Bitdefender SBS Security Review

Bitdefender is one of the world’s premier antivirus providers, boasting impressive malware detection rates. Furthermore, their knowledge base and customer support forum offer exceptional support both via phone and email.

Bitdefender GravityZone Business Security safeguards networked laptops, desktops, servers and virtual machines against viruses, worms, Trojan horses, spyware adware rootkits and other threats – all managed from a central console.


Bitdefender SBS Security is an intelligent software designed to safeguard workstations, servers and mailboxes within small and midsized business networks. It provides excellent protection from viruses, spyware rootkits spam phishing attacks while being easy to deploy and manage. Bitdefender SBS Security increases business productivity while decreasing management and malware-related costs through centralised administration* protection control of workstations within company networks in addition to file, email traffic and Internet use.

Anti-malware scanner offers excellent real-time protection rates, scanning files on demand or at system startup and allowing for custom scans at any time of day. Furthermore, it detects potentially unwanted applications (software that lurks behind other apps or is packaged freeware) as well as monitor network shares for suspicious activity – it even pauses pop-ups, adjusts visual settings and suspends non-essential activities on laptops and tablets to preserve battery life!

Notable among its many features is its ability to thwart cyber attacks on server level, which is essential in any organization as servers store important information that hackers could potentially use to access and steal or damage sensitive files. With its anti-ransomware module in place, malicious programs cannot encrypt files before demanding money to return them.

Finally, this solution offers an intuitive user-friendly interface which enables you to view helpful information, such as the date and time when threats were identified and an action report of their activities. Furthermore, there is an alert screen which notifies you if any blocked websites need adding to an exception list quickly and easily if necessary. Finally, network traffic monitoring enables real-time analysis of all inbound and outbound network traffic while saving bandwidth costs simultaneously – plus there is free support via online, telephone and email provided to business customers by our certified representatives providing free permanent support via online, phone or email services!


Bitdefender SBS Security is software designed to safeguard networked laptops, desktops, servers, virtual machines and virtual private servers against viruses, worms, Trojan horses, spyware, adware rootkits and other forms of cybercrime. Centralized management through an intuitive web console ensures protection for each system while simultaneously saving resources by decreasing scan task frequency on each machine.

User interface of Avira Free Antivirus Suite is straightforward and user-friendly, allowing for quick understanding. This suite focuses on three categories of features – Protection, Privacy, and Utilities. Protection tab features items typical of antivirus software like real-time protection settings, firewall monitoring and ransomware countermeasures while Privacy focuses on keeping online activities private by offering features like secure browser, VPN connection and password manager services as well as parental controls; Utilities includes optimization tools to speed up computers and mobile devices.

Another key advantage of this suite is that it offers free VPN, something most competitors charge extra for or only include in more costly plans. This can help protect the security of your company data when working remotely.

Another impressive feature is its superior support, with live chat representatives that respond swiftly and efficiently compared with rivals that may take up to 20 minutes before responding. Furthermore, they offer an impressive collection of FAQs, guides, videos that are user friendly. Finally, they also offer a risk-free trial period lasting 12 months for you to test their product without the risks involved – something other companies do not offer!


Bitdefender antiphishing software offers businesses protection from attacks that could compromise company systems and cause serious harm. The security suite features various measures designed to prevent phishing threats, such as blocking access to fake websites or notifying users when suspicious links appear in emails and texts.

Bitdefender offers multilayered protection to detect and neutralize complex threats quickly and efficiently, including machine learning models which use a constantly expanding library of millions of clean and malicious files to analyze potential threats, neutralizing them before any damage can be done. Furthermore, Bitdefender detects vulnerabilities exploited by attackers so as to stop further network disruption.

Bitdefender makes the deployment and security processes of organizations easier by providing one streamlined management console. Organizations have the option of hosting or deploying it locally using hardened Linux machines that use virtual appliances for configuration within 30 minutes – providing comprehensive centralized endpoint control, while supporting integrations with VMware vCenter, Citrix XenServer and Microsoft Active Directory.

Bitdefender uses heuristic analysis and threat intelligence to proactively scan websites for phishing content and block suspicious activity to protect website visitors. In addition, Bitdefender scans email attachments and URLs for any potentially unsafe links as well as automatically detects and uninstalling previous antivirus solutions from endpoints upon install.

Software designed to safeguard servers against phishing and ransomware attacks provides protection for small businesses without straining IT resources, while simultaneously blocking malware in their network and limiting further attacks from spreading laterally and laterally. Ideal for smaller firms seeking to reduce data breach costs without straining IT resources further.


Bitdefender SBS Security’s firewall features provide effective defense from unapproved connections both locally and from the internet, using signatures, heuristics, continuous process monitoring, global threat intelligence network protection as well as protection against worms Trojans malwares worms trojans ransomware etc. They can protect workstations servers mobile devices both cloud or on premises deployment options are also possible.

Firewalls also play an essential role in preventing unauthorised access to users’ computers when connected to unsecure wireless networks, by enabling administrators to define web categories and URLs that should be blocked or allowed; they can even restrict or prohibit applications or websites which could enable hackers to gain entry and steal sensitive data.

This software includes both a password manager and an integrated antivirus with antispyware features to provide maximum protection. With advanced heuristics and machine learning technology, the program detects even the latest and most sophisticated threats quickly – a factor which has led it to receive high marks in testing by AV-Test. With its robust detection rate ensuring all files and programs remain safe before they cause any harm, its powerful protection ensures you can stay secure before they do any harm.

SafePay, part of this software’s Safe Pay feature, works seamlessly with banks and online shopping sites as well as Sharp copiers to prevent data theft by encrypting print jobs. The user-friendly interface includes three distinct sections – Protection, Privacy and Utilities. Each contains tools for real-time protection settings, ransomware countermeasures, file shredding capabilities as well as methods of remaining private such as VPN and anti-trackers while Utilities provides optimization tools and profile management features.

Management Console

Monitoring, protecting, and controlling MS Small Business Servers, workstations, file and email servers, mobile devices and web traffic with ease is now possible with one centralised management console. Deploy and update security policies centrally while getting complete visibility into security posture and threat activity across your entire network with complete visibility provided from one centralized interface.

Bitdefender GravityZone Advanced Business Security provides businesses with a comprehensive security solution, providing protection and unified management across physical and virtual desktops, endpoints, servers, mobile devices and email. In independent tests it has been rated #1 in terms of both protection and performance.

Protect against today’s complex threats such as ransomware, phishing, and spoofing with advanced security layers that detect, block and quarantine malware – signatures, heuristics, continuous process monitoring with global threat intelligence networks combined together – as well as robust encryption features to maintain data privacy and compliance ensuring data privacy and compliance while controlling employee access to web content, applications and files using Web Filtering/Application Control for added employee control.

Utilize centralized security management and advanced risk analytics based on behavior and machine learning to detect and prioritize threats. Avoid lateral movement with network-based security that blocks brute force attacks, password crackers, worms and exploits in real time – keeping threats away.

Make your virtual environment safer and perform optimally with antimalware and antivirus designed specifically for virtual environments, including memory scanning. Reduce slowdowns with multi-threaded scanning and advanced heuristics; avoid false positives with global analysis of billions of clean and malicious files to achieve the best security and performance results.

GravityZone Full Disk Encryption (FDE) offers a simple solution for protecting sensitive data on all devices without incurring data loss and enforces security policies across them all. Utilizing its central management console, FDE allows centralized policy enforcement without additional agents or key management servers being needed – eliminating complexity in an easy fashion.

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