AVS Document Converter Review

AVS Document Converter

AVS Document Converter is an all-in-one tool for converting files between various formats, as well as merging multiple documents and providing many additional features, such as password protection or extracting images from texts.

Convert text files easily to PDF or transfer them directly into e-Pub for reading on portable devices. Plus, use this program to create ZIP archives with restrictions applied for editing, printing and copying content.

Convert Documents

All the tools needed for document conversion are assembled in an intuitive interface, just drag-and-drop files you wish to convert, select an output format and click “Convert”.

AVS Document Converter supports many file formats, including PDF, DOCX, RTF, TXT and HTML documents as well as images such as JPEG PNG GIF. Furthermore, AVS Document Converter also features eBook creation functionality – perfect for users needing to convert multiple documents at the same time.

Once you’ve selected an output format, the tool allows you to fine-tune some settings. For instance, it allows you to easily protect PDF files by adding password protection, setting an image as page cover or adding watermarks – great ways of safeguarding against unauthorized access!

The program allows you to compress files before or after data conversion into ZIP archives. You can add files directly from its interface into these ZIP archives and e-mail them directly. It even features text files as images so you can share them more easily online.

AVS Document Converter is an efficient and comprehensive file conversion software. With its lightweight yet user-friendly design, AVS Document Converter makes converting documents quick and effortless. Thanks to its variety of settings you can tailor documents according to your preferences – for instance adding password protection or setting restrictions on editing/printing as well as personal watermarking of each converted file.

Merge Documents

AVS Document Converter gives users a way to merge documents of different formats into one file, providing space-saving benefits while making document organization simpler. Furthermore, AVS Document Converter also features watermarking capabilities which protect content against being copied or distributed illegally by third parties.

The program is user-friendly, featuring an intuitive feature set that makes file conversion a simple process, such as browse button or drag-and-drop operations to quickly load files for conversion into the working area. Furthermore, its tabbed interface makes managing multiple documents at the same time much simpler.

Once your files are loaded, you can make adjustments and convert them by clicking appropriate buttons on the upper toolbar. When finished converting, choose where you’d like them saved; there is also the option of password protecting them as an added measure of protection for your data.

Additionally, you can create PDF watermarks to protect documents against counterfeiting and restrict editing, printing, and copying permissions. Furthermore, the software has the capacity to compress large files into ZIP format before or after conversion, helping save storage space. Furthermore, advanced users can utilize command line mode for automating conversion and merging processes.

AVS Document Converter is an efficient tool for converting and merging files of different formats, with an intuitive user interface designed for even those new to computer technology. A comprehensive user guide explains step-by-step how to use the program, while customer support via phone call, email and online chat are provided if assistance is required with using it. Furthermore, AVS Document Converter is free download and trial run – making it an attractive solution for getting started in document conversion.

Convert Files to Multiple Formats

Document converters play a pivotal role in providing file translation between various text and image formats, making file management much simpler without dealing with incompatible file types which can become an annoyance when constantly receiving and sending documents.

AVS Document Converter is an effective application designed to facilitate conversion in batch mode while maintaining original formatting. It supports most document formats such as DOC, DOCX, PDF, TXT, RTF ODT HTML as well as some eBook formats including EPUB and MOBI.

This program makes adding files easy with built-in browse buttons or “drag and drop,” plus its tabbed interface allows for simultaneous work on multiple files simultaneously. Plus, its previewing function lets you easily view documents, navigate back or forward pages or search specific data within them.

Another useful feature of this software is its capability of compressing files to ZIP format prior to and post data conversion, while its archive manager allows for password protected archives, file renaming and image extraction. You can even embed text watermarks into PDF documents to prevent counterfeiting as well as restrictions for editing, printing and copying content.

AVS Document Converter makes conversion easy with just a few clicks, making it an intuitive tool for beginners as well as professionals alike. With its user-friendly interface and straightforward design, AVS Document Converter should prove indispensable in meeting all your conversion needs.

However, it should be noted that this document converter may not offer as comprehensive a solution as other similar applications on the market. For example, it lacks more advanced options like adjusting document margins and adding cover images; nevertheless it remains an excellent basic tool to assist with conversion needs.

Watermark Documents

If there is sensitive data in the files you convert, add watermarks with AVS Document Converter. A watermark can add text or image watermarks that you can set opacity settings for using either sliders or keystrokes.

Your watermark options include font face, font size and font color settings as well as background color selection and alignment settings. Furthermore, opacity settings for text or image watermarks can also be selected.

To do this, open the Format Settings section in the Working Area by either clicking its black arrow or double-clicking its header. Ticking Watermark will apply this option to every document loaded into the program – by default diagonally but you can change this in this opened section.

The other options provided in the opened section allow you to specify where, its width, height and color of text or image watermarks appear on a document as well as its opacity and fade-in/fade-out effects that make their appearance seamless.

Another feature that sets this tool apart is its ability to rename files during conversion. Simply choose from one of the presets listed under Preset drop-down or type in your new name in Name field; text can also be changed and format can be selected accordingly.

Finally, AVS Document Converter makes it possible to verify the integrity of your file using its Verify button. Furthermore, this solution may help detect fraudulent transactions by detecting fake or invalid billing or shipping addresses; however, some merchants might find its effectiveness less impressive as it cannot account for human misunderstandings and mistakes.

Overall, AVS Document Converter is an efficient program for converting between various file types. The software runs fast and offers numerous features not found elsewhere – merging multiple files together before conversion or zipping them before, creating password protected PDF documents or attaching files directly through its interface are just some of them.

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