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Bad Piggies

Rovio’s Bad Piggies is a spinoff from its popular Angry Birds franchise that places you as one of their pig enemies, playing as Bad Piggie. This puzzle-based title includes some platforming elements.

It includes 72 standard levels and 18 collectible bonus levels, plus five sandbox levels where you can construct intricate contraptions like motorcycle air balloons or rocket-propelled soda bottles.


Rovio promised when they released Bad Piggies as a spin-off of its megahit Angry Birds game that it would offer players an entirely unique gameplay experience. Instead of throwing birds at towering pigs, players must help scheming porkers transport stolen eggs via crazy Heath Robinson-looking vehicles built by Rovio’s characters. Yahoo! Games recently unveiled the first gameplay trailer showcasing this vehicle-building mechanic.

The game takes inspiration from multiple sources, including Amazing Alex from Rovio. When building vehicles using various objects like rockets and motors, their physics are taken into consideration and balanced to avoid explosions or malfunction. Players may experiment with various objects until finding one with which their level can be completed successfully – though sometimes results may not always match expectations.

Bad Piggies offers more than just creating and balancing vehicles, it also features the option to upgrade parts with Snout Coins. These coins can be used to purchase super mechanics, parts and Night Vision Goggles – an invaluable power-up that lets the player see obstacles in low light situations! Each level offers three star rewards by completing various tasks: often just reaching the finish line but sometimes having to collect all skulls or use specific items will do. The game offers over 70 levels for players to explore!

Yahoo! Games has released the video above as a first look at Bad Piggies for iOS and Android release, providing a glimpse into its innovative contraption-building gameplay that promises hours of fun. While Angry Birds relies on precise targeting to achieve success, Bad Piggies requires players to ensure all parts are firmly assembled before testing their vehicle – hopefully making this new experience just as popular given that pigs have already been so widely exploited through toys, TV shows and films!


Bad Piggies by Rovio is an exciting spinoff from their award-winning Angry Birds franchise, boasting a different gameplay. Instead of throwing birds at objects, this game allows players to construct contraptions out of various objects and put them into motion to complete each level. There are 33 items included with this game to help create vehicles capable of maneuvering over and around obstacles before reaching their respective finish lines.

This game’s graphics are very detailed, featuring high-quality textures and colors for an engaging experience that’s visually appealing as you play. As you move along the game’s levels, small details in the backgrounds such as young plants growing on cliffs or colorful flowers will catch your eye and catch up to you as you go along – not forgetting various explosions and crashes as part of building and testing out your contraption!

This simple yet engaging game offers endless entertainment. To succeed at it, all it takes is assembling your vehicle using all available parts and ensuring it can navigate any obstacles in its way – the more creative ways you find to overcome those obstacles, and resourceful thinking you employ in getting those pigs across to their final goal, the faster you’ll reach it!

Boxes, wheels, rockets, bellows, umbrellas and TNT all play an integral part of this game – each having its own purpose! Boxes provide structure; wheels facilitate motion; rockets propel forward or upward; bellows let air into your vehicle while umbrellas prevent it from collapsing – you could also use weighted down sandbags or balloons for lifting purposes if desired!

Bad Piggies has a straightforward gameplay structure, yet is difficult to master. Your task will be to design a vehicle capable of flying, climbing or sliding over obstacles before reaching the finish line. Without practice and care you could crash your vehicle but with persistence any difficulty can be overcome! Bad Piggies is an enjoyable physics-based problem solving game suitable for anyone.


Bad Piggies by Rovio is an offshoot of their iconic Angry Birds series, but players take on the role of pigs rather than birds. Instead of throwing eggs at enemies, players build contraptions that transport eggs to their destinations using wheels, fans, and umbrellas – similar to how vehicles like cars use wheels and fans as opposed to being launched directly by throwing. Each level has an objective for players to meet; scoring one, two, or three stars depends on your performance across each level goal; in addition to regular levels there are Skull levels designed specifically to unlock Loot Crates which may contain devices or contraptions containing additional devices or contraptions!

Bad Piggies is free-to-play, though developers do offer in-app purchases. Players can upgrade their vehicle by purchasing parts that enhance its performance and functionality; such as an engine for increased speed or more stability; additionally, stickers may add visual flair while giving it new abilities.

This game can be found for iOS, Android (including Kindle) and Windows Phone and can be enjoyed both online and offline. Suitable for players of all ages (especially children without violent content) the game also makes an excellent educational tool that can teach planning and flexibility.

As well as creating contraptions, players must also plan their route strategically. This is essential as some levels have specific destinations the pigs must reach to win; furthermore they must avoid obstacles that could potentially cause them to fail the level.

Haapasalo credits Unity as the tool he chose for creating 2D mobile game development due to its production-ready and feature-rich environment, and multiplatform deployment capability that enables his game to reach more platforms and devices.


Bad Piggies from Rovio is another installment in their popular Angry Birds franchise that challenges players to create vehicles and navigate them through its challenging environments. But unlike its counterpart, Angry Birds, which involves destruction at every opportunity, Bad Piggies provides more complex puzzles which require proper timing and intelligent vehicle creation – not to mention brain-stimulating physics which make the experience all the more engaging!

Bad Piggies goes beyond traditional vehicle building mechanics to offer players a unique vehicle-controlling experience with its selection of gadgets such as motorized wheels, pressurized soda bottles, propellers and fans – even rockets! Each level in Bad Piggies contains different objects and physics which must be integrated into each vehicle to reach its finish line; players must balance their vehicle to stay on track while collecting stars within its time limit to complete that particular level.

When players get stuck on a level, they can call upon Mechanic Pig for assistance in fixing or demolishing vehicles to start over. Unfortunately, his services can only be called upon so many times each time and only applied on certain levels; to use him again they must like the game on Facebook in order to earn more Mechanic Pigs in exchange.

Bad Piggies may be frustrating at times, but its depth of puzzles and vehicle construction features make it worth sticking with. Though its occasional extreme difficulty may turn away some players, due to no ability to skip levels.

Rovio has provided numerous updates since releasing their game, such as adding the purchasable episode “Flight in the Night”, the Rope item, and Time Trial episodes. They also added ground-based levels that require fans and propellers, updated original 36 levels in Ground Hog Day with new crates and objects for improved physics performance, as well as nine bonus levels centered on building contraptions that stay on the ground.

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