BluffTitler – Create Sensational 3D Text Animations


BluffTitler, an innovative Windows application in the Graphic & Design category, allows users to create striking 3D text animations.

Michiel den Outer is the founder and lead coder of Outerspace Software in Rotterdam, Netherlands. When not improving BluffTitler he enjoys playing piano or cycling along the Dutch dikes on his bicycle.

Creating a title

BluffTitler is an easy, affordable Windows desktop app designed for creating video titles and 3-D intro videos with stunning 3D effects for YouTube videos. Perfect for creating custom titles for meetings or special occasions. BluffTitler makes video titles impressive! Easily impress friends, family and clients. Plus create stunning 3D effects!

BluffTitler software runs on computers that support DirectX 9. The combination of DirectX 9 hardware acceleration and 3D rendering creates broadcast-quality animations in real time that can be watched back using either its player and screensaver or exported as either video or picture files; additionally it has numerous export options available to it.

BluffTitler animations are known as shows. To access one, open FILE > OPEN SHOW and save with FILE > SAVE SHOW AS. Each show timeline consists of keyframes representing properties at specific points in time; keyframes can be set using one of three smaller sliders above the main time slider; you can move, copy and paste keyframes between frames as needed and edit its properties using buttons above the main time slider.

BluffTitler shows can include several layers, each providing different effects. A text layer has five properties: background colour, text colour, text position and font size. Text effects may include lightened but untextured 2D texts or even three-dimensional drop shadowing effects. Conversely, picture layers possess four properties: background colour, picture width, picture height and image format.

BluffTitler makes adjusting displays simple with its mouse-stretching feature for both render and tool windows, making them fit any desktop perfectly. Plus, with larger projects easily handled thanks to an expanded tool window!

BluffTitler can read and write CFX files, an innovative custom format introduced by Outerspace Software with version 12. CFX is similar to DirectX 9 FX but differs significantly in a few key ways; you can use CFX files both with EASY and PRO versions of BluffTitler; when purchasing PRO license keys can be entered via the menu item “SETTINGS > Enter License Keys…” to transform evaluation (demo) version to full version.

Creating a logo

BluffTitler is an extremely powerful program for creating animated titles. Utilizing Microsoft DirectX 9 technology and 3D hardware acceleration, it generates broadcast-quality animations in real time that can be played back using its player and screensaver, exported as video/picture files for use in other programs such as Pinnacle Studio, Sony Vegas, Ulead VideoStudio or Canopus Edius or used directly by you to play in its player and screensaver.

BluffTitler animations are composed of layers, each offering their own effects. You can add text layers that create 3D text; picture layers allow you to add pictures; plasma effects layers let you add plasma effects; these layers can all be found listed under the Layers dropdown above the Play button, with individual editable Properties dialogs for each layer; text layers offer Characters properties which set how many characters may be used and Bounds properties which prevent texts from falling off the screen or penetrating other elements; these properties can all be adjusted within its Properties dialog for optimal control over text output and penetrating other elements; all layers may also allow editing individually – such as when editing character counts are set when designing 3D text effects are created – in each layer’s Properties dialog for editing purposes if required – while all layers may use Bounds properties when penetrating other elements or penetration properties to prevent these things happening if applicable – for instance when working with text which prevent falling off screen or penetrating other elements as needed.

BluffTitler’s Plasma layer makes it easy to create amazing 3D visuals like fractal clouds, tunnels and more with stunning particle effects. Simply create and attach new particle effects directly onto active layers. To customize their colors and sizes simply click on Particles control in Properties dialog – but there are many more ways this layer offers creative freedom!

BluffTitler makes creating logos easy with its Logo Generator tool, offering professional looking logo designs in no time at all. By automatically suggesting colors and fonts that coordinate perfectly with typeface, the Logo Generator streamlines the design process allowing users to make professional-looking logos quickly and easily while providing customization options to customize the look of their design. Plus it even lets them preview it against different backgrounds!

BluffTitler, available as a free download, makes creating high quality 3D titles easy and accessible for most modern graphics cards. Its user interface is clean and straightforward while an extensive tutorial helps newcomers get up and running quickly. Available for Windows 8, Vista and XP operating systems and available with most modern graphics cards –

Creating a tagline

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Text addition in BluffTitler animations is simple thanks to its built-in templates. In addition, this software offers 3D text effects like bevels, strokes and outlines which support bevels, strokes and outlines as well as ligatures kerning and emoji support with its custom render engine optimized specifically for text. Plus it has the capacity of handling fonts with hundreds of glyphs!

BluffTitler features a particle layer to easily create effects such as smoke, fireworks, dripping ooze, rain and snow. Furthermore, you can add a picture layer with extrude picture effect for adding 3D text images or extrude picture effect for adding 3D images directly into text. Finally, BluffTitler comes equipped with plasma layer that creates instant animated “eye candy” effects like fractal clouds tunnels lights etc.

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Creating a call to action

BluffTitler is an amazing tool for quickly creating 3D animation videos in no time at all. Boasting an extensive set of effects – such as being able to convert font glyphs into three dimensional form with bevels and strokes – and offering various models and backgrounds, making it an excellent choice for video makers. Outerspace Software currently has this program on sale until August 1; use it to make YouTube intros, titles, lower thirds broadcast graphics wedding videos space intros VJ footage etc.

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BluffTitler utilizes cutting-edge 3D imaging technology to display its shows in real time. It supports resolutions up to 1080p at 30 frames per second. Furthermore, its real time effects include depth of field renderings such as displacement mapping or cube mapping with depth effects such as depth of field. Plus it can display layers in various modes while animating their properties using sliders.

BluffTitler installer includes various texture sets you can use when designing effects, with definitions stored as files with the extension CFX (compiled effect) in its BluffTitler/Media/Effects folder.

BluffTitler’s latest version offers many new features, such as a bitmap tracer, stroked text, stereo rendering, improved pixel styles and contour drawing. Furthermore, this latest edition also allows you to animate its Model joint property allowing for precise control over positioning, rotation and size changes for any model object.

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