AVS Video Editor Review

AVS Video Editor

AVS Video Editor appears unchanged since 1998; its main Video Preview Window and Info Pane function as expected but lack the quality-of-life features offered by competing video editing applications.

AVS does offer a strong selection of effects and transitions as well as support for picture-in-picture, titles, DVD menu creation, basic processing stabilization.

Screen capture

As part of AVS4YOU Multimedia Suite, AVS Video Editor is an intuitive yet powerful all-in-one video editing program. This all-in-one program can record from webcams or capture PC screens before editing videos using basic or advanced editing features – with exporting direct to portable devices as an added feature!

Capturing full screen or selected window captures all actions taken within this area and provides all actions performed here. Captured video can be enhanced with explanatory captions, mouse click effects and animation, keyboard shortcuts etc. Additionally it is possible to save screenshots in JPEG, PNG or BMP formats for future reference.

AVS Video Editor can do much more than capture and edit videos; it can transfer files from DV/HDV cameras or webcams, create discs playable on DVD and Blu-ray players, upload them directly to YouTube or Facebook and export in high quality formats like MP4, AVI or MOV for YouTube viewing or Facebook uploads. In addition to these capabilities, AVS Video Editor supports more than 150 formats and exports them with high quality as well as remove black bars seamlessly, add 300 visual effects/transitions, fine tune colour balance adjustments as well as stabilize shaky recordings for flawless productions!

This program is straightforward to use, with most functions accessible via dragging items from its main menu bar into an Info Pane. Controls are intuitive and user-friendly – even those without prior experience will find themselves comfortable using this software! Furthermore, an excellent selection of video tutorials makes use even simpler.

Power users of this program will appreciate its advanced editing tools and the capability of recording up to 1080p HD video, but beware that its free version has a watermark and limited projects; to compensate, there is also an upgraded premium version with support and updates provided free. Therefore, before beginning use of this program it is advisable to purchase a license beforehand.

Audio editing

AVS Video Editor bills itself as “easy video editing software,” and it certainly delivers on that front, with great help resources and an intuitive user interface that guides you step by step through each process. However, powerwise it falls slightly short, especially given its price point.

While this program offers an adequate selection of video editing tools, its lack of multi-track support – an industry standard in modern editors – is disappointing. Furthermore, its audio tools fall behind those offered by competing applications; moreover, the timeline offers access to all its primary functions while its Info Pane provides quick access to them – which makes moving elements from Info Pane into timeline simple.

AVS makes adding background music to videos easy with its variety of import formats, sound volume control options and time adjustments. AVS also supports various video and audio effects – including text overlays – making editing videos even simpler than before!

AVS can also be used to stabilize videos, create and burn DVDs, process Blu-Ray videos, handle 4K resolution videos and create menus – a unique capability found only with AVS! Furthermore, screen recordings can also be created.

AVS Video Editor features an outdated yet user-friendly interface, making navigation of its many functions relatively straightforward and user experience simple even for nontechnical people. Furthermore, there are tutorials to assist newcomers. Unfortunately however, its developers should address frequent bugs and crashes that plague this program before competing against its rival video editing programs; otherwise they risk losing customers to its competitors. AVS can be found both for Windows and Mac OS X systems and includes several free plugins which add extra functionality.

Video editing

This tool contains editing tools that enable users to produce professional-grade videos. For instance, it allows them to cut out specific movie scenes, combine multiple video files into one, remove unwanted parts from videos of various sizes and formats and split videos irrespective of their format or size. Furthermore, various effects and adjustments such as white balance can help correct color mismatches, utilize chroma key effects when editing background shots, as well as stabilize footage containing shaking footage by stabilizing.

User interface of this program is intuitive and user-friendly, featuring an upper left pane which allows users to import media files from computers or external devices, capture desktop screen captures, and record voice overs. At the bottom of the window there are four sections – Function, Media Library, Transitions and Text. Each contains specific options and features.

Media Library contains more than 200 backgrounds, patterns and stickers; over 600 transitions such as burn, fade and twirl are available; text editing provides users with tools for adding titles, credits and additional information into videos.

AVS Video Editor supports various file formats, including HD videos. Its rendering process is swift and efficient. In addition, AVS has a feature which enables users to create videos tailored specifically for video-hosting sites like YouTube and Vimeo.

Furthermore, this video editing software comes equipped with a basic media library and timeline view that allow for the organization of clips into sequences and the addition of transitions. Furthermore, this program features various effects and overlays for creating titles, credit rolls, themed stickers as well as picture-in-picture functionality as well as disc menu creation features.

This program is suitable for both beginner and seasoned video editors alike, thanks to its straightforward user interface that makes the program easy to navigate even for those unfamiliar with video editing software. This makes it an excellent option for those wanting to make home videos or share them online with family and friends.

Note, however, that AVS Video Editor’s customer support team does not operate 24/7, leading to some frustration for those requiring immediate assistance. Therefore it may be worthwhile considering other video editing software with round-the-clock customer service as an alternative option.


AVS Video Editor offers an impressive range of features for stabilizing videos. Its simple user interface and vast array of effects make this an invaluable learning resource for video editing beginners. Furthermore, there is even an option available that enables adding text directly onto videos.

This program’s primary function is to stabilize videos recorded with a camcorder or other camera, by analyzing each frame’s motion and comparing it with previous frames, before making necessary adjustments accordingly. It offers additional effects, including transitions and overlays; users can even add voice tracks and music files directly into their video, thanks to its user-friendly interface which allows them to adjust its duration accordingly.

This video editing software is free and offers many different effects to choose from, along with an easy drag-and-drop interface, making it suitable for beginners as well as professionals alike. Compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems, it can help stabilize shaky recordings while adding visual and sound effects that resemble Hollywood films; its drag-and-drop capability also makes editing videos simple for both novices and professionals. An ideal choice for stabilizing videos quickly but may lack other features found elsewhere.

There are various PC video stabilization programs, and each offers unique features. Some may be more complex than others; nonetheless, all produce high-quality results. FilmForth stands out among these tools by being free for noncommercial purposes with many high-quality effects as well as animation and picture-in-picture capabilities; it even comes in both desktop and mobile versions for convenience!

PowerDirector is another excellent choice for stabilizing videos, featuring an intuitive user-interface and many high-quality effects. Perfect for home and business use alike, PowerDirector can be used to make movies, slideshows and other content with its extensive library of over 600 transitions and 300 overlays as well as time lapse videos with its variety of sound effects and time-lapse videos capabilities.

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