BatteryInfoView is a utility for netbooks and laptops that displays detailed information on battery health and life span. Useful for monitoring battery condition while prolonging its useful life span.

Displays information including battery name, manufacturer, serial number and manufacturing date as well as power state (charging or discharging), current battery capacity and full charged capacity as well as voltage. A log window keeps track of new entries every 30 seconds.

It displays information about your battery

BatteryInfoView computer program displays a wealth of information regarding your laptop or netbook’s battery, such as its name, manufacturer name, serial number, date of manufacture and power state (charging/discharging). Furthermore, BatteryInfoView keeps logs of battery usage logs which can be seen under its History tab – you can even set custom logging intervals!

This handy freeware utility is invaluable for people who use their laptops for extended periods, as it enables them to monitor that their batteries are working as intended and not degrading too rapidly. Furthermore, it tracks battery lifespan and can identify potential issues like charging improperly or voltage imbalance.

BatteryInfoView goes far beyond what’s offered in Windows system tray, providing more comprehensive battery information instantly and lightweightly. Easy to use and non-intrusive on computer resources; portable; it works on all versions of Windows; no installation necessary

Monitor the condition of your laptop battery to know when it needs replacing. Bad batteries not only slow down your machine but can also add unnecessary wear. By monitoring its condition regularly, you can avoid these problems and save money on replacements.

BatteryInfoView is a free utility that displays detailed battery information. This includes battery name, manufacturer serial number date of manufacture current/full capacity voltage charge/discharge rate temperature etc. Additionally, BatteryInfoView displays estimated operating times with/without AC adapter as well as recording a usage log that is updated at regular intervals.

This program was specifically created for laptops and netbooks, although desktop users may also benefit from using it. Compatible with all versions of Windows (from 2000 through 10), including 10. Very user-friendly and not requiring installation – you can download it from NirSoft website directly! To create battery reports simply select all items from your list then click “HTML Report”, alternatively export into CSV or Tab-delimited file by selecting “Save Selected Items.” It is 100% safe with no malware on board!

It can be used to check the status of your battery

BatteryInfoView can help you monitor the state of your laptop battery if it comes equipped with one. Its user-friendly interface reveals many details, such as capacity and charging time; also providing insight into wear-and-tear levels so you can take appropriate actions and extend its lifespan.

BatteryInfoView is a straightforward utility designed to give you all of the data about your laptop or netbook battery. Compatible with both laptops and netbooks, BatteryInfoView gives detailed reports about its power status, full charged capacity and voltage – as well as notifications when reaching certain levels or when suspended (standby/hibernate)/resumed. In addition, its log window keeps track of data every time your computer suspends/hibernates/resumes.

The software is simple to use and offers an intuitive user interface, making navigation of the app straightforward by clicking different items in its menu bar. All data available to you is displayed clearly so you can easily find what you’re searching for; furthermore, you can select what kind of information you wish to view; it even shows battery temperature readings so you know if they’re overheating!

BatteryInfoView not only displays basic information about your battery, but it also shows its percentage charge rate and can help determine its age/duration in use. Easy installation makes the program an invaluable asset that works on any Windows OS platform.

Tracking the health of your laptop battery is vital. If it begins to weaken, replacing it before its warranty runs out can save money and extend its lifespan; BatteryInfoView is an effective tool that’s also free to download!

It is free

BatteryInfoView is a free utility designed for laptop and netbook computers that displays the state of its battery. This utility displays information such as manufacturer, serial number and date of manufacture of your computer battery; power state (charging or discharging); current battery capacity, full charged capacity; voltage; charge/discharge rate as well as keeping an updated log that can be saved for later reference.

Battery InfoView can show all this data in an easily visible main window, as well as on tiles in Windows Start screen and system tray tiles. Furthermore, it displays how many cycles your battery has gone through; an essential indicator to determine when replacing one.

Set yourself a reminder to check on the battery status at predetermined intervals, which will help extend its lifespan and add value. Select which options to display; this way you can personalize the app according to your personal tastes and needs.

Another option for battery users is viewing a detailed log analysis, which provides you with more precise calculations of charge and discharge rates of your battery. Each time your computer suspends and resumes, a log line is added to the database which then allows it to create graphs of wear level of your battery.

BatteryInfoView is easy to set up and uses minimal resources, allowing you to export battery information in CSV, HTML or XML format for export into files such as CSV. Also included is an ability to change color schemes and configure other settings – however reading through its documentation before installing is recommended in order to achieve optimal results. BatteryInfoView supports both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems and should be included on every laptop user’s toolbox – it comes in both 32-bit and 64-bit editions – unlike utilities with their large GUIs it offers lightweight tools – perfect for laptop owners seeking maximum battery performance in terms of health / performance / life extension!

It is portable

Mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, netbooks and laptops depend on their battery to power them and function, making users anxious to ensure a longer battery life from their gadget. That is why there are tools such as Nirsoft’s BatteryInfoView that enable users to monitor and track the status of their battery’s health – it does exactly what it promises!

This free tool makes it simple and straightforward to gather detailed information on your laptop battery and track its health over time. The main window displays data such as battery name, manufacturer, serial number, manufacturing date, current power state, full charged capacity and voltage; you can even view a graph depicting rate of charge/discharge over time as well as log every change!

BatteryInfoView makes exporting battery stats to either comma-delimited or tab-delimited files simple by using its “Save Selected Items” (Ctrl+S) feature, making this an invaluable way of sharing or comparing this data with others or devices that share similar batteries. Furthermore, log windows may also be saved as text or HTML documents allowing for easy storage of crucial information.

BatteryInfoView features an attractive, minimal interface that doesn’t consume too many system resources and makes navigation simple. All information is automatically detected and loaded into this area at startup; furthermore, advanced options let you easily adjust program settings; additionally you can add shortcuts to launch BatteryInfoView directly from the taskbar or put it above other windows for maximum accessibility.

If the default language doesn’t suit you, creating a custom language file for your program by clicking the ‘Language File’ option in the Advanced Options Window is easy and fun! Or translate existing string entries by double-clicking them. Custom language files can either be saved to the same directory as your program itself, or another folder of your choosing.

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