BitDefender Antivirus Plus Review

BitDefender Antivirus Plus

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus is one of the premier malware removal programs available. Its cloud-based virus scanner is efficient and has minimal impact on system resources; additionally it offers quick system and vulnerability scans as well.

Antivirus Plus software features an easy user interface and offers three paid subscription plans – Antivirus Plus, Internet Security, and Total Security.

Real-Time Protection

BitDefender Antivirus Plus features an attractive user-friendly interface and comprehensive feature set, making it one of the easier security programs available today. It divides into three main sections – Protection, Privacy and Utilities. Protection includes traditional features such as system scans, firewall monitoring, ransomware countermeasures and antivirus features while Privacy features like VPN connections, Safepay browser and password managers can help maintain online anonymity for online privacy while Utilities provide optimization tools profile management as well as file shredding functionality.

Bitdefender’s real-time protection uses heuristics and whitelists to detect malware. Additionally, it monitors installed programs and downloads for suspicious activities that might indicate threats; during our tests it identified every piece of malicious software introduced intentionally into our systems by us. Furthermore, Bitdefender attempts to avoid ransomware attacks by scanning files for signs of encryption before blocking their affected programs from running until rescanned by using similar techniques on all file changes detected during their rescan cycle.

The main program dashboard displays various status indicators and activity logs for all protected devices. Clicking any dashboard item will bring up more details for that category – for instance, selecting Real-Time Protection card will display how many threats the program prevented in the last 30 days, including ransomware or any other form of malware that might have infiltrated your computer.

Other useful features of social media monitoring software are social media monitoring to block malicious links and scams shared on sites like Facebook; vulnerability scanners that look for holes that allow malware in such as outdated applications or software; and optimizers that remove unused programs and fragments to keep your PC running efficiently.

Bitdefender is a premium product and comes equipped with free technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Their support website features FAQs, self-help materials and DIY videos that can provide solutions to any of your problems. If needed, chat live or schedule an appointment at their support center if available.


Bitdefender is one of the world’s most-beloved antivirus programs and its malware scanners boast some of the highest detection rates available. Packed with features and offering competitive premium plans at lower costs than its rivals, all subscriptions come with a 30-day money back guarantee for added peace of mind.

BitDefender Antivirus Plus goes beyond the typical protection offered by antivirus programs to offer additional services such as ransomware remediation. With this feature you can swap out encrypted files with backup copies. Furthermore, its Privacy Dashboard displays your digital footprint, risk map and any breaches which have occurred; offering another layer of defense for your personal information.

Other security and privacy tools include the option to lock your screen when away from your computer and gamer mode that disables notifications to avoid interrupting games. It can also block apps from accessing your camera or microphone. Furthermore, it has a family filter which restricts their access to specific websites as well as alert you if they attempt to download anything suspicious.

The software offers comprehensive protection from data and device loss or theft by scanning files, applications, network shares, boot sectors and vulnerability scans for out of date applications that could become vulnerable. Furthermore, you can select which types of IM and email messages or browsers should be scanned as well as monitor. Furthermore, this program even tracks lost or stolen devices for you!

In case you do run into issues, Bitdefender provides an extensive support portal with video and written guides, live chat that’s both fast and helpful, in-program tutorials that can help set up additional tools, an extensive knowledge base of articles and guides on their website (compared to most premium competitors’ offerings) as well as live support that’s often fast enough for real time assistance and an in-program tutorial system with real people ready to assist within minutes of opening the program. All these features make Bitdefender superior among premium competitors’ offerings when it comes to support services provided by other premium competitors like their offerings in terms of both availability of human assistance or waiting times!


Established in 2001, Bitdefender boasts over half a billion users and regularly scores highly in third-party lab tests. As an enterprise security solution provider for individuals, businesses, and large enterprises alike, its security software makes a statement about usability, cost-efficiency and useful features without taking up too many system resources.

BitDefender stands out from competing services by offering three tiers of protection tailored specifically for personal, small-business and enterprise use. Antivirus Plus includes basic features for home users while Internet Security and Total Security plans feature more advanced tools for business users as well as parental controls and VPN access for free.

BitDefender’s desktop dashboard is extremely well organized, making every feature easily accessible with just a few clicks. I especially appreciate its customizable Quick Action buttons on the home screen; however, additional ones would have been welcome (currently you are limited to five).

MalwareScan’s malware scanner boasts excellent detection rates and web protection blocks more phishing sites than its competitors, while its firewall has good network threat prevention and recovery abilities for ransomware-corrupted files, bootable rescue environments and bootable rescue environments are additional bonuses that come standard in premium plans. Interestingly, though, only password management and VPN are offered within them.

Wallet is an advanced password manager designed to safeguard all of your important personal data securely. It can remember website credentials, wireless network logins, application logins and license keys as well as email server credentials – automatically filling banking and e-commerce forms automatically! Plus it blocks snoopers while protecting against keyloggers stealing your info!

Bitdefender offers one of the industry’s premier VPNs that does not occupy much system resource; making it an excellent addition to its suite. Other bonus features include an one-click optimizer and utility for removing duplicate photos, videos and documents – the latter can be found under Protection, Privacy or Utility tabs on Bitdefender Dashboard.


Bitdefender has built up an excellent track record among industry testing labs, while also being known to consume considerable PC resources. To address this, Bitdefender introduced Performance Profiles – which automatically optimise your computer depending on what you are doing: for instance, Work Profile provides increased email protections while decreasing system slowdowns; Movie Profile blocks pop-up notifications while stopping unnecessary background processes; while Game Profile optimizes system performance while disabling notifications altogether.

Bitdefender offers advanced ransomware protection with its initial file detection and behavior monitoring to detect malware before it causes damage and behavior monitoring alarms if a process takes ransomware-like actions. In case ransomware manages to encrypt files, its ransomware remediation service will back them up first before restoring them once encryption has been removed.

Antivirus software offers many features to safeguard you, such as a vulnerability scanner that checks for outdated apps and a password manager that manages user names and passwords for you. Furthermore, its Safepay feature helps safeguard you against phishing sites as it stops hackers from taking screenshots of keyboard input data and taking advantage of you to steal money from you.

An improved interface makes the software simple for non-tech savvy individuals to use, making navigation straightforward. Most common functions are accessible from the main dashboard while more specialized options can be accessed through separate menus. With just a few clicks, this software can perform either a quick or system scan – our tests showed a full system scan took around 54 minutes to complete.

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus remains one of our go-to picks for effective online threat detection and silent security, while also being competitively priced. Their premium plans offer many extras not found elsewhere – such as cross-platform password manager, unlimited VPN access and parental controls – in comparison with similar competitors. Upgrade to Bitdefender Premium Security to protect up to 10 devices including Windows PCs, Macs, iOS devices and Android smartphones simultaneously!

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