Bandicam Review

Bandicam is an advanced screen recording software capable of creating high-quality videos. Users can record either their entire computer screen or select regions. Furthermore, Bandicam includes features which enable them to animate mouse activity and highlight objects onscreen.

Real-time drawing tools allow users to emphasize specific parts of a video. This feature can be particularly beneficial when creating tutorial videos or gaming videos.


Bandicam software stands out from other screen capture programs by offering various features to set it apart, such as its wide variety of recording modes that enable users to focus in on specific areas or full screens for recording purposes, an Xbox, IPTV or external device recording capability, an updated facecam overlay function that makes picture-in-picture videos simpler without additional video editing software, etc.

The software also supports HDTV recording, enabling users to set custom frame rates up to 120 FPS and adding mouse click effects and animations during recordings. Furthermore, it supports AAC, MPEG-1 and PCM audio codecs along with AVI and MP4 media formats as well as hotkey controls to manage recording processes while adding watermarks onto videos.

Bandicam stands out among other video recording programs by its support for Vulkan and OpenGL graphics technologies, which significantly reduce file sizes of recorded videos. This feature can especially beneficial to gamers looking to produce high-quality gaming videos using Bandicam’s software. Furthermore, this program displays real time the number of frames per second so viewers can quickly understand how fast a game is moving along.

By making use of the program’s real-time drawing function, users can create arrows and pointers to emphasize certain sections of a video, which is particularly helpful for tutorials as viewers can follow along more easily. Furthermore, the text overlay effect allows them to superimpose customized text onto their video.

Bandicam stands out among Windows screen capture software with its advanced features and intuitive user interface, making it simple and user-friendly for beginners to locate settings appropriate to any project. Plus, Bandicam runs smoothly even on older computers!


Bandicam is a screen video recording software program capable of capturing specific areas of a game’s interface, with high compression ratio videos suitable for uploading onto platforms like YouTube. There are a wide array of screen recorders out there, but it’s essential that you find one with features suited to your specific needs. Some might specialize in gaming while others are better suited for video tutorials and presentations. Bandicam stands out among other screen recorders by being extremely cost-effective, and offers both a free version and paid option. Unfortunately, however, unregistered versions display a Bandicam watermark; however, the company offers a money-back guarantee in case the product doesn’t satisfy.

Bandicam goes beyond screen recording by also supporting external video devices such as webcams, smartphones, IPTV and Xbox. Furthermore, users can record audio from microphones and system sound through its simple user interface allowing quick access to features like overlaying webcams with real-time drawings in real time or scheduling recordings for up to 24 hours at a time with support for unlimited file sizes.

Bandicam stands out from other screen recorders by its ability to capture high-resolution games without glitching or slowing down during gameplay, thanks to its OpenGL/DirectX graphics technology that syncs perfectly with game speed while preventing frame rate loss – making it an attractive choice among both gamers and YouTube LPers alike.

Screen Recorder Pro stands out for its low CPU consumption, making it more effective than other screen recorders when recording high-resolution videos.

Bandicam supports live streaming, however additional software will be necessary if you intend on broadcasting your gameplay via Twitch or other platforms. Furthermore, its free version only permits 10 minutes of recording before adding a watermark with Bandicam’s watermark to all videos captured with Bandicam.


If you are considering Bandicam as part of your video surveillance solution, be aware that it comes with a 100% money-back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied. This gives you ample opportunity to test it before making a commitment; furthermore, updates are released regularly by the company to address bugs or add new features; should any issues arise regarding Bandicam contact the customer support team directly for help.

This program has long been popular with gamers due to its FPS recording capability; however, it also makes an ideal solution for creating desktop videos and screencasts. Among its many useful modes are video capture mode, game recording mode, device recording mode and more – making this program suitable for multiple use cases.

One of the primary uses for this software is creating high-quality gaming videos. According to its developer, their system can record games at up to 120 FPS with minimal frame drops while supporting custom image overlays and customization features – perfect for both casual and professional gamers alike and easy to use!

However, some users have reported experiencing lag and stuttering during gameplay recordings. Some even reported audio sync issues. If this is happening to you, try decreasing either FPS/video size or codec type such as H.264/YV12/RGB24 to help.

Bandicam provides various recording modes, as well as the capability of taking screenshots in BMP or PNG format. This feature can come in handy when you need a quick image capture without using third-party programs; Bandicam even includes its own built-in video editor and option to compress footage for faster uploads onto YouTube! Nevertheless, this tool does come with some restrictions: such as an 10-minute limit on recording time as well as watermarks on videos.


Bandicam provides an exceptional user experience, thanks to its minimal learning curve and straightforward controls. Experienced video creators love its robust nature; novice users appreciate how quickly a professional-looking project can be produced with just a few clicks.

This software’s features allow users to add personalization to presentations and gaming walkthrough videos, creating engaging presentations or gaming walkthroughs that stand out from the rest. For instance, its mouse cursor effects allow them to animate their cursor to highlight specific areas on screen for tutorials; furthermore, users can record both system audio as well as their own voice at once allowing them to edit later without losing quality.

Bandicam stands out by supporting external video devices such as webcams, USB drives and camcorders to capture video for use by professionals or amateurs alike. Furthermore, this software supports numerous codecs and resolutions – perfect for both professionals and beginners. Furthermore, the premium version supports HD recording – popular among YouTubers!

Bandicam stands out among screen recorders because it does not experience any performance issues when recording high-resolution games or webcam content at higher resolution. Furthermore, the program remains stable without lags regardless of which mode is selected; however, note that quality may depend on PC specs.

Bandicam software features several helpful features that make it a top choice for gamers and users seeking to create e-learning content, including its precise recording area selection tool for video game recordings and built-in player with thumbnail preview. Furthermore, its editor enables you to add text, music or anything else directly into videos without going through an upload process like YouTube and Vimeo. Finally, direct upload capabilities make video creation easier than ever!

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