN protect apps so you can protect personal information. Avira anti-theft modules also allow remote control of phones or laptops through Avira accounts allowing users to remotely delete data, block certain applications from accessing personal data, activate alarms or try GPS location of devices remotely.

Avira takes pride in upholding strict privacy measures, refusing to share customer data without permission and supporting this promise with Germany’s stringent data protection laws.


As a German company, Avira understands data protection laws well. Their privacy policy sets them apart from many other security suites by not collecting or sharing your personal data with third parties – instead using it to improve their products and services for you.

Independent laboratory tests show Avira to be one of the premier anti-malware programs, placing highly in tests conducted by leading testers such as AV-Comparatives and AV-Test. Avira’s program can detect most forms of malware including ransomware; plus it features special folder protections to thwart this threat from entering your computer system.

CleanMyPC also features an impressive variety of tools to assist in cleaning up and maintaining a smooth running system, including duplicate file detection and deletion as well as malware-infected files located within system directories or archives, malware scanning, removal and the ability to identify bloatware installed without your knowledge or consent and toolbar detection and removal.

The software is intuitively designed with an attractive, simple user interface that is clearly separated into its three core sections – Security, Privacy and Performance – for PCs, Macs and mobile devices alike. Multiple devices can be protected from one dashboard with updates automatically applied so as to avoid security risks for each one of them.

Avira provides a secure browser to make browsing privately easier. It helps mask your digital fingerprint and block trackers from accessing unique browser configuration, settings and device information; in addition, Avira can block ad tracking and stop personalized ads.

Avira Internet Security not only protects, but can also optimize the performance of your PC. It can find and delete duplicate files, decrease the number of programs that start when your computer boots up, optimize laptop battery settings and more. Furthermore, Avira can search and repair missing files, detect outdated software and download and install updates for it.

This software features an expansive knowledgebase that offers troubleshooting guides and quick infosheets on most features, while its forums are bustling with staff answering daily queries from users. Furthermore, its 30-day money back guarantee adds peace of mind for customers.


Avira Internet Security has long been used by computer users. First developed back in 1986 as AntiVir, Avira now features an array of features designed to keep computers free from malware – device optimization tools, password manager and automatic software updater are among them – but unfortunately lack parental controls and VPN compatibility for popular streaming services such as Netflix.

Although Avira didn’t top our list of best antivirus programs, it remains an excellent choice. Boasting high malware detection rates and numerous extra features while being lightweight enough not to consume too much CPU power or cause too much lag during normal desktop operation, its performance in our recent tests put Avira among the fastest antivirus products tested by us.

Avira Hub features an intuitive user interface divided into Security, Privacy and Performance tabs for quick navigation of all functions within seconds of clicking them on. Most functions are easily accessible without additional steps required for use – its lightweight design and outstanding performance makes it an excellent choice for older computers or those with limited storage and capacity.

Avira offers some of the industry’s premier virus scanning features. Their software is constantly being upgraded, to detect even the latest threats, while providing privacy-focused tools like file shredding and identity-theft monitoring; additionally they offer duplicate file finder/battery saver functionality for optimal PC performance.

We conducted rigorous lab tests with Avira’s malware protection in our laboratories and found it to be highly effective, catching every threat we presented it with in an AV-Test evaluation test conducted recently by us. These impressive results weren’t just chance either – AV-Comparatives also gave Avira their highest ratings for both protection and usability during their most recent assessment test conducted by them.

Avira offers various support options, though for the best service you may have to pay extra. Premium users receive access to toll-free phone numbers in 30 countries that connect directly to a human being within minutes after waiting a short timeframe; free users have access to knowledgebase articles and YouTube videos, but need to look elsewhere for direct support.


Installing this program was quick and painless, with only a small status window providing updates as it went along. When installed, the program immediately recommended running a smart scan to detect malware, privacy concerns, performance obstacles and out-of-date programs on your system. The main dashboard features tools categorized into Security, Privacy and Performance for ease of use.

The new version provides the usual suite of security features, such as a password manager, Phantom VPN, browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox and Opera as well as a toolbar to block Web trackers, phishing sites and malicious advertisements; in addition to that it also includes social networking protection courtesy of an add-on bought out from SocialShield as well as password generator, disk defragmenter and system optimizer tools.

Avira Internet Security offers an efficient feature set that may reduce costs while not slowing down performance, yet still protect against online attacks. Avira’s approach to its feature presentation makes for an intuitive interface with clear instructions for use.

In our tests, this program performed flawlessly without disrupting normal workflow. Its anti-malware engine did a fantastic job of detecting and eliminating test viruses quickly; while its software updater quickly identified any outdated programs and fixed them immediately; its backup feature saved an image of our entire system in case we ever needed to restore it later.

One issue we encountered while testing Avira was an interaction with another security program which caused it to crash (blue screen of death). While we don’t expect this will be an issue in most instances, if you already use security suites then taking precaution may be wise if installing another one like Avira at this time. We suggest keeping its free version active to avoid conflict as well as keeping up-to-date your antivirus software at all times.

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