BlueSoleil Review

BlueSoleil allows you to synchronize up to 18 types of information between a Java or Symbian-based mobile phone and a Windows XP/Vista laptop computer using Bluetooth radio built into virtually all modern phones and laptops.

This free software program can synchronize wireless mouses or keyboards, as well as transfer Wii motion sensing experience onto PC games.

Mobile Phone Sync

BlueSoleil makes it simple and intuitive to manage Bluetooth-enabled devices from a central window, such as mobile phones, PDAs, certain cameras, headsets and keyboards. The program connects these devices and facilitates file transfer, device management and data syncing – as well as backing up phonebook entries onto laptops and downloading SMS logs onto PCs.

Additionally, this program can allow you to remotely control some Bluetooth-enabled software programs on your computer, including Windows Media Player and PowerPoint. Furthermore, gaming functions such as controlling Wiimote games with or without mouse control are supported.

BlueSoleil is a free product you can trial for 30 days. Depending on the features enabled on your mobile phone and desktop computer, connecting with BlueSoleil may take some work; once established though, the software works great as a convenient way of managing both simultaneously. IVT Group Inc’s BlueSoleil software has been serving Bluetooth communities since 1999 – various Bluetooth dongles often come bundled with this program; standalone copies also can be bought directly from them for any operating system.

SMS Message Sync

BlueSoleil is a program that connects and syncs Bluetooth-enabled devices such as mobile phones, stereo headsets, keyboards, mice and more. Additionally, it can establish networks between computers. BlueSoleil can be tried free for limited period without many system requirements – plus installation takes up minimal hard drive space!

BlueSoleil was designed with ease-of-use in mind, enabling users to manage a wide variety of Bluetooth functions all from one screen. You can synchronize contacts, messages and files between PC and phone; transfer music from computer to headset; as well as download SMS text message logs directly from phone to PC.

Users can utilize BlueSoleil software to establish Bluetooth connections between PCs or laptops, share folders on either device and monitor Bluetooth services; its status can be displayed via colored icons in its main window – yellow for selected, green for connected.

Bluetooth Headset Sync

BlueSoleil can assist in connecting various Bluetooth devices to your PC, including headsets, keyboards and mice. Furthermore, this program by IVT runs on Windows XP, Vista and 7 platforms and supports SMS message transfer from phones directly into it.

The Bluetooth Core Specification allows devices to wirelessly communicate over short distances, streaming audio to headphones and stereo equipment wirelessly. The Headset Profile (HSP) enables direct contact between a headset and mobile phone; Health Device Profile (HDP) connects them with digital thermometers or heart rate monitors.

The Bluetooth 4.0 specification offers several advancements over its predecessor versions, such as improved power management, lower latency and cross-vendor interoperability. Furthermore, it should enable wider compatibility for accessories like intelligent electronic scales, smart containers and refrigerators. Bluetooth has quickly become the de facto standard in consumer electronics for wireless device connections between electronic devices; not only cellular phones use it extensively for mouse/keyboard/printer input/output functionality on computers but it is also embedded into many portable multimedia and entertainment devices such as digital cameras/MP3 players/etc.

Bluetooth Mouse Sync

BlueSoleil software enables a PC user to easily connect various Bluetooth digital devices, such as headsets, printers, mobile phones, PDAs and GPS receivers to a Windows computer via Bluetooth technology. Furthermore, BlueSoleil enables easy wireless access for an assortment of Bluetooth-equipped digital cameras.

BlueSoleil software offers a free trial version, but for full access it requires purchasing an annual license at around $495.00 USD. Although this paid version may seem more costly, it provides essential features for those who rely on Bluetooth regularly.

Synchronizing a Bluetooth mouse to a computer involves connecting it to an adapter, activating Bluetooth on your PC and opening BlueSoleil. A mouse icon will appear in BlueSoleil classic interface while its hardware device name will appear as either a small sun or moon depending on whether its status changes during night time or day time respectively. You can easily pair another Bluetooth device by double-clicking or right clicking its icon – once connected successfully you will see that line between it and “small sun/moon”, signifying successful connection; once disconnected it will simply disappear while its hint in bottom left corner will change to red!

Bluetooth Keyboard Sync

BlueSoleil allows a Bluetooth enabled computer to seamlessly integrate a variety of Bluetooth devices such as mobile phones, stereo headsets and keyboard/mouse devices into one screen wirelessly. It works flawlessly on Windows XP/Vista/7/8 platforms as well as Windows 8/8.1/10 platforms – offering over 24 unique Bluetooth functions and supporting 17 languages!

To connect a Bluetooth keyboard to your computer, first ensure it is powered on and in pairing mode. Launch BlueSoleil software; click Bluetooth icon; follow prompts until connected; passkey may be found either attached to keyboard or included with it if necessary.

BlueSoleil provides remote controller function expansions to facilitate simple Windows operations like controlling media players or PowerPoint presentations, or quickly finding games in your gaming library. All this functionality makes BlueSoleil a top choice among PC users looking to maximize Bluetooth technology.

Wiimote Sync

BlueSoleil allows users to wirelessly link a Bluetooth enabled Wiimote with their PC and utilize other features of BlueSoleil such as file transfer and wireless printing. Furthermore, this software was specifically created to run on various Windows CE devices with an intuitive user interface.

When the application recognizes a Wiimote, its name (usually NINTENDO-RVT-CNT-01) will appear on screen and can be clicked to connect it. Once connected, a dotted green line between Bluetooth HID icon and Wiimote shows that they are now linked and can be used with programs like GlovePIE, WiinRemote or Wiinstrument.

This software supports numerous Bluetooth chips from major vendors of Bluetooth hardware. A Bluetooth dongle may often come bundled with this application; licenses can be purchased to remove limitations in its bundled version. Furthermore, regular software updates and improvements from developers ensure it stays up-to-date with current Bluetooth technology and remains competitive against similar apps.

Gaming Library Sync

With BlueSoleil, you can access an abundance of Bluetooth digital devices wirelessly such as photo and video cameras, mobile phones, headsets, printers, PDAs and GPS receivers. The program was specifically created for Windows to help simplify wireless access for a range of computers, mobile phones, laptops and other Bluetooth-enabled devices.

This app supports most Bluetooth chip sets and features a user-friendly interface with options to display Classic View or Explorer Bluetooth Places. It also supports numerous file formats like audio, images and documents and allows you to back up contacts and text messages from phones/PDAs onto your computer for backup purposes; headsets may also be connected for VoIP calling as well as keyboard/mouse gaming on PCs.

With the Gamii plug-in, you can experience motion sensing like on a Wii game console on PC. For instance, when playing Need for Speed with Wii Nunchuk to give it an authentic feeling. Furthermore, this plug-in also serves other purposes, including remote control for Windows Media Player or controlling PowerPoint presentations; even headphones for high quality music listening can be connected for high quality listening experience – truly making this user-friendly tool worth giving a try!

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