BitDefender Antivirus Plus Review

BitDefender earned top marks in my test to evaluate its ability to block malware downloads, surpassing every product tested and blocking many dangerous websites and reducing ransomware attacks in real life by over 80%.

Bitdefender Central’s online console provides access to an expansive knowledge base with user guides and video tutorials, and includes a remote control feature which enables you to remotely initiate malware scans or anti-theft actions on any device.


Bitdefender Antivirus Plus provides Windows systems with unrivalled e-threat protection without negatively affecting performance, protecting personal information and online privacy while offering unbeatable multi-layered protection from emerging and existing threats – including blocking them before they reach your computer! With multiple awards like AV-Comparatives’ Outstanding Product award under its belt, this program boasts unbeatable multi-layered protection to safeguard both individual computers as well as whole network environments from threats of all types – providing comprehensive protection from threats with wide array of features designed to keep them protected!

Their malware detection engine is powerful and fast, capable of handling multiple scans and updates simultaneously without compromising responsiveness. Their interface is user-friendly and provides clear, concise feedback about potential threats. Their multi-layer ransomware protection is particularly impressive, monitoring file behavior rather than simply checking signatures before backing them up with encryption processes that prevent recovery of encrypted files. In addition, their ransomware remediation feature offers additional safeguards by replacing encrypted files with previously stored copies from backup.

Bitdefender Wallet is another excellent feature, making important files easy to access from any device and sharing them securely with others while protecting against unauthorised readers who might access them unless given your password.

File Shredder deletes files beyond forensic recovery, making the program particularly helpful when selling or disposing of PCs. Furthermore, its Disk Cleanup tool detects junk files on your computer that could reclaim up to three terabytes.

Antispam uses whitelisting, heuristics and learning modules to filter out unwanted emails. This feature blocks any emails with Cyrillic or Asian characters encoded, analyzing them for patterns which indicate potential spammy content as well as block URLs or links pointing towards malicious websites and short URLs with suspiciously long URLs that contain short links or shorten URLs for more precise blocking.

Other helpful tools include a Vulnerability Assessment that detects outdated drivers, missing security patches and risky configuration settings; Wi-Fi scanner to assess public networks’ security; Parental Control which lets you monitor and restrict children’s device activities; as well as Mobile Security app on Android and iOS which provides all these abilities as a phone-sized app with its central console allowing remote scans, updates and other actions across all your devices.


Bitdefender Antivirus Plus is one of the most cost-effective internet security products on the market, providing excellent malware protection as well as many handy features, including fast VPN connections, advanced web protection features, system tune-up tools, one of the best parental controls available, system tune-up tools and a 30-day money back guarantee – leaving no excuse not to give it a try! All packages include risk-free 30-day money back guarantees so there’s really no harm in trying it out first hand!

Antivirus software from this company has won several awards and scored exceptional performance results in tests performed by independent labs. A recent AV-Comparatives test saw it block 100% of all threats (0-day and 4-week old) while also earning perfect scores across categories to obtain an Advanced+ rating on its Consumer Main Test Series test series.

At its core lies an excellent malware detection rate thanks to a combination of traditional signature scanning and machine learning technology to identify new threats. Furthermore, its cloud-based scanner makes the product efficient in terms of resource consumption, with minimal impact on device speed or device privacy concerns. Finally, this product also boasts excellent privacy credentials thanks to a solid firewall as well as advanced mobile security suite features like wiping stolen devices or monitoring for SIM card changes – plus privacy alerts are built into every component.

Bitdefender offers all its paid subscription plans with access to its VPN, an additional feature which many other competitors charge extra for. Unfortunately, however, the free version offers only 200MB a day of use, making it difficult for many activities other than browsing or social networking on public Wi-Fi networks to occur online.

Total Security costs $50 annually and allows you to protect up to three devices simultaneously. In addition, it offers extra features such as network threat protection and usage profiles to help combat cyberattacks such as malware by analyzing network-level threats, detecting malicious URLs and assessing WiFi network security. It also features password management as well as centralized management console for quick tracking across devices allowing quick retrieval of essential information.


BitDefender Antivirus Plus offers a powerful malware detection tool without impacting system performance, enabling users to work and surf online uninterrupted by any noticeable lag. The program blocks malicious websites, warns users about dangerous ones before landing on them, provides file shredding capabilities and network threat scanner, Safepay hardened browser and tracking cookies detection; track phishing attacks protection; device locating; and also provides Wi-Fi location triangulation technology which finds devices quickly with a map display for each one of them.

Parental controls provide another layer of protection, blocking websites, setting app use schedules and screen time limits and restricting device access to social media, contacts and phone calls. The software also enables users to easily delete junk and temporary files off their device as well as any unused programs and applications taking up valuable space – as well as delete cache cookies history passwords of browsers.

At installation, the software will prompt users to either create a Bitdefender account or sign in to an existing one, before downloading and installing the software onto their computers. After being installed, it will scan for issues within your system and prompt you to fix them as well as scanning for invalid entries within your registry which it reports back.

Following the instructions provided by software during installation is crucial in order to address all issues effectively and update successfully. After each update has been applied correctly, restarting is also advised so as all changes take effect as intended. After scanning has finished, users will be instructed to reboot their devices to complete the cleanup process.

Once setup is complete, the software will display its main dashboard interface. From there, users can personalize and activate different features such as parental control settings, data protection policies, status updates and malware scans; as well as changing language preferences or theme themes of the software.


Bitdefender provides multiple support options, including chat, email and phone support. Premium Security upgrades come with priority support – otherwise their website provides plenty of self-service materials such as FAQs.

Antivirus Plus from Trend Micro is an affordable antivirus product with impressive ransomware protection that cannot be beat, reliable tracker blocking capabilities and an antiphishing feature, plus 200MB free VPN connectivity daily – but it is not without flaws.

Bitdefender doesn’t always detect malware on our test systems even after we run full scans or manually update its definitions – an inconvenient truth which means more work needs to be done by the program in order to keep its promises.

Another minor drawback of Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office was that full system scans took too long; though during our tests this timeframe improved. Our test required 4 minutes and 4 seconds to scan 5,464 of the most pressing dangers; two and half times longer than competitors like Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office took in our tests.

Bitdefender is a global leader in cybersecurity, protecting millions of consumers and businesses against sophisticated digital threats and providing cyber resiliency solutions. Their security solutions combine advanced cybersecurity technologies with behavioral analytics and machine learning for unrivaled protection of multiple devices from sophisticated digital threats. Their mobile and cloud security products also offer comprehensive device management and provide protection from digital security risks.

The new interface is much cleaner, featuring icons for key features in a left-hand sidebar: Protection, Privacy, Utilities, Notifications and Settings. A dashboard shows your current security status while offering options to conduct quick or full scans, optimize device performance or use Anti-Theft features.

Bitdefender goes beyond basic antivirus protection with features that go beyond that, such as profiles for different usage scenarios and file shredding to eliminate sensitive files beyond forensic recovery and an anti-phishing tool that blocks more sites than its competitors. Other notable features include controlling parental controls directly through mobile applications as well as one-click optimization utilities and iOS support.

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