BatteryInfoView is a free utility that displays detailed information about the battery of your laptop computer, such as design capacity, full charge capacity, voltage levels and more.

An optional log window keeps track of battery status over time, updating every 30 seconds by default (you can alter this value in ‘Advanced Options’ window). It provides a comprehensive picture.

What is BatteryInfoView?

BatteryInfoView is a lightweight utility designed to give you key insights into the health and condition of your laptop battery, including its Designed Capacity, Wear Level and Power State – giving you all of the information necessary for making an informed decision on whether its replacement may still be worthwhile or whether its time has passed.

NirSoft, an established developer renowned for creating effective freeware tools, has designed this program with complete safety in mind. Simply download it from their official website and start gathering all types of battery-related information such as lithium-ion, nickel-cadmium or lithium polymer cells!

As soon as you start up the application, a window will automatically load with all of the information about your computer’s battery. By default, updates occur every 30 seconds but this interval can be changed in the ‘Advanced Options’ window. Furthermore, there is a battery log which adds new lines every time it goes into standby or hibernation and then resumes afterwards.

BatteryInfoView goes beyond providing general info, by also providing calculated values such as estimated full battery time or current capacity, voltage, charge/discharge rate. Furthermore, this tool allows you to save reports as CSV or TAB delimited files for later analysis.

BatteryInfoView includes an additional bonus: its tray icon displays your current battery status when moused over. In addition, you can change its display style and colors via an easy configuration menu.

This application’s key advantage lies in its extremely light system resource usage; thus you won’t experience any lag when running it. Furthermore, its user-friendliness makes it great for casual PC users who know nothing about hardware. With so many useful features and convenience features that this utility offers, I highly recommend it for Windows users looking to monitor their battery health and increase its lifespan; knowing when signs of weakness arise is also invaluable in order to replace batteries sooner rather than later.

What are the main features of BatteryInfoView?

BatteryInfoView displays an abundance of information regarding your laptop battery, such as its name, manufacturer name, serial number and manufacture date; current power state (charging or discharging); full charged capacity, voltage and charge/discharge rate; etc.

A log window keeps track of battery status over time. By default, updates occur every 30 seconds; however, you can alter this frequency in the ‘Advanced Options’ window (F9) to suit your own preferences. Furthermore, logs are updated whenever your computer suspends and resumes to give a clear idea of exactly how much energy has been drawn off during standby mode.

The program’s interface is very straightforward. First, the GetDeviceSelector function enumerates all devices with battery class interfaces using GetDeviceSelector; next it acquires handles to each device and creates a BatteryReport object for it; finally it creates a summary BatteryReport that displays overall usage for all batteries present within one device.

BatteryInfoView also allows you to compare the current capacity of a battery with its original, designated capacity – an invaluable feature that allows you to determine if replacement may be needed and keep track of changes to its state as they happen. Furthermore, the program notifies users when there have been changes detected within their battery’s status and notifies them accordingly.

BatteryInfoView is compatible with Windows 2000, Vista, 7 and 8 in both 32-bit and 64-bit editions and available free from Nirsoft website for download.

BatteryInfoView goes beyond basic battery reporting functions by also offering HTML reports. Simply select items from your list, press Ctrl + S, specify file name, type, saving folder name and location before viewing in web browser or saving to disk. Designed to be user-friendly so anyone with limited technical expertise can use this program, plus its design ensures system resource utilization remains unburdened by overusing.

What are the main disadvantages of BatteryInfoView?

BatteryInfoView fills this information gap by providing users with easy-to-read graphics depicting battery status or capacity levels in an easily read window. Unfortunately, Windows doesn’t provide much more detailed details than power states and total charge/discharge cycles when it comes to your batteries’ state of charge or capacity status.

The application provides two views of battery information and log window usage: battery information mode and log window. The log window shows a new line with information on battery status every 30 seconds (you can adjust this interval in ‘Advanced Options’ window) as well as new log entries when your computer suspends/resumes so you can see at what rate your battery discharges when in standby mode.

BatteryInfoView allows you to compare the current ‘designed’ capacity of your battery with its actual used capacity, helping you understand if its performance has declined prematurely and should be replaced immediately.

BatteryInfoView is an intuitive yet powerful utility designed to monitor and extend the lifespan of notebook batteries. Due to its ease-of-use and lack of system resource consumption, anyone – even casual PC users with little knowledge of hardware – can make use of it without incurring system resources drain. Furthermore, its clear display window makes this tool suitable for users of various technical knowledge levels.

What are the main advantages of BatteryInfoView?

BatteryInfoView makes monitoring and analyzing nearly all information regarding your laptop battery easier without placing an undue strain on system resources. In addition, its lightweight application lets you compare its original or designated capacity with its current capacity – helping you determine when it might be worth replacing the battery.

BatteryInfoView also makes an excellent way to track how many charge/discharge cycles your laptop battery has undergone, helping you assess its remaining lifespan and plan for future replacements – saving both time and money in the process.

BatteryInfoView comes equipped with two distinct view modes to give you a better understanding of your battery’s status and performance. The default battery information mode presents general battery status while providing important details like full battery time for current activity, power state, current capacity and voltage information.

The second mode is the Battery Log, enabling you to keep an eye on the performance of your battery over time. By default, the program logs every 30 seconds, however this interval can be changed in the ‘Advanced Options’ window (F9). In addition, an entry will be created whenever your computer goes into standby or hibernation and resumes operation – thus creating an exhaustive view.

With the View menu, you can quickly and easily display only battery information that interests you or generate an HTML report by selecting all items and pressing Ctrl+S. Moreover, you have the option of saving each new log line into an individual tab-delimited or CSV file format automatically.

BatteryInfoView is an invaluable tool for Windows users who rely on their laptops while traveling, particularly those who use them on-the-go. The application is lightweight, simple to use and completely free. Plus it was created by NirSoft–one of the premier developers of practical freeware solutions–making it an excellent option to extend battery life on laptops or tablets.

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