Balabolka Review – Text-To-Speech Software For Windows


Balabolka is a free text-to-speech program powered by Microsoft’s speech engine that enables it to read aloud any type of text on your computer, ideal for visually impaired individuals or simply making reading easier by listening rather than reading. Highly configurable and portable software makes this highly convenient tool easier than ever!


Balabolka is an innovative text-to-speech software solution for Windows that makes for an excellent alternative to more popular, paid text-to-speech apps like ReadPlease and TextAloud. The program is lightweight, quick to install, offers plenty of configuration options and is user friendly even without prior experience using speech-to-text technology.

Balabolka stands out from similar TTS programs by enabling users to customize their audio output with external voice files instead of Microsoft voices, giving more control over quality of spoken words and easier understanding complex sentences. Furthermore, this program supports many text file formats including AZW3, AZW3, CHM, DjVu, DOC, DOCX, EML EPUB FB2FB3 HTML LIT MD ODP ODS ODT PDB PRC PDF PPT PPTX RTF TCR WPD and XLS

This program allows users to easily navigate long documents by using bookmarks and other navigational tools, create audio books that can be played back on any mobile device, as well as check for spelling mistakes with its spell check feature that alerts when words are misspelled.

One disadvantage of the program is that transitions between paragraphs may take several seconds due to every time it reads a passage, it must communicate with Microsoft servers to process information – an issue for those with slow Internet connections.

Although Balabolka is free to use, its premium features can be purchased for an additional fee. These features include advanced customization options, customizable pronunciations, and the ability to add custom voice files. Furthermore, TTS and voice recognition software may be integrated to allow multimodal interaction as well as podcast creation via its premium version as well as integration with Microsoft speech products such as Skype, Outlook and Xbox One – these extra features make Balabolka an invaluable asset for people with limited mobility needing up-to-date news information.


Balabolka is an advanced text-to-speech program with numerous customizable options that are tailored to the needs of its users. Users can switch between male and female voices and adjust rate and pitch; audio formats supported include MP3, WAV and Ogg Vorbis; the platform also comes equipped with features like Clipboard Watch and Pronunciation Correction as well as being compatible with various dictionaries; in addition, users can customize font and background colors for an increased personal touch while saving recordings to play back later if desired.

Text-to-speech can also be an invaluable aid for proofreading purposes, making it easier to spot errors in written documents and aid those with reading disabilities. Furthermore, its audio output makes it ideal for those with visual impairments or those needing translation services; additionally it reduces eye strain while reading long documents.

Balabolka stands out among text-to-speech programs by supporting all computer voices installed on your PC, saving any on-screen text as WAV, MP3, OGG or WMA files. In addition, it can read clipboard content as well as extract text from documents like DOCs, RTFs, PDFs, FB2 files or HTML documents, while allowing control via global hotkeys or system tray icons.

Balabolka may not be as sophisticated as professional speech recognition programmes, but it still manages to do its job pretty effectively. It can read most written text on screen and produce high-quality speech in various languages; users can select an individual voice of their choosing as well as modify its rate, pitch and volume accordingly.

Other than that, this program is relatively user-friendly with an intuitive UI and clear features laid out for you. You can integrate it with various other programs such as Google Drive and YouTube; additionally it has a file splitter and supports Windows Magnification features.


Balabolka is an advanced text-to-speech software for Windows that boasts numerous features more typically associated with commercial products. Users can listen to electronic text documents while tracking it with their eyes – known as bimodal reading – which may improve students’ reading skills by encouraging both eyes and ears to work simultaneously, as well as providing an accessible format for learners with visual or physical impairments.

This program works by converting onscreen text into an audio file that can be played using traditional computer audio players or modern digital audio players. It can store synchronized text either externally as LRC files or inside MP3 tags within an audio file – the latter offering the convenience of including it without additional software requirements.

Balabolka uses Microsoft SAPI voices, giving the user complete control of rate and pitch of each voice used by TTS. Its customization options, such as custom hotkeys, give users full control of their TTS experience. Unfortunately, its 1-2 second delay between paragraphs may prove frustrating; for more control NaturalReader or TextAloud from NextUp may provide better alternatives.


Balbabolka is an adaptable text-to-speech program, specifically tailored for visually impaired and dyslexic users. With a user-friendly interface and minimal system resources usage, it provides invaluable assistance without ever crashing or showing error messages. While not offering all the functionality of paid programs, Balbabolka nonetheless comes equipped with plenty of configuration options and features to aid readers and digesters of long documents.

Balabolka is an open-source speech-to-text software that enables users to generate audio files that contain both speech and synchronized text, in various file formats. This tool can be used for audiobooks, e-books and podcasts alike – as well as detecting PDF and HTML documents for reading! – and creating MP3 or WMA audio files of these documents for conversion into MP3.

Balbabolka stands out from other TTS programs by using real human voices instead of synthetic voices, and offers user-customizable settings to control speed, pauses and pronunciation of speech. Furthermore, its impressive vocabulary of over 48,000 words allows it to accommodate difficult words, unusual phrases and multiple accents without issue – plus its large word library enables the creation of custom substitution lists!

The TTS program can be used to strengthen reading and writing abilities of individuals of any ability level. It may prove particularly helpful for visually impaired or dyslexic readers who find reading print-based material difficult, making proofreading documents simpler, or helping them learn a foreign language or overcome fears related to public speaking.

Balabolka goes beyond basic functions to allow users to create audio books by dividing text into chapters and then uniting them into an audio file. Users can add named bookmarks, set ID3 tags and customize font and background colors; additionally it features an inbuilt dictionary as well as support for various text file formats, including AZW3, AZW3, CHM, DjVu DOC/DOCX EML EPUB FB2 FB3 HTML LIT MD ODP ODT PDB PRC PDF PPT/ PPTX RTF TCR WPD/XLS

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