Brawl Stars Review

Brawl Stars provides an intuitive brawling experience with its seamless brawling core loop, never becoming tedious or repetitive. Players also participate in daily and seasonal quests which offer rewards like Brawler boxes, power points, coins, gadgets, cosmetic pins and more!

Soon-to-come characters include Hank, an ocean surfer with powerful waves of destruction to unleash. Watch his trailer above!


Brawl Stars features over 52 brawlers to unlock and use, each boasting their own distinct fighting style that can be put to use across various game modes. Most brawlers excel in one area – such as taking out ranged opponents quickly or close combat – while their class reveals what kind of damage they do and their overall power level.

Shelly is an archetypical ranged unit, firing single shots for her original attack and using her special ability to build gun turrets anywhere on the map using her original attack; this makes her strong against enemies at long range; however she is vulnerable against close range Assassin and Artillery classes such as Artillery classes Assassins or Artillery classes such as Artillery. Conversely, Jessie provides much-needed tank protection by firing an powerful shotgun that does lots of damage as her original attack and unleashing a high HP bear that goes after enemies – perfect for protecting teammates!

Marksman brawlers can be powerful allies in Heist and Bounty games, since they can take cover while dealing damage from a distance and often possess abilities that enable them to maintain control of the battlefield. Piper, Colt and Tick are some of the top marksman brawlers; Dynamike stands out with his explosive dynamite bomb which can do plenty of damage when placed correctly; Dynamike remains one of the more inventive units thanks to Dynamike’s use of explosive dynamite that needs proper aim in order for it be effective!

Flankers are powerful melee fighters who possess abilities that allow them to counter other melee fighters, with some even possessing abilities that can disable them entirely. Flankers make an ideal addition for Showdown and Heist events because they can quickly close in on their target while remaining protected enough from attack to stay alive long enough.

These brawlers are among the most powerful in the game, boasting plenty of damage and high HP. Some can teleport to different parts of the map to do damage quickly while still taking lots of damage themselves – an advantage against Assassins, Marksmen and Tanks alike!

Game Modes

Brawl Stars was developed by Supercell (makers of Clash of Clans), and since its release has garnered much excitement and accolade. With vibrant graphics, an easy interface, and fast-paced battles attracting players quickly to its platform.

The game provides several modes, each requiring players to use the strengths of their chosen character effectively. These include Gem Grab – a 3v3 mode where both teams fight to collect 10 gems; Bounty, which functions like team deathmatch; Heist where players try and break open an enemy safe; Brawl Ball which serves as a soccer match using balls; and Showdown which offers its own version of Battle Royale genre.

All these game modes offer unique features that set them apart from each other, and to unlock them the player must earn trophies by regular playing – some automatically awarded and some earned through participation in tournaments or special events.

Once a player has enough trophies to unlock a new game mode, they will begin earning experience and money through matches in that specific event. They may even opt to join special challenges to increase their rank even further!

Outside the regular gameplay, this game also features cosmetic items which players can purchase using gems or stars to make characters look more visually appealing or add cool animation. Furthermore, there is a clan system allowing the player to form small guild-based groups of other players.

These game modes have made Brawl Stars such a beloved multiplayer mobile game. Its unique gameplay and consistent updates from Supercell keep veteran players coming back, meaning it will likely remain popular well into the future.


On opening a Brawl Box, players may gain access to a selection of rewards – some long term, while some only available once. Reward options could include:

Gems: Gems are the premium currency in Brawl Stars, used for purchasing cosmetics and brawlers from both Starr Road and Brawl Pass as well as unlocking Rarity Fame Chroma Credits which can be earned by leveling up in Brawl Pass.

Brawl Pass rewards vary based on season. For instance, season 18 rewards included Maisie as well as Jungle Queen Maisie and The Rescue sprays, reactions, and vouchers; plus Pin Pack rewards on both free and paid sides of Brawl Pass; Tier 0 exclusive skins were available as Tier 1 exclusives along with Bling rewards!

As well as their Brawl Pass rewards, players can complete Quests to earn additional Tokens. Quests are goals designed to award extra Tokens; from small to large-scale goals. Players may reroll each quest twice weekly for free (five rerolls with the Brawl Pass), with rewards including Power Points, Coins, Credits or Chroma Credits as well as Sprays, Profile Icons or Brawlers depending on its nature.


Brawl Stars allows players to communicate through its chat feature, offering opportunities for socialization and coordination of strategy while also carrying the risk of online harassment and bullying. Parents can help ensure their children remain safe by setting parental controls on devices used for playing Brawl Stars as well as monitoring online activity.

This tournament will be run as a single-elimination competition, with the winner of each match progressing to the next round. Once two highest teams remain standing, a final showdown between them will occur and the victor will be declared tournament champions.

Teams of 3 people are eligible to enter this tournament. Each player must possess an unique Player Tag and confirm their participation within the registration period on the tournament website. If any player changes their Player Tag after they have confirmed, their team will be disqualified.

Players at a Supercell tournament should abide by rules of good sportsmanship and fair play, including not insulting or harassing other players, using external apps not authorized by Supercell, or insulting or harassment them in any form. Violators of these rules may face suspension by tournament administration.

The game’s chat feature can help players communicate and form clubs with one another, inviting others to your club by clicking the green “Invite” button or asking to join another person’s team by pressing the green “Ask to Join Team” button – maximum three players allowed per team; but friendly games may allow up to 10 members.

Alongside adhering to rules of good sportsmanship and fair game, it’s also crucial that chatters use appropriate language when discussing non-Brawl Stars related topics – doing so could result in permanent account suspension or ban! Players should refrain from disclosing personal details such as real name or address when speaking in chat; additionally, any unauthorized content such as cheats, mods, third party programs, emulators and the buying, selling or trading of accounts should not be present in Brawl Stars games.

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