Bandicam Review

Bandicam is a screen recorder designed to capture external video devices such as HDMI, smartphones, XBOX and Playstation. The application offers various recording modes so users can capture exactly the footage they need for their videos.

This software also enables users to add webcam overlay and mouse click effects while recording videos, and has a scheduling option that enables recordings at set intervals.


Bandicam screen recording software enables users to capture screenshots and high-quality videos of computer programs or games easily and intuitively, making the experience enjoyable even for non-technical individuals. Plus, its smooth performance on older machines enables it to still capture high quality screenshots and recordings with stunning clarity!

This program features various screen recording modes that enable you to capture either the entire computer screen, specific windows or areas on it, gameplay events as well as game recording capability. Furthermore, its game recording mode can record gameplay events. Furthermore, its highly configurable software supports numerous resolutions, frame rates and codecs as well as automatic start recording at specified times daily or weekly schedule.

Another feature of the program is that it enables you to overlay real-time pen drawings and arrowheads on recorded videos, which is ideal for creating tutorials or instructional videos, highlighting important information during presentations or meetings or recording your screen and webcam feed simultaneously with a picture-in-picture window for an even more effective presentation.

Other features of the program include support for multiple streaming protocols and an integrated media player for playing your recorded videos. Furthermore, there’s an integrated video editor which you can use to edit videos; join multiple videos together into one, cut out segments or join them together if need be. It is compatible with various video formats so it can help create videos for YouTube, webcams or live broadcasting purposes.

This software features many other standout qualities that set it apart from other screen recorders, including superior recording quality and an easy, user-friendly interface. Furthermore, there are no advertisements within the software and its privacy policy states that no personal data will be collected from its users.


Bandicam is an easy and lightweight screen recording software for PC that enables users to record specific regions or gameplay using DirectX/OpenGL/Vulkan graphics technologies. The program boasts superior performance over similar programs like Fraps while featuring an easy user interface familiar to gamers who use other gaming programs such as Fraps.

Bandicam Company stands by their product with an affordable one-time price and supports multiple devices. Their free version features limited features and videos will feature watermarks. Bandicam Company maintains and upgrades their program regularly ensuring maximum functionality from each license purchased.

Bandicam stands out from Camtasia by being much simpler and user-friendly, ideal for gamers, YouTube content creators and tutors requiring high-quality recording capabilities with minimal editing requirements. While less costly than Camtasia it may take more practice for newcomers to learn how to use.

Users can purchase either a personal or business license of Bandicam/Bandicut software. A personal license provides annual renewal and technical support; business licenses come as one-time purchases that include lifetime licensing with 1-year warranty coverage. Alternatively, there is also an attractive bundle deal available that combines these applications together for even further savings.

This software has been independently tested with VirusTotal to ensure its safety for use, collecting no recording data or sending it anywhere – an ideal choice for those concerned about their privacy and using SSL encryption to safeguard user information.

This software boasts numerous features, such as an advanced screen recorder for PC games and other applications, device screen recorder, webcam capture, webcam output formats and output formats, built-in video editor that cuts videos while adding effects, an intuitive user interface and availability in multiple languages.


Bandicam is an easy-to-use game, video and screen recording software that enables you to record a specific area of your computer screen or capture games that use DirectX/OpenGL graphics technology. Furthermore, its recorded files are smaller than those produced by other programs (1/20). Furthermore, Bandicam minimizes CPU usage which reduces computer lag; additionally it features high-speed mode which lets you quickly cut video clips without diminishing their quality.

Bandicam’s interface is very user-friendly and straightforward; all its main functions can be found on its top panel – select full screen or window mode, add webcam overlay, choose device recording mode etc. On its navigation row sits an image representing a gamepad which indicates when recording can begin by simply clicking it.

Once you press the record button, the program starts recording video and audio of whatever is taking place on screen. While recording, you can modify its settings using the options menu (options, mouse click effects and animation, highlight effect). When finished recording is complete, you can save as an AVI or MP4 file for storage.

Bandicam allows you to record webcam streams simultaneously with games or applications like video chats – perfect for creating tutorials or creating video chat sessions between friends.

Another advantageous aspect of the program is that it allows you to set custom resolution for recorded videos – this feature is particularly helpful for professional gamers looking to capture their gameplay at its highest quality possible.

Aside from offering recordings, this program provides many other features to enhance your gaming experience. These features include being able to adjust the size of the recording area as well as add different text and annotations to videos, configure audio source sources and voiceover recordings, schedule recordings to start at certain times etc. All these capabilities make this software immensely helpful for gamers.


Bandicam is an all-in-one screen recorder software, providing users with everything they need to capture gameplay or create video tutorials. With its simple and user-friendly interface, this program makes recording gameplay and tutorial videos effortless – perfect for those not so tech savvy! Additionally, built-in HDMI support makes Bandicam capable of recording from external devices like projectors.

Bandicam is an extremely popular choice among gamers for its high-resolution recording and fast frame rate display capabilities, as well as its customization options such as hardware acceleration and an expandable capture area – making it ideal for game capturing. Furthermore, this software records webcams and system audio in picture-in-picture mode and features mouse click highlighting as well as special effects such as chroma keying or green screening effects.

Bandicam’s limited editing features and free version place a watermark on recorded videos, which could pose problems for professional uses. Furthermore, this software only runs on Windows computers and may not support all gaming systems.

Bandicam Software Development Corporation is an innovative developer of PC software with an impressive client list that includes major gaming companies. Alongside Bandicam Screen Recorder, this company also creates Video Capture Library/SDK and Video Playback Library/SDK which are offered to large gaming developers as a part of their service offering.

Bandicam stands out from its competitor Movavi by charging only a one-time fee and providing access to all essential recording functions. Plus, its intuitive timeline structure encourages creativity.

Both programs come with their own distinct set of advantages and disadvantages, so it is crucial that you carefully assess each to identify which is the most suitable choice for your particular needs. Bandicam may be best-suited to gamers, YouTube content creators and tutors who require basic recording functionality without extensive editing tools; Movavi is better suited for professionals seeking an advanced editing suite with user-friendly features and functionality. Both platforms provide free trials as well as email support but Camtasia may offer more structured assistance should any further assistance be necessary.

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