BlueSoleil Review


BlueSoleil is a comprehensive suite of tools that enables users to make the most of their Bluetooth connection – back up and sync contacts, play music through headphones paired with them and more!

This commercial program ($30 for 30-day trial with feature limitations) enables smartphones with Bluetooth radio connectivity to sync data between themselves and Windows computers, including contacts and SMS text message logs.


BlueSoleil was developed by IVT Group Inc and offers various features. These include being able to connect a phone hands-free with a headset, sending text messages from your computer, backing up data wirelessly and more.

BlueSoleil stands apart from other Bluetooth software products by working with all major Bluetooth chipsets from CSR, Conwise and 3DSP. It is popularly used with Bluetooth dongles; many new laptops, desktop PCs and PDAs include an older version or demonstration edition that limits use to 2MB data transfer or 1.5 minutes of high-quality audio playback or 2 to 4 hours of mouse usage respectively.

With BlueSoleil’s latest release, users can take advantage of numerous enhancements. These include being able to connect multiple Bluetooth devices simultaneously as well as better file management and synchronization features. Furthermore, this software can also be used to set up a Bluetooth wireless LAN (WLAN), so users can share information, files and resources between computers or PDAs anywhere at any time.

BlueSoleil can connect and integrate a wide array of Bluetooth digital devices beyond phones, such as mobile phone headsets, PDAs, printers and GPS receivers. It quickly recognizes any Bluetooth-enabled devices present in an environment and offers a simple user interface to easily interact with them.

This program supports voice telephony using VoIP providers and can make and receive calls from either a desktop PC or laptop PC. Users can manage contacts in their mobile phones as well as sending SMS from their computer using this software. Furthermore, users can play games as well as listen to music using Bluetooth wireless headsets.

BlueSoleil Gamii is a plug-in for the Wii gaming console that allows players to wirelessly control their games without wires, making for more realistic gameplay and an overall better experience for gamers. The plug-in supports infrared laser motion sensing as well as lifelike steering wheel controls to enhance gamers’ gaming experiences.


BlueSoleil may appear expensive at first glance, but there is a free trial version available. Initial setup can be slightly challenging as the program scans for discoverable devices and requires that security codes be entered on both devices prior to connecting them together; but once set up is complete the software offers many features that would be difficult or impossible to achieve with just smartphones alone, such as backing up contacts, SMS text message logs and cameraphone videos/photos/ringtone MIDI files back and forth between devices.

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BlueSoleil is a Windows software program that enables you to wirelessly connect and transfer files with bluetooth devices that surround your PC (assuming there’s a bluetooth adapter installed). This enables you to easily link phones, PDAs, headsets and cameras quickly as well as create networks so data exchange happens more rapidly.

You can use Bluetooth technology for sending pictures and music files, making telephone calls, sending text messages from a computer to mobile phones, checking call logs, setting alarms, downloading games, using keyboard and mice, as well as many other purposes. Bluetooth offers 24 different functions; also you can select which type you would like to use.

BlueSoleil can often be found bundled with various bluetooth dongles and devices (laptops, UMPCs, PDAs) but can also be purchased separately as a standalone product. It works with all major bluetooth silicon vendor hardware/chipsets such as Accelsemi, Atheros, CSR, Conwise 3DSP chipsets such as Broadcom Intel Marvell NSC RFMD SiRF as well as RivieraWaves BT IP.

As it can also be used for gaming purposes, the Wii Nunchuk Plug-in adds the authentic Wii motion sensing experience directly to your computer game and without wire restrictions. Furthermore, this device supports specific types of plug-ins like steering wheel functions that add lifelike driving simulation.


BlueSoleil is a software suite that enables users to connect Bluetooth devices to their PC and perform various functions, including backing up, syncing and transmitting messages. Furthermore, this suite supports many types of Bluetooth devices including mobile phones, stereo headsets and keyboards – in addition to providing users with access to manage contacts directly.

This program allows users to wirelessly connect with Bluetooth-enabled devices like mobile phones, headsets and digital cameras, transfer files between them and listen to music playback – making life much simpler for Bluetooth-enabled devices such as mobile phones. Downloadable free of charge from its official website – we advise disabling antivirus software during installation for optimal results!

Bluesoleil offers a Wiimote plugin, which enables users to play games using motion sensing capabilities of their Wii remotes and play games using them instead of purchasing an expensive gaming console. Furthermore, this solution supports other features like streaming audio from the web and managing Windows Media Player.

BlueSoleil requires a compatible Bluetooth adapter in order to function, as well as installing its latest driver from manufacturer’s websites. Furthermore, users should ensure their computers meet minimum system requirements by clicking on its icon in the system tray and choosing “properties” to view configuration settings.

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