Bitdefender Uninstall Tool Review

Bitdefender Uninstall Tool

Bitdefender Uninstall Tool is a free utility designed to assist with uninstalling Bitdefender products from Windows computers quickly and with minimum resources consumed. It quickly uninstalls traces of security products like Bitdefender from the computer memory.

Start by visiting the official Bitdefender Uninstall Tool download page, selecting Consumer Products (Pay or Trial Version), as well as your Bitdefender product from the drop down list.

How to Uninstall

Bitdefender is a widely popular antivirus program, providing multiple features to safeguard computers against malware. Available for Windows, macOS and mobile devices alike. Unfortunately, some have reported difficulty uninstalling Bitdefender completely from their device; here are some tips on how you can uninstall this solution quickly and successfully.

There are various methods available to you when uninstalling Bitdefender products, with the most efficient being using their Uninstall Tool. This program can remove all traces of an antivirus program from your computer by wiping all related files clean – guaranteeing its complete uninstallation from your system.

If you own a paid version of Bitdefender, the Uninstall Tool can be downloaded directly from its official website. Doing this may prevent any issues during uninstallation and creates an audit log for future reference in programdatabduninstalltooluninstalltoollog folder if required – also bypassing password protection!

Once the removal process is completed, reboot your system and use a registry cleaner to delete any traces of Bitdefender from either PCs or laptops.

If you want to remove Bitdefender security tools from a VMware Tanzu deployment, the easiest way is through selecting the Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools for VMware Tanzu tile in Ops Manager Installation Dashboard and clicking its trash icon. Alternatively, use BOSH Runtime Config’s “Delete Product Option” for agent removal; additionally this option will also remove its tile from Available Products view in Installation Dashboard UI; for reinstatement simply redeploy your deployment.


Bitdefender Uninstall Tool is an efficient utility designed to quickly and safely uninstall antivirus software from your PC, including its registry entries. It is an ideal choice for people having issues with traditional uninstallation processes or those looking to switch providers – plus its use does not require advanced knowledge! The tool’s simplicity means anyone can take advantage of it!

Bitdefender offers a free download from their website that works on both Windows and macOS computers, to start the removal process of software programs such as Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition (Bitdefender AfF). Once downloaded, simply run the file to start uninstalling software programs; using this tool should be simple yet straightforward, although full removal may take time; once complete it’s recommended you restart your computer to complete uninstallation process.

Before downloading and running the uninstaller tool, ensure you are running the most up-to-date version of Bitdefender. This will ensure the uninstaller works smoothly and that all traces of old program are deleted successfully. To check, right-clicking on the Bitdefender icon in your taskbar and selecting ‘About.’ Here, you will see current product version details as well as product type displayed under Product Information; for consumer products this might also include year designations like ‘Bitdefender Total Security 2020.’

Once the uninstall tool is activated, it will search your system for all files and registry entries related to Bitdefender programs and remove them from your system. After some minutes have passed, a confirmation message will appear stating that all Bitdefender products have been uninstalled from your computer.

If any applications or browsers are running when uninstalling begins, the uninstaller will notify you that they must be closed either manually or automatically by the uninstaller. When completed, you can either download a new antivirus program or resume your browsing activities as normal.


When purchasing a PC, it may come preloaded with software you don’t want or need. While manufacturer software can usually be removed using Control Panel’s Add/Remove programs option, often leaving behind files and registry entries which interfere with proper functioning of your system – that’s where Bitdefender Uninstall Tool comes into play!

This tool can safely uninstall all traces of software from your computer and restore its health, making it safe to use again. Available on both Windows and Mac systems and working on both 32-bit and 64-bit systems, Bitdefender’s tool supports all versions of their products – Antivirus, Total Security, Free Edition Internet Security as well as older versions – making this an invaluable service to have available to them.

Once downloaded, double-clicking on the tool will kick off the uninstallation process. Within minutes, the program will scan your computer for Bitdefender files and delete them; following which it will prompt you to reboot so the changes take effect.

Bitdefender Premium Security is one of the many Internet security suites preloaded onto computers and tablets, but uninstalling its contents from these devices may be difficult. This article offers guidance for successfully uninstalling this suite without leaving any traces, whether you are an advanced or novice user.

Before attempting to uninstall software, always have a backup of your registry prepared just in case anything goes awry during the process. Alternately, use a restore point created prior to installation as an undo mechanism; though this method could leave remnants of software that you do not wish to keep behind.

On a mobile device, Bitdefender can be uninstalled by long-pressing the icon and selecting either “Delete App” on an iPhone or “Uninstall” on Android devices. Some devices remove apps differently; please refer to your specific instructions if having trouble uninstalling an application from your phone. Alternatively, try an uninstallation tool such as App Cleaner and Uninstaller which will search for leftover system files which cannot be deleted through regular uninstallation methods and find them instead.


As soon as Bitdefender Uninstall Tool is being installed on a computer, it is vitally important to ensure it’s compatible with other software. Antivirus programs have the potential to cause major performance degradation and system crashes on a system; two different antimalware solutions could even interfere with each other and lead to complete breakdown of the system; in order to avoid such complications it would be wiser to utilize one single solution that can work with all programs running on it.

Bitdefender offers both an MSI version of its security agent, which can be deployed using Microsoft Intune, and the standard installation script available through GravityZone to deploy software directly onto target machines – once this occurs, endpoints appear as managed in their network inventory.

The /force parameter on the command line allows you to install or uninstall Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools from computers running an MDM platform such as Jamf Pro. In order to do so, an admin password must be provided; any special characters within that password must first be escaped before running this command; alternatively, using /bruteforce forces the product itself off even if not detected by MDM.

Bitdefender can be deployed on Mac computers running 10.10 or later and connected to the internet. In order to enable remote login, enable System Preferences > Security & Privacy and select “Remote Login.” Once configured, deploy Bitdefender through a network discovery task.

To deploy your product with MDM, it is necessary to create and assign a certificate profile with an MD5 hash matching your uninstall password into Terminal or using an online MD5 calculator. Once completed, push this PFX certificate out onto all computers using MDM.

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