BluffTitler Templates Pack 22


BluffTitler is an intuitive program that makes creating 3D titles and effects simple, making it possible to surprise friends and family with an eye-catching video title sequence without incurring the costs associated with purchasing costly 3D animation software.

BluffTitler supports OBJ models as well as MTL files containing textures, colours and materials. When clicking “ADD MODEL LAYER,” a dialog will open showing all presets associated with that layer type.

Easy to use

BluffTitler is an easy-to-use software program designed to create captivating 3D titles for videos. Perfect for home video production, business presentations and broadcasts alike – add 3D effects to any clip and impress viewers while remaining cost effective compared to similar programs! Plus! BluffTitler comes at an unbeatably reasonable price point!

BluffTitler makes editing text, logos, backgrounds, and effects simple: simply open a template and start customizing each element (such as texts, logos, backgrounds or effects ). Simply adjust their positions, rotations, scales and transparencies accordingly before connecting layers for more sophisticated animations. Choose different backgrounds from our library or use your own pictures/videos if available – once satisfied with your title’s result simply export as video file!

BluffTitler stands out from its competition with its powerful 3D rendering engine and text animation capabilities. It turns font glyphs into 3D models, enabling you to modify font properties such as bevels, strokes, ligatures and kerning as well as its built-in particle system allowing for effects such as fire, smoke, rain and snow to create realistic animations of text text animations.

BluffTitler stands out from competing programs by rendering in real time, giving you instantaneous previews of your work in just seconds. This feature can be particularly helpful for creating complex animations or title sequences as opposed to having to wait hours for rendering each frame individually.

This program can be utilized by novices as well as professionals alike, thanks to its intuitive user-friendly interface that can be learned in minutes. Users can add and delete layers, customize background colors, animate using keyframes and customize speed/duration of effects; additionally there are a wide array of effects and textures that make videos even more interesting!


Bixpack BluffTitler Templates Pack 22 is an assortment of templates you can use with BluffTitler, an intuitive yet powerful 3D video titling program. Designed to create eye-catching titles for videos, BluffTitler features customizable templates and effects as well as the capability of importing and manipulating 3D models as well as real-time rendering engine. Available both for Windows and Mac OS X.

Keyboard shortcuts can save time and make editing titles simpler, making the entire experience more seamless. A list of these keyboard shortcuts can be found either through pressing F1 or the Help menu. In addition to text and picture layers for your show, which you can adjust their properties using the Layers Menu; camera layers can even be added for cinematic and dynamic titles!

This program comes equipped with an impressive variety of customizable fonts, textures and lighting effects for creating 3D shapes and styles using text glyphs – it even supports animating them to make 3D shapes with unlimited variations and styles! Furthermore, Shadow and Highlight Animation supports shadow and highlight animation on every layer! Furthermore it is compatible with various font formats as well as offering features such as ligatures kerning emojis swash tails diacritical marks etc.

BluffTitler provides an assortment of templates, each customizable with your preferred colors, fonts, backgrounds or logo. Furthermore, it supports numerous file formats like JPEG and PNG for additional flexibility.

The program is easy to use and allows you to quickly create stunning 3D titles in minutes. Import images or videos and adjust the size/position/size/position of layers accordingly; additionally it supports multiple monitors and high resolutions and works well with most PC-based media players and video editing software.


BluffTitler is an accessible and cost-effective solution for adding 3D effects to videos. Easily used, it works with most popular video editing software programs and provides access to its library of intros, outros, bumpers, transitions, logos, lower thirds, lower thirds, colors textures fonts to customize graphics – perfect for YouTubers, bloggers Facebook page owners Dailymotion filmmakers looking for eye-catching 3D titles in their videos!

The software includes hundreds of templates that you can tailor to meet your style and needs, while adding your own text, images, or videos for truly customized titles that stand out. Furthermore, its extensive 3D effects – shadows, reflections, depth of field – help create stunning titles that are easily recognisable to audiences worldwide.

BluffTitler Ultimate features an extensive library of templates, but can also import your own images, video clips and audio files for use as content. Furthermore, its support for various file formats and resolutions makes editing your finished product as a video or image file simple; making this software user-friendly even for newcomers to 3D animation.

Customize the appearance and feel of your BluffTitler effects by selecting different colors, fonts and sizes for each layer. Next, adjust size and position in real time before changing speed or direction of each effect.

BluffTitler stands out from other 3D animation software by being fast and real time effect rendering, meaning that you can start watching your video as soon as you edit, or save as a transparent webm file for use with other video editing applications. Furthermore, it supports multiple formats and codecs including MP4, AVI, MKV, WMV FLV etc.

To maximize its use, this software requires a computer with at least 2 GB of hard disk space and an Internet connection that remains steady over time. Furthermore, its optimal use requires having access to a screen resolving 1280×720 pixels or greater resolution.


BluffTitler is a software program that makes creating 3D titles easy and affordable, giving you the power to impress friends, family, and clients with special effects that can add life to any video. As a desktop application it enables you to render and play back 3D video effects on your computer and produce high-quality intro videos and 3D titles for both business and personal projects – these output files can then be used for live streaming services like YouTube or Vimeo as well as LED displays, presentations, home videos social media accounts or digital signatures.

Outerspace Software recently unveiled their latest edition of BluffTitler Ultimate and included several upgrades that include a bitmap tracer, stroked text rendering, stereo rendering and contour drawing features as well as support for ligatures, kerning emoji swash tails diacritical marks. Furthermore, Outerspace’s application also boasts an optimized 3D render engine optimized specifically for rendering text.

BluffTitler, like other video NLE (Non Linear Editing) applications, allows you to easily create titles and animations using various effects and layers. The program is user-friendly with plenty of templates that you can use as starting points when designing titles of your own. State-of-the-art 3D game technology enables real time rendering for animations quickly allowing fast exporting as video files; additional support includes depth of field rendering techniques as well as displacement mapping and cube mapping techniques.

BluffTitler stands apart from other video programs in that it does not require advanced programming skills to use its user-friendly interface, making it the ideal solution for beginners. Plus, its wide array of formats and features support includes animated titles, outros, bumpers and promos – perfect for video beginners!

BluffTitler Show, a 3D animation software available on Windows, macOS and Linux operating systems. Although BT files can be opened by many programs such as Word or Adobe Illustrator, their features and capabilities may differ significantly between applications – it is therefore wise to consult its documentation in order to maximize use of this software.

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