BatteryCare Review

BatteryCare is a free program that monitors and optimizes batteries found in laptops, notebooks, and tablet PCs. Additionally, it helps monitor operating temperatures.

Rechargeable batteries can be an enigma at times, often showing as empty even though their charge remains intact, necessitating an adjustment process to restore power to them. The program supplemental guide details this procedure in greater detail.


Computers and laptops without power supplies are pretty useless pieces of hardware, but their batteries have one major limitation; they can only hold so much charge before it becomes depleted. Luckily, there are programs to help monitor and optimize battery use; one such free program for Windows called BatteryCare offers this function by monitoring temperatures inside devices running off battery power as well as managing how much energy it consumes when in operation.

This program works with any notebook computer using batteries, including both tablets and smartphones. It displays important details about your laptop such as battery status, temperature of CPU/hard disk/power plan etc. Additionally, notifications can be set when reaching certain discharge cycles or calibration is due; when temperatures of CPU and hard drive exceed certain levels etc.

Another useful feature is its ability to switch Windows power plans automatically or manually depending on the state of your battery, giving you control over saving power while working on projects requiring extensive processing power. Furthermore, this program can disable graphics accelerated themes in Vista as well as stopping services which decrease battery life for added efficiency.

Once installed, this program allows you to easily monitor all essential details about the performance and health of your battery from its main window of the interface. Here, you can easily view details regarding its model, design capacity, current capacity as well as voltage levels and calibration data.

This program features an easy, user-friendly and lightweight user interface designed for all skill levels of users. Additionally, it supports both 32- and 64-bit versions of Windows from XP up through 10 with its installer file size being roughly 1.2MB allowing for straightforward download and installation on any system.


BatteryCare can help monitor the status of a laptop/notebook battery to help ensure proper functionality. Over time, however, its capacity of holding charge deteriorates with use; so having such an application helps monitor its status more closely than simply looking at battery levels alone.

BatteryCare is a freeware application designed to enhance the usage and performance of modern laptop batteries by monitoring discharge cycles and helping extend autonomy and life span. In-depth information about each battery – its model and manufacturer as well as power-saving options can be configured for increased energy efficiency; notifications are issued when calibration needs to take place after a specified number of cycles or capacity drops below a threshold percentage (and it even gives notifications about when the capacity drops or becomes critical).

BatteryCare stands apart from similar applications by offering more than just monitoring functions; unlike BatteryBar and Battery Monitor, which only provide monitoring features, BatteryCare provides extra features which may come in handy under certain circumstances. For instance, it can be set to stop certain services that drain battery life like SuperFetch and ReadyBoost; another great feature allows it to start in Administrator mode at startup in order to read CPU temperatures which require administrator privileges.

BatteryCare also allows for monitoring current energy use and battery temperatures, as well as automatically activating power-saving modes depending on specific circumstances – this can be configured within its Advanced Settings menu of application. You may even choose to show its icon in your taskbar even though Windows hides it by default!

This software is fully compatible with Windows XP, Vista and 7 in both 32-bit and 64-bit editions. Linux support may require extra kernel drivers; for optimal compatibility and features it is best to upgrade to the latest version.


BatteryCare can help monitor these issues and provide users with all of the information necessary to keep their devices in tip-top condition.

BatteryCare is easy to set up and runs smoothly on almost every Windows OS, using minimal memory and processor resources while not interfering with any applications running on the system. Once installed, its icon will appear in the system tray and when hovering over it will display key information regarding both operating system and battery status – such as selected power profile for Windows, voltage levels of batteries in use, current capacity capacities etc.

BatteryCare can detect problems with batteries, such as acid leakage or overcharge, and notify users when they require charging their battery – helping users save both valuable device lifecycle space and extend battery lifespan.

BatteryCare also can automatically adjust Windows performance settings when running from a battery, to ensure peak power consumption does not go beyond an acceptable limit. This helps ensure unnecessary background services do not consume too much power while simultaneously keeping your operating system stable and responsive.

BatteryCare is one of the premier Benchmarking tools on the market and offers users a powerful yet reliable way to get the best performance from their computer battery. BatteryCare makes for an excellent way to ensure optimal functioning for laptops and notebooks alike, and stands up well as an alternative to programs such as InjuredPixels, ThrottleStop and CPU-Z.

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