Bitdefender Total Security Review

Bitdefender Total Security

Bitdefender does not attempt to push you toward upgrading to more expensive plans immediately, though they do provide discounted two or three year options at the top of their landing page.

This program comes equipped with a password manager to sync passwords across devices and generate strong passwords for use.


Bitdefender Total Security stands on strong on-device malware defenses as its cornerstone, using both signature and behavioral analysis to detect and protect against various types of threats, such as ransomware. Furthermore, this service keeps an eye out for system changes and automatically reverses any suspicious modifications if they are discovered.

Web Protection on this device is robust as well, with a Web Protection feature which alerts you of unsafe websites and blocks malicious files embedded on them, as well as sites known to attempt phishing attacks or steal personal data. In addition, a Search Advisor checks reputation of search results to flag any encrypted pages which may be unsafe. Finally, Parental Control features allow you to block specific sites or apps which could cause children harm.

Though not as stunning, Bitdefender’s desktop interface remains straightforward and simple. With a soothing blue, black and white color scheme and clearly labeled features like Protection, Privacy and Utilities tabs on the left and Settings and Notifications on the right – which display logs of what Bitdefender has done or noticed on your machine and provides options like dark or light mode settings, language preferences or special offer notifications (the latter feature being turned on automatically by default).

We were pleased to see that this suite also included some practical utilities, including a file manager that provides secure storage of sensitive information and an app launcher to provide easy access to all your favorite applications. Furthermore, it features an excellent backup utility which creates password-protected compressed archives of important files and emails so they are safe in case they get lost or stolen.

Bitdefender’s Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) module proved itself invaluable. By helping identify weak points in your defenses and offering tools to fix them, EDR provided an edge over competitors who often reserve server protection only for add-ons or higher-tier plans.


Bitdefender may not offer the fastest malware scanner or most stylish interface, but it remains one of the most reliable programs on the market. Furthermore, its versatility and value for money make it an outstanding value – you can buy standalone packages, integrate it into Netgear Armor security software installed into certain routers or purchase both Bitdefender Internet Security and its advanced version for one flat price that covers unlimited devices.

Total Security boasts advanced features to monitor online activity and block potentially hazardous websites, scan files for signs of malware, locate stolen devices, encrypt data securely against ransomware attacks and protect against ransomware threats. If any problems arise, its sandbox technology allows it to inspect compromised systems without harming original machines.

Contrary to many AV tools, this one does not store any of your personal information online. Instead, it performs most of its scanning locally without impacting system performance – an immense improvement compared to rivals that leave your PC running slower as they run extensive scans.

Privacy features of this program are exceptional as well. Webcam and microphone protections can easily be set up, notifying you when any unauthorized attempts to access them occur. In case of serious issues, however, the program can shut down your computer before initiating a rescue boot to clean and restore its OS before allowing you to log back in once more.

Tune-up utility is another useful feature, enabling you to find and delete junk files, repair registries and free up disk space. It even lets you examine files it has identified before making its decision – should there be anything misclassified as junk that’s actually important.

If there are issues, chat support for this program is very fast and helpful; we were able to reach a knowledgeable agent within seconds who answered all our queries quickly and effectively – this makes a noticeable difference compared with similar rival products which put users on hold for 20+ minutes while they attempt to resolve matters. Upgrade to Premium Security for priority support plus additional FAQs, guides and instructional videos!


Bitdefender’s latest desktop interface provides an attractive and user-friendly desktop experience. Its Dashboard uses an inviting blue, black and white color scheme to organize its major categories: Protection, Privacy, Utilities, Settings and Notifications. Customizable Quick Action buttons make navigation even simpler; up to five can be added for additional protection options like password managers and digital identity protection. The desktop interface is very straightforward for newcomers; even children can be taught how to navigate easily using its simple controls and quick actions buttons.

Real-time antivirus protection was equally impressive. In AV-Comparatives’ 2018 real-world test, it identified and removed all viruses effectively – with an almost perfect detection rate outperforming competitors using similar malware-detection engines.

Antiphishing and firewall features are strong points here as is an anti-theft component that allows you to locate or wipe your device should it get lost or stolen. Plus there’s parental controls so you can monitor kids’ activities, a VPN for private web browsing sessions, cloud storage to back up files, as well as a passphrase-generating tool which generates strong passwords for online accounts.

Bitdefender also features some useful utilities, including an optimizer that quickly clears away old files to speed up devices; an Optimize mode which tailors system settings based on activities (work, play or movie mode); and a privacy cleaner which keeps an eye out for trackers and cookies on websites you visit. In addition, their premium plan offers SafePay which lets you shop securely online using bank or credit card details.

Bitdefender provides an expansive knowledge base full of articles and videos to assist users with using its software, as well as a search box that lets you narrow articles by product type for faster answers and an active community that can assist troubleshooting issues you may be having. Should any solutions not be found here, Bitdefender supports users via email, phone and 24/7 live chat support – unlike what many rivals provide as standard suite features.


Bitdefender stands out as a top-rated antivirus option that consistently scores well in independent laboratory tests and offers plenty of security tools to keep you protected. Plus, its affordable cost makes it hard to beat in terms of protection levels and features offered.

All subscriptions come complete with 24/7 customer support and real-time malware detection. Bitdefender’s suite performs quick and deep scans without slowing down your system, automatically updating antimalware definitions to stay up-to-date, as well as having an impressive ransomware simulator (AV-Comparatives found it lost only one sample file!). Finally, Bitdefender boasts a ransomware simulator which makes its protection much more effective against ransomware attacks than competing suites (AV-Comparatives found AV-Comparatives found that rival suites lost only one sample file!).

Privacy Cleaner is another useful security feature, removing privacy-related data from browsers, apps, and physical devices based on your settings. In our tests it did a decent job but wasn’t as efficient as dedicated tools like CCleaner.

Bitdefender provides very strong parental controls and password management features, but its Wallets tool falls short in comparison. While it allows users to securely capture logins, credit card numbers, and identity data onto mobile devices for secure storage purposes, its capabilities fall far short of competing services in this arena.

Bitdefender proved its worth during our tests by blocking all of the malicious and phishing sites we attempted to visit – a remarkable accomplishment given the complexity and ever-evolving threat landscape.

Bitdefender offers various paid plans to safeguard Windows, Macs, Androids and iOS devices. Their standard plan begins at $35 annually before rising to $85 on renewal; Premium Security features password manager and unlimited VPN for an extra fee; its suite can be managed centrally online allowing easy use on any mix of Windows macOS Android iOS devices with one central account online for management and renewal options available through email notifications prior to its automatic renewal date and you have control of whether to renew or cancel.

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