BitComet Review


BitComet is a P2P file sharing program with many features. Its simple interface makes it user friendly and offers intelligent optimizations such as disk caching and remote access.

NAT traversal allows your computer to bypass gateways or routers more quickly for downloads, and supports server-based peer-to-peer networks like eMule, GetRight and source exchange that have strong followings.


BitComet is a P2P program that enables users to upload and download files over the internet using BitTorrent’s file sharing protocol, connecting with a peer-to-peer network of other users downloading similar files – this increases download speeds while improving reliability; plus the program is free and does not contain spyware or adware!

This program stands out from other BitTorrent clients with its extensive features, which set it apart. It supports numerous file formats, magnet links, DHT networks, FTP downloads and chat capabilities as well as an in-built antivirus that scans downloaded files. Users can set download priorities, limit upload/download speeds and fast resume their downloads if needed.

BitComet stands out with its Long-term Seeding technology, enabling users to continue getting seeds even after original seeders have left. This ensures faster download speeds and ensures completion even if no available seeds remain.

BitComet stands out with its ability to automatically search and download information from other users’ comments and snapshots, which can then be seen in the Comments and Snapshots tabs of the Detailed Info Pane. This feature can save both time and bandwidth as it removes the need to manually search for similar data.

Software users can also configure it to automatically connect to high-speed seeding servers, allowing for quicker download speeds. This option can be toggled on or off in the Options menu.

This application can be configured to start automatically upon Windows startup and become the default torrent client for a specified IE Web browser, always associate itself with Magnet URIs, and begin downloading their associated.torrent files when clicked upon. Lastly, it can be set to remove port mapping established when connecting to a NAT or firewall when exited – these settings can all be found stored in either Program Files or Application Data folder depending on what settings are chosen by users.


BitComet is an internet file sharing program, using peer-to-peer file sharing protocol to download large files from other computers and is available on both Windows and Mac OS devices for free without any ads or adware being present.

To install BitComet, navigate to its website and click on the download button; it should automatically download the appropriate version for your device. When it has finished downloading, double-clicking its installer file will launch an installation wizard to guide you through the rest of the process.

Once installed, you’ll be ready to connect to the BitTorrent network and begin downloading and sharing files. We suggest that you use a proxy server to prevent your IP address from being logged, while you can customize settings in the Options menu for downloading files; alternatively you could even choose another drive if desired – just make sure it has permissions for creating new folders!

BitComet allows you to configure a maximum concurrent download limit, helping limit how much bandwidth is consumed. In addition, preview files while they download for added efficiency; although this feature may not work with all versions of software.

BitComet is an advanced torrent client with support for multiple protocols and file types such as HTTP, FTP and torrents. With its advanced set of features that help it compete with more renowned programs while offering an intuitive user interface.

The application includes an integrated UPnP client that will automatically map ports in your router for seamless networking, but only if it supports this technology. Otherwise, port mapping and forwarding must be set manually through Options – Connections dialog box.

BitComet has long been at the forefront of file-sharing technology. Support for multiple servers like eMule, ED2K source exchange and Kad is offered along with advanced BitTorrent functionality such as web seeding, super seeding and encryption.


BitComet is a cross-protocol BitTorrent, FTP and HTTP download client with advanced features including multiple simultaneous downloading, disk caching, speed limits, port mapping proxy IP filtering. Furthermore its unique long-term seeding technology enables extended lifespan of torrents for enhanced download speeds for users.

Users will appreciate its user-friendly interface that makes managing downloaded files and media content straightforward. With its built-in search button to quickly find torrents on popular torrent sites within the app, this tool makes an effective means of dispersing large digital files. Users can set preferences to modify its behavior – for instance setting priority between first and last portions of media files or configuring it to play downloaded material automatically with their media player of choice.

BitComet boasts an intuitive design and provides an efficient file transfer process by using multiple download servers. The download queue has been carefully constructed to prevent bandwidth-wasting loops, while its intelligent disk caching system reduces read/write frequency for optimal hard disk protection against high-speed downloads.

This P2P sharing program also allows you to preview media files before they are completely downloaded, providing the opportunity to assess its quality and language before full download occurs. Furthermore, support for multiple media formats including WMV and AVI is offered as well.

Softonic’s software is free from malware, spyware and viruses and compatible with all versions of Windows. To download it onto multiple devices simultaneously – such as desktop and laptop computers – simply visit their website and select either 32- or 64-bit installer; download will begin as soon as you select this option.

BitComet can be used either locally on your network, or over the Internet using a proxy server. When connecting through home router or wireless LAN to access BitTorrent network, port forwarding must be enabled – BitComet attempts to auto-configure this when starting up; if using different type of connection it needs to be manually configured in settings menu.

Final Words

BitComet is an ideal program for anyone who uses peer-to-peer downloads to obtain files. It’s straightforward and packed with features – including proxy servers that help shield you from prying eyes during downloading sessions.

Additionally, it offers several other functions, including prioritising downloads of individual files in a torrent file, sharing your downloaded files over P2P networks with other users, bandwidth scheduling and multiple format support (MP3, AAC and OGG) as well as being available in 52 languages.

The application’s small footprint won’t take up too much room on your hard drive and doesn’t cause memory bloat issues or overcrowding issues. Plus, its tab-based interface makes navigating easy; in fact, it even automatically shuts down, reboots, hibernates, or sleeps your computer after downloads have finished or at a specified time – great for anyone using their laptop or tablet while downloading!

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