BitComet Review


BitComet is a free P2P file download program with support for BitTorrent protocol. While some in the BitTorrent community have voiced disapproval over how it favors other BitComet peers within a swarm and bypasses private flags, it offers unique functions.

Long-term seeding, file previews, intelligent disk caching and many modern BitTorrent protocols such as Magnet Link, DHT network and UDP tracker Protocol v2 are supported.


BitComet is a multithreaded, cross-protocol BitTorrent, HTTP and FTP client with features including download queues, chatting, disk cache and speed limits for users downloading files via torrent. Also known as SimpleBT, the program employs BitTorrent/P2P file sharing technology to download file parts from other users in a torrent’s downloading task – features like these being enabled through queues, chatting, disk caching and speed limits as well as proxy/port mapping support that allows accessing multiple servers when downloading torrent files via torrent.

BitComet’s interface should be familiar to anyone who’s ever used a torrent-aggregating website or similar software. The top section features big buttons with easily identifiable icons; while its center window shows all files being downloaded; its bottom pane provides peer and tracker info; while an additional panel provides further data such as estimated times of arrival (ETAs).

BitComet offers an exciting feature that enables users to preview media files such as avi and wmv while they’re still being downloaded, prioritizing first and last portions of video files for instant playback even if not fully downloaded. Users can also share their.torrent files on an easily searchable P2P network (formerly Torrent Share; now known as Torrent Exchange), so they can continue operating even when their BitTorrent tracker is offline.

This program also provides various other useful functions, including setting download priorities and speeds and resume interrupted download tasks. Furthermore, you can choose whether a torrent’s pieces should be downloaded via mirroring to increase download speeds; and customize its user interface through changing colors, icons, and language settings.

Other useful features of ICF/ICS Reconfiguration Manager include autoconfiguration of ICF and ICS configuration files, UPnP port mapping in routers and an advanced scheduler to adjust download rates based on time or week of day or weekday. Furthermore, this program contains an inbuilt antivirus scan program which checks files before opening them for viewing or use.

BitComet may not be as user-friendly as some other software packages such as Deluge; nevertheless, it still represents an excellent solution if you need something reliable and powerful.


BitComet is a free p2p bit torrent download manager which can drastically speed up your downloading speed – up to three times or more! Among its many features are automatic file renaming, intelligent download resuming, video previewing and HTTP/FTP download support. Furthermore, its P2P protocol integrates BitTorrent’s power without impacting HTTP server bandwidth usage, as well as various settings you can use to customize your client such as setting maximum upload rate per task or choosing download and seeding priorities.

This program supports many advanced features of modern BitTorrent clients, such as magnet links and Webseeding (which uses multiple mirrors to optimize download speeds), DHT Network support, utf-8 extension support, peer exchange (in older versions by using proprietary protocol; however starting with version 1.20 it uses Peer Exchange Extension mechanism compatible with uTorrent/Mainline PEX), initial seeding, super seeding as well as password remembering which can save a great deal of effort when authenticating against certain BT resource sites. Finally it includes an Internet Explorer window for searching files as well as remember passwords across sites which could save lots of hassle when authenticating accounts at some resource sites – ideal if used alongside account authentication services!

It also offers a feature that allows you to change the upload rate for long-term seeding, useful if your Internet connection is unstable and when sharing many videos; especially since downloading may take some time.

BitComet software also enables you to select your preferred remote port number if the default doesn’t suit. By activating this option, however, BitComet will no longer automatically map ports when starting it from Internet Explorer.


BitComet allows users to manage and start and stop downloading files directly within its application, with files being renamed for easy identification. It supports downloading from multiple websites simultaneously as well as being configured to shut down or sleep after each download has completed – useful if sharing computers with multiple people; protecting one’s privacy by protecting their download history.

Another feature of this software is its ability to record and playback videos. This can be especially useful for users who have downloaded numerous videos from the internet but have no way of watching them all at the same time. In addition, users can preview audio/video files while they download, saving both time and frustration while seeing what you purchased right away!

As well as offering all of these features, this software also enables users to search for torrents both online and locally, listing each result in an explorer-like window with individual file listings on separate lines. Furthermore, users can arrange this window so as to display only popular websites when using this software.

Notable features of Comet Passport software include its ability to check for updates automatically upon startup, configure listen ports on routers and firewalls, log in automatically with Comet Passport, as well as its password recovery feature that makes life easier for security professionals and forensic investigators alike.

BitComet stands out from other BitTorrent clients with several unique features that set it apart, including support for server-based peer-to-peer networks like eMule, ED2k, Source Exchange and Kad that have seen reduced popularity over time. Furthermore, its Long-term Seeding feature helps enhance torrent performance by finding more seeders at the end of download processes.


BitComet has undergone significant upgrades over time and this version no longer comes with any of the unwanted system changes or hidden adware that its previous iterations had become known for. Unfortunately, however, it still consumes resources more heavily than other clients that don’t share its issues – and has consequently lost some users to competitors like uTorrent and Tixati that consume less resources.

Installation is straightforward; however, a tickbox that enables “browser integration” for Internet Explorer, Firefox and Maxthon may be displayed – this option is optional; untick it if another download manager exists for your browser. Once installed, access all of the program’s features via a user-friendly interface consisting of toolbar and buttons for Home, Movies, Software, Music and Forums that you can personalise by right-clicking them and unticking any that do not apply.

BitComet goes beyond its basic functionality by offering many advanced features, such as automatic file renaming, intelligent video previewing while downloading, simultaneous file downloading within torrent packages and more. In addition, this program supports UPnP gateway configuration, bandwidth scheduling, Webseeding/Peer Exchange functionality (both old and newer versions of BitTorrent have this feature), Webseeding/Peer Exchange with peers exchange and NAT traversal capabilities.

Bitcomet is ad-supported software, so it may display intrusive ads from time to time. There are alternatives that offer similar experiences without them; one such example is qBittorrent which offers free use without ads being supported at all.

BitComet can be downloaded through the Windows Store by either clicking its small shopping bag icon in your taskbar, or searching for it in the search box. When opened, select the Apps tab, and search for BitComet from amongst its list of applications to download and install. Afterward, a shortcut will be created either on desktop computer or Start menu to access this program once downloaded and installed.

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