AVS Video Editor

AVS Video Editor is an intuitive movie-making program with an accessible user interface. The program follows traditional editor layout, featuring media library, timeline and preview windows for optimal use.

The software allows for all major video formats and includes color correction tools that enhance original footage color, as well as stabilization tools to stabilize shaky recordings, music, text comments and over 300 innovative effects, transitions and overlays for smooth video playback.

Easy to use

AVS Video Editor is an efficient yet intuitive program with an easy-to-use interface, featuring various functions including multiple video and audio tracks, chromakey text animation and overlays, along with support for various file formats – making it an indispensable resource for anyone looking to produce professional-looking videos at an economical price.

The program features an attractive, modern interface divided into three sections: media library, timeline and preview window. These areas function exactly as expected and make dragging files from media library directly onto timeline easy or adding effects and transitions quickly and painlessly. Plus, novice video editors will quickly grasp its basics.

Create voice recordings effortlessly with this program, making voice memos or narration effortless and straightforward. Simply use either the built-in microphone or click on the microphone icon in the menu ribbon to record with a headset microphone and begin! Editing can then take place to enhance its quality further.

One of the key capabilities of any video editing program is being able to stabilize and correct its audio. AVS Video Editor makes this easy with equalizing audio levels as you speed up or slow down video playback, or changing background noise levels or eliminating unwanted sounds that make videos appear more professional.

AVS Video Editor allows you to import various types of files, from HD videos and cameras directly into its interface, including HD videos. Once your project is complete, exporting it in various file formats such as high-resolution AVI, MP4, or WMV files allows you to deliver it elsewhere or burn a DVD or Blu-ray disc with it – or create a slideshow from photos!

The software comes in various editions, from entry-level basic to premium, which provide access to all its features. Therefore, you can choose which edition best meets your needs; however it should be noted that its subscription is tied only to one PC; should you switch over, you will have to repay again.

Easy to learn

AVS Video Editor is a comprehensive video editing software program with all the tools and features you need to produce professional-looking videos on your own. It’s simple to learn with plenty of helpful video tutorials and guides available, making this an excellent option for novice video editors as well as those just beginning their video editing journey. This is an excellent choice for newcomers as well.

AVS Video Editor features two sections – Function and Preview. The Function area offers several functionalities for import/save/cut/freeze/timeline/storyboard editing; while Preview provides real-time preview of your project so you can witness its edits live and correct errors before finalizing it.

AVS Video Editor allows users to import video, audio and image files for editing. The AVS Media Library automatically organizes them in the current project area so you can drag-and-drop items onto a timeline for easy editing, transitions or effects for each clip and even text watermarking if desired. Furthermore, AVS includes hundreds of effects such as blurring/sharpening effects as well as flip/twist transformation effects for enhanced editing experience.

AVS Video Editor makes video editing even simpler by offering customizable frame size, bitrate and codec settings that enable users to create custom formats for devices and hosting websites. Furthermore, multiple audio and video formats support make sharing your work with others even simpler.

This software’s intuitive design makes it simple to work with. The intuitive interface is easily navigable, offering various tools for creating slideshows, adding music, and much more. Plus, there is even a built-in DVD burner to easily create and burn discs directly within the software!

AVS Video Editor allows you to add voice recordings for an introduction or commentary in your videos, making AVS Video Editor ideal for creating professional-quality films. Simply click the microphone icon in the menu ribbon to record. Plus, with its integrated audio editor you can adjust volume levels on individual clips while its equalizer helps balance out sound levels across your clips for a balanced mix.

Easy to customize

AVS Video Editor is an impressive blend of power and ease-of-use that equips everyday users with all the tools needed to produce videos efficiently, with minimal difficulty. The program boasts an expansive library of effects and transitions, animated text, overlays, chromakey color grading features and plenty more useful options that make personalizing videos effortless. Customizing its interface further makes the program your own!

This application offers various video formats and codecs to suit your specific needs, with support for numerous mobile devices and gaming consoles to export your finished video directly onto these platforms without additional programs or plugins being necessary. Furthermore, its built-in video uploader enables direct transfer to popular video-sharing websites such as Vimeo.

With this program, it’s also simple and quick to add watermarks or images to your video, rotate and delete unnecessary parts, add voice commentary easily, create credits or disc menus – and more.

Another great feature of this program is its ability to adjust a video’s hues. Although the program automatically corrects colors of your video, you can manually tweak its brightness, temperature, contrast saturation and gamma values until they match what you see in real life.

Easily combine multiple source files into a movie using Merge Clips! In addition, this application offers numerous cutting and trimming tools – Cut, MultiTrim, MutiTrim as well as Crop Scale to change aspect ratio and Crop Scale to alter aspect ratio, add titles/captions etc before trimming to an exact length that meets your requirements.

If you want to upload your finished project online, the program includes an integrated YouTube Uploader which enables direct transfer of video clips directly onto YouTube. This feature is particularly handy if you have several clips you wish to publish online at once.

Easy to share

This program supports all the key video formats, including HD and 4K. Additionally, you can import media files in all these formats, edit audio/video, add text and images, create menus for discs, capture video from computer screen or web camera, record voiceover narrations and much more – plus share them on YouTube, Facebook or Flickr easily!

Experienced video editors should find the UI to be very familiar, featuring three main sections – Video Preview Window, Info Pane and Timeline. Each area works according to expectations; however they’re not quite as interactive as some programs.

One of the many highlights of AVS Video Editor is its extensive library of transitions and effects, which boasts over 600 types of transitions and overlays that can be added to each clip in the timeline mode. There are also text templates such as titles, scrolling credits and lower-third text that make editing videos even easier; plus you can record audio files to give the videos extra appeal!

Audio mixer and chroma key features of the program provide another important benefit, making it simple to eliminate unnecessary background noise from video footage. Furthermore, equalizing audio to match video files helps produce professional-looking videos. Finally, stabilization helps prevent shaky footage while reducing echos or distortions that may appear on your footage.

This program also comes equipped with an easy slideshow maker, enabling you to make slideshows from photos and music, with voice recordings as an optional narration feature. Simply click on the microphone icon in the menu ribbon for easy voice recording access. When editing is complete, your video can be exported in several different formats including DVD/Blu-ray disc formats as well as MP4, WMV or AVI file types that can even be uploaded directly onto YouTube or other online video platforms for storage or distribution.

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