Bitdefender Free Antivirus Review

Bitdefender Free Antivirus gives new meaning to the phrase, “less is more.” With its minimal design and efficient antimalware protection features, this stripped-down package ensures antimalware defense in an elegant yet simple interface.

Protection, Privacy and Utilities are the three default features included with the suite. Protection consists of standard antivirus tools while Privacy offers one-click device optimizers as well as numerous profile management and file shredder tools. Utilities includes one-click device optimizers as well as tools that manage profiles or shred files for you.


Bitdefender antivirus software stands out from competitors by being fast, lightweight and offering real-time scanning to keep you protected. Furthermore, its virus definition updates automatically are an integral part of keeping your computer secure while its interface makes it user friendly for people of all ages and experience levels.

The desktop dashboard of this program is exceptionally well designed with large buttons, an extensive toolbar, a customizable Quick Action button on the home page and easy access to common features such as rootkit repair or uninstallation. In case of advanced malware infections or stubborn threats that cannot be removed during normal Windows operation, its Rescue Environment feature lets you reboot your system quickly allowing easy repair or reboot of any such problems requiring restart.

Bitdefender’s virus detection system features both signature matching for known viruses and heuristic analysis that detects behavioral changes that could indicate malicious attacks. Additionally, updates for operating systems and applications are automatically checked and outdated devices identified for updates; its heuristic engine is constantly upgraded for optimal detection capabilities from Bitdefender.

Other than its basic antivirus features, this program includes a password manager for easy password management across devices. Additionally, you can create strong passwords using this tool and auto-save and auto-fill your logins automatically. There is also a VPN client, an anti-theft protection function and parental controls which are surprisingly robust for a free antivirus program.

If you require extra security features, Bitdefender offers several paid subscription plans: Free Antivirus, Internet Security, Total Security and Family Pack. Each plan provides support for multiple operating systems and mobile devices while offering an online dashboard to manage them all easily.

Bitdefender’s free version is highly effective at identifying and blocking viruses and malware infections, while paid subscription options provide excellent value for money. Unfortunately, however, Bitdefender lacks some advanced features available from competing antivirus programs.


Bitdefender offers multiple subscription tiers for its security software solution, starting from basic malware protection all the way up to an all-in-one security solution with features like premium VPN access and anti-theft capabilities. Furthermore, their premium program comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Bitdefender antivirus programs tend to be relatively costly; however, they’re well worth their cost for cutting-edge internet security solutions such as its cloud-based scanner which uses machine learning in conjunction with traditional signature-based scanning to identify malware. Furthermore, this product offers excellent VPN protection, comprehensive system tune-up tools, web protection features such as Google Safe Surf and some of the best parental controls available – plus they cover multiple devices with one subscription!

Bitdefender stands out among security solutions with its simple user experience and great protection features, being easy to install without bloatware and possessing only essential non-security tools that boost feature counts. Furthermore, its speedy performance has earned it great reviews among independent testing organizations.

Bitdefender stands out from competitors by protecting servers at no additional cost, while most require you to purchase add-ons. This makes Bitdefender an ideal solution for small businesses with physical or virtual servers; additionally, its easy online account makes managing all devices simple.

Bitdefender stands alone when it comes to security and performance, boasting the industry-leading detection engine and outstanding independent security testing results. Their different plans allow you to protect up to ten devices at the same time while giving you full customization of any number of security features that interest you.

One of the best aspects of Bitdefender is that it does not contain adware or spyware, making installation easy with minimal resource requirements and collecting no personal data (as per its privacy policy). However, some data about software installed on your device will still be collected to improve protection capabilities and make sure everything runs smoothly – if this information needs to be changed at any time, simply change its settings via your app preferences menu.


Bitdefender stands out among internet security programs with its excellent malware scanner and wide array of extra features at a great price. Furthermore, its clean user interface doesn’t overwhelm with notifications; all paid subscription plans include a 30-day money-back guarantee to further ensure its affordability and security.

Bitdefender Free Antivirus stood out among AV Comparatives’ tests with 99.7 percent protection and only minor false positives allowed through. Unfortunately, it did not participate in SE Labs’ browser extension and add-on testing. Alongside a robust malware scanner, Bitdefender also offers web protection features such as blocking suspicious websites and helping avoid phishing scams; crypto mining scripts from running on your computer can also be disabled, green checkmarks added in search results to indicate safe sites; trackers/phishing URLs in emails as well as protect you online scams by analyzing encrypted web pages analyzed to analyze safety.

Premium subscription plans of Bitdefender feature a fast VPN with unlimited data usage, password manager and webcam and microphone protection, along with remote device locating capabilities and remote wipeout for lost or stolen devices. Unfortunately, however, these extra features are only available on the Windows version; Mac only offers antivirus protection and basic file shredding while iOS only offers limited features without virus scanning capabilities.

Bitdefender offers various plans designed for both personal and business use, with options tailored to the number of devices you need to protect and the features you desire. In addition to its top-of-the-line malware scanner, this security suite boasts web protection tools like a firewall, VPN server, parental controls, password managers and file shredders with anti-theft tools depending on which plan is selected – and up to 10 devices covered under one license!


Once you’ve downloaded and installed Bitdefender antivirus onto your PC, a dialog box will pop up asking whether or not to install on other devices as well. When selecting “This device”, another dialog box will show how the application is downloading and installing itself; once complete, double-click any file beginning with bitdefender_windows_ to follow its on-screen instructions and follow through as directed by Windows 10. Note: If using Windows 10, be sure to click ‘Yes’ when User Account Control prompts you about allowing changes to take place so it allows the file access when prompted allowing it to make any necessary system changes before proceeding!

Once installed, Bitdefender software will perform an initial scan of your computer, providing an option to perform a full system scan as well. If a full system scan slows down your machine too much, click ‘Skip scan’ instead to disable this function.

Bitdefender will take up CPU and RAM resources during installation and operation, potentially impacting laptops or PCs with less than 4GB of memory and possibly slowing apps down or even causing them to crash. However, its consumption depends on which files are being scanned – their type and size determine how much resources will be required from these resources.

Bitdefender will start scanning and analyzing threats upon installation, detecting and blocking them as necessary. Furthermore, Bitdefender detects vulnerabilities and offers advice for fixing them; making your system even more secure! This feature makes Bitdefender a truly indispensable part of computer security.

Bitdefender Free provides protection from common threats such as ransomware. Additionally, it blocks phishing sites, scans search results for malicious content, can recover files that have been encrypted by ransomware and detect and block adware and spyware threats.

Bitdefender offers an intuitive user experience with its straightforward, user-friendly interface and home screen that displays your devices as well as protection, privacy, and utilities sections. You can select which features are most important for you – for instance if you often download large files you could set Bitdefender up to automatically compress them to save on storage space.

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