Bitdefender Total Security Review

Bitdefender Total Security

Bitdefender Total Security’s Utilities include an One-Click Optimizer and User Profiles that customize how the antivirus treats apps and files as well as file shredding functionality. Furthermore, its plan offers server protection – something many premium competitors only provide as add-on features.

Bitdefender Central is an online portal where you can scan multiple devices and access Bitdefender’s password manager, VPN service and parental controls. Every plan includes a free version of this tool.


Bitdefender antivirus suites often excel in our protection tests, and this one was no exception. In AV-Test’s March and April 2022 Windows testing, the program caught every malware sample encountered without fail – and its performance in real-world tests performed by AV-Comparatives wasn’t much different – although still near perfect and among the best in its industry.

Bitdefender Total Security provides several features not found in competing software suites, including a password manager for generating secure passwords, app locker, virtual private network (VPN), file shredder and system optimizer. In addition, identity theft protection features include monitoring dark web forums for data breaches as well as scanning social media to search for impersonator accounts; while its firewall monitors for any unauthorized connections from remote locations that could threaten your PC and blocks them when detected.

Bitdefender Suite’s main dashboard is customizable to your individual preferences; simply pin any modules that matter most to you to place them front and center. Its Protection section encases all core security features like on-demand malware scanning and free VPN service (which are included as part of Bitdefender Premium Security plan but not basic package subscription), along with Safe Files protection to prevent ransomware from making changes to backup files as well as Time Machine Protection to block access to previous versions of files.

Rescue Environment, another security feature, removes resistant infections from an operating system while it’s down, as well as scanning for old applications, weak passwords and essential Windows and Wi-Fi network security settings. In addition, it detects vulnerable network devices – like printers – which could potentially allow intruders to gain control of your PC.

Bitdefender Total Security excels at optimizing performance with its different profiles that adjust their behavior according to how you use your PC, such as Work Profile (which reduces system slowdowns and enhances email protections) or Movie Profile (which blocks pop-up notifications and minimizes background processes), or Gaming Profile which optimizes system performance while gaming; all while safeguarding privacy. You can even set up Gaming Profile – an excellent way of optimizing system performance while gaming! It is the ideal solution for making the most out of your system without compromising security or privacy!


Bitdefender Total Security’s comprehensive feature set can keep your system safe without slowing it down, featuring strong malware protection and an enjoyable user experience, all for an affordable price compared to standard cybersecurity suites. All subscriptions provide 24/7 support, real-time protection and automatic updates – with options such as password management and digital identity protection available as add-ons at extra cost.

Bitdefender stands out as one of the top performing antivirus suites for malware detection and removal, scoring 98.6 and 100% respectively in AV-Test’s 0-day and ransomware remediation tests with very few false positives, placing itself ahead of many of its rivals (though some others may score lower in more in-depth tests).

At its desktop dashboard level, Avast Pro Antivirus stands out with an innovative layout: with customizable Quick Action buttons that you can add six options to, as well as a comprehensive toolbar across the top of the screen. By default, there is quick scan, system scan, vulnerability scan, VPN connectivity, password manager or OneClick Optimizer (an excellent tune-up utility) among its default items on display – however these can easily be swapped out if desired.

An impressive feature is the Microphone Monitor that notifies you when applications access your microphone and allows you to set rules that control how they use it. This add-on adds another great aspect to this package that other competitors don’t offer.

OneClick Optimizer is an efficient utility for clearing away unnecessary files on Windows computers, with features that offer to delete them when they are complete. As an alternative to CCleaner for Windows users, the Privacy Cleaner was less reliable in finding some traces on my test system and in deleting privacy-related files from Edge, Chrome, Brave and other apps than its rival CCleaner.

Custom firewall rules make it easier than ever before to keep apps at bay, making torrenting or download services that need flexibility more manageable. This feature makes life much simpler!


Bitdefender Total Security features an elegant yet simple user interface for effortless navigation. The suite’s features are organized into three categories – Protection, Privacy and Utilities. Protection provides traditional antivirus tools like real-time protection settings and firewall monitoring while Privacy provides methods of online anonymity such as password managers and VPN services, parental controls. Utilities contain optimization tools as well as profiles like Game, Movie, Public Wi-Fi mode and Battery mode as well as file shredding features.

The main window’s left panel provides quick and easy access to device status and protection level, while its right sidebar contains numerous additional options. Here you’ll find a list of current protections active on your system, full/custom scans available and a link that leads to product configuration page where you can adjust various settings as well as enable or disable advanced protections such as behavior analysis of files/programs.

As an added benefit, Bitdefender features its own anti-theft feature to monitor computer or smartphone movements from home Wi-Fi networks and also remotely locate, lock and wipe its content if shifted away from it. Other utilities available with Bitdefender include one-click optimizer to help clean up disk by fixing Disk Registry Privacy issues as well as profile creator which lets you create work, movie public Wi-Fi mode profiles that alter program behaviour based on work/movie mode or battery mode usage patterns.

Noteworthy features of Bitdefender Security Suite are its Wifi Security Advisor and File Shredder features, both of which scan your router and home Wi-Fi network for potential threats and identify connected devices, such as printers and scanners, that might pose risks. Plus, Bitdefender offers tips to optimize router performance; plus their file shredder secures overwriting your data with special algorithms, making recovery impossible.

Bitdefender deserves praise for not trying to upsell customers into more expensive options at first, yet its auto-renewal feature remains on by default and must be turned off via clicking a link. If you would rather postpone its activation until 30 days before your subscription runs out, settings allow this.


Bitdefender boasts one of the highest malware detection rates available today and its plans offer a host of personal security features such as VPN access and password manager access. Plus, they’re less costly than many of their competitors while offering money back guarantees as well!

Bitdefender has consistently led AV-Test protection trials since 2016. Their three tiers of protection: Antivirus Plus, Internet Security and Total Security each offer different levels of coverage; with Total Security providing the most comprehensive option and featuring various additional tools not found elsewhere such as file shredding tools, virtual private network (VPN) access and password manager functionality.

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