BlueSoleil Review


BlueSoleil is a program that lets you synchronize your mobile phone with your computer via Bluetooth radio, built into most modern phones and many laptop computers. This feature offers up to 18 data management functions.

Some Bluetooth dongles come bundled with obsolete or demonstration versions of Bluesoleil; new versions may also be purchased separately.

It allows you to synchronize your mobile phone with your computer

IVT BlueSoleil is a Bluetooth driver software for Windows 7 64 bit computers that provides wireless connections between different Bluetooth-enabled digital devices – such as mobile phones, headsets, printers and mice – and your computer. BlueSoleil allows you to manage them all from one window while supporting file transfer, phonebook access, music streaming, voice calls and many other Bluetooth functions.

To use this software, you will require a Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone and a compatible USB cable. After connecting, install the latest versions of BlueSoleil drivers for both your phone and PC – when installed you will see a new icon appear on your desktop or taskbar representing its main window; double click this to launch it or right click to bring up options such as “Show”.

As soon as you’ve established a connection between your mobile phone and computer, it will function much like it were physically connected – you can send files and photos from one to the other, play music stored in your media library on both phones, listen to radio programs or voice calls while on laptop and even receive texts messages sent from either.

This program boasts nine other features that enable remote phone control, such as accessing microphone and speakers on your PC or sending text messages from keyboard. Furthermore, you can use hands-free while on computer; even taking photos with cameraphone directly from PC!

Another great advantage of this software is its wireless control of multimedia players such as iTunes and Windows Media Player on PCs. You can also use it to operate PowerPoint presentations and simple Windows operations remotely – perfect for gamers who don’t like chasing down controllers to change songs or start games! Likewise, this program can turn any Wii controller into a remote control for your computer – ideal for travellers wanting an enjoyable hands-free gaming experience on the road!

It allows you to create wireless backups

BlueSoleil allows users to not only sync and back up mobile phones wirelessly, but also to access any Bluetooth device they may have nearby the computer – including mobile phones, headsets, printers and keyboards – automatically detects and connects these devices without needing to turn or plug anything in manually – such as mobile phones, headsets printers or keyboards – establishing networks or exchanging data with other Bluetooth enabled computers is even possible with BlueSoleil!

BlueSoleil software provides an ideal way to stay in contact with loved ones who live far away, including calls, texting and even sending pictures and videos without having to rely on physical communication methods alone. With it you can call, text and send pictures/videos instantly from any location worldwide! Additionally, BlueSoleil supports wireless printing – an invaluable feature if you need to transfer large volumes of information quickly.

Not only can this program wirelessly connect and synchronize devices, it also supports various Bluetooth functions like file transfer, music streaming and voice calls. Furthermore, it’s compatible with Bluetooth-enabled cameras, mobile phones and headsets, allowing keyboard, mouse, speakers as input devices on your computer – an easy install/use process makes this program an excellent option for home computer owners seeking to increase its bluetooth functionality.

Furthermore, this program gives gamers a new wireless experience through its gaming expansions. Gamers can enjoy playing their favorite games using a Bluetooth controller or headset to make it more realistic and immersive – saving both time and effort searching for their games – as well as features to enhance the gaming experience such as infrared laser support, additional control options and steering wheel functionality.

If you’re thinking of purchasing BlueSoleil, it is essential that you find a legitimate website offering it free. Not all websites are equal and it is wise to thoroughly research their reputation, reviews, and ratings before downloading anything from them. In addition, scanning any files downloaded with an antivirus program before running them could protect against viruses, malware, or any other threats which might damage your computer system.

It allows you to send text messages from your computer

BlueSoleil allows you to synchronize your mobile phone with Windows computers, and even send text messages using Bluetooth technology, built into most modern mobile phones and laptops. It provides users with an important service when they use their phones for work; being able to synchronize data can save both time and effort while protecting information if their phone becomes lost or stolen.

IVT BlueSoleil is a software application that enables you to connect, control and manage Bluetooth devices on your PC. It supports various functions including file transfer, phonebook access, music streaming and voice calls; in addition to setting up Bluetooth networks which connect various digital devices such as headphones, speakers, printers keyboards mice etc.

BlueSoleil can be downloaded directly from IVT Corporation’s website and installation instructions are easy. Once it’s running, a blue icon in your system tray will show the status of Bluetooth connectivity – right-clicking will launch BlueSoleil so you can begin managing Bluetooth devices.

Bluesoleil supports numerous Bluetooth chipsets from CSR, Broadcom, and Marvell. Furthermore, this software features a demonstration version which limits device use after 2MB data transfer or 1.5 minutes of high-quality audio playback or 2 to 4 hours of mouse usage – perfect for testing devices before purchasing! This product may also come packaged with bluetooth dongles.

Before installing BlueSoleil, there are a few important considerations to keep in mind. First and foremost, avoid downloading cracked or illegal versions as these could contain viruses that harm your computer and steal personal data, error activating software or cause legal problems.

It allows you to control your computer remotely

BlueSoleil is an innovative software suite that lets you take full advantage of your mobile phone’s Bluetooth connection. It allows you to send and receive text messages from your computer, listen to music via wireless headphones, control mouse and keyboard movements on PC and even sync contacts and make backups wirelessly – plus multiple Bluetooth devices can be managed from one window!

BlueSoleil can connect various Bluetooth devices, including mobile phones, headsets, printers, speakers, keyboards, mice and keyboards. The software provides file transfer and synchronization of contacts, music videos photos and videos between devices as well as networking features that exchange data among computers – and has an easy and intuitive user interface compatible with most major Bluetooth silicon vendors such as Accelsemi Atheros Broadcom Marvell.

There are various methods available for you to obtain a BlueSoleil serial number free, but be wary of their risks. Many sites contain viruses or malware which could compromise your computer and steal personal information, while they may offer fake or expired serial numbers which cannot be activated. The safest and best way is through official sites offering this software free-of-charge.

After installation, you will notice a blue icon in your system tray or taskbar. To launch the program, click it. Once logged in, the main window will open with devices listed; select one and click “Pair.” If your device requires pairing codes enter them before following instructions on screen.

BlueSoleil supports multiple Bluetooth chips, making it possible to install the same program on multiple machines without issue. However, licensing restrictions limit which dongle can use this software; depending on which chip it supports it may come bundled or sold separately; various dongles come bundled with obsolete or demo versions but newer ones are available for purchase and support all popular Bluetooth silicon vendors such as CSR and Marvell.

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