BulletProof FTP Server

BulletProof FTP Server is an efficient and dependable FTP/FTPS/SFTP client with many features that runs well on less-than-powerful machines, has an appealing user interface, and comes at an economical price point.

Site Manager window, can resume half-downloaded files and download entire sites; also monitor clipboard for FTP or HTTP addresses and connect immediately.


BPFTP Server is an industrial strength FTP client/server program, first developed in New Zealand by Andrew Connel in 1997. Designed for maximum reliability and performance (i.e. file transfer over days or weeks with dial-up connections), the software comes fully compliant with Internet RFCs, includes a fully graphical user interface that runs both as an application or service, provides resume upload/download/activity monitoring in real time with bandwidth throttling features as well as restrict login attempts using incorrect credentials to protect servers against Brute Force attacks.

The software features a user manager that allows you to easily create accounts with specific rights that you can define, as well as groups with certain properties and add users into those groups. Furthermore, this software monitors each user and their activities such as uploads, downloads, edits and deletions; tracking files uploaded/downloaded/edited/deleted via their activity stream – sending alerts/statuses directly to an email address of choice if applicable.

Control the amount of disk space each user is permitted to utilize and limit concurrent connections for maximum server efficiency and security. Furthermore, restrict access of certain folders on your server for extra protection against other users who could gain unauthorized entry.

Another key feature is the ability to queue multiple sites for download, saving both time and energy. Windows-style file finding capabilities also allow for easier search capabilities; you can enter keywords or file details that lead directly to its location on a site. Furthermore, files can be paused or resumed while downloading, as well as completely bypassed half-downloaded files if you prefer.

From the setup menu, you can change which port your server listens on. By default it will listen on port 21, but this number can be altered at will to any number over 10,000; many ISPs scan their own users in search of FTP servers.


BPFTP Server is industrial strength FTP software compliant with Internet RFC’s, designed for ease of use via its fully graphical control method, yet powerful with full control over every aspect of its server. Features such as resuming upload/download operations, viewing server activity real time, bandwidth shaping, PASV (passive-mode firewall), file trading with enforced upload/download credits, superior user control with ratio and hard disk space quota system and much more can all be found within its powerful but user friendly design.

Users are able to quickly and securely transfer files using this program even over slow connections like dial-up. Furthermore, its affordable pricing makes it suitable for those without extensive technical knowledge – though other FTP servers offer advanced features such as scheduling recurring tasks or SSL encryption that this one does not.

BulletProof FTP Server’s free trial version is now available to download from its official website, giving users an opportunity to experience all its functions before purchasing it. This trial version permits the creation of one FTP account and two connections.

While the free version of the software does not include support, the company offers paid upgrades that give access to more features and allow the user to customize settings. A lifetime license costs $150 which covers future upgrades as well as customer support team availability 24/7/365.

BulletProof FTP Server is an efficient, lightweight FTP server designed for anyone to use. With its intuitive design and easy functionality, this FTP server makes an excellent choice for businesses, corporations and home PC users alike. Support for multiple languages makes this server both compatible with Windows OS as well as Microsoft IIS and ASP applications as well as featuring an in-built firewall to protect from possible attacks – it’s low memory footprint makes this FTP server stand out among others on the market!


BPFTP Server is an intuitive FTP Server designed for Windows that’s simple to install and manage, offering users total control over connected users and where their files go via its user-friendly graphical interface. Featuring SFTP, FTPS, PASV (passive mode) Bandwidth Throttling/Traffic Shaping as well as Resumable Upload/Download support with compression to save space as well as advanced user quota systems it provides a user with maximum control.

This program allows you to view any hidden files on an FTP site remotely, making it easy to check for large files and view their size. Furthermore, it automatically reconnects and resumes transfers if a connection is lost, working behind firewalls/NAT systems/passive mode operation for use with slower internet connections.

One great feature of the program is its ability to send out notifications when files are uploaded or downloaded, helping you stay aware of any changes on your website. Furthermore, this program can respond to file uploads/downloads by performing custom actions such as virus scanning – making this tool ideal for those wanting to maintain their site but without enough time or expertise themselves.

Reliability-wise, this FTP client performed similarly to other FTP clients during our tests; however, some advanced features that many experienced users would appreciate such as synchronization and scheduling are missing; additionally it does not support SSL encryption for secure transfers.

Importantly, it should be remembered that FTP Server Pro is business-grade software designed for professional use only and as such should not be suitable for home or personal computer users. Furthermore, its configuration requires some knowledge of networking. Furthermore, this solution is relatively costly when compared with other FTP servers; however it comes equipped with a 30-day free trial period in case it does not satisfy its intended use; additionally the company provides a money-back guarantee in the unlikely event you’re dissatisfied.


BulletProof FTP Server (BPFTP Server) is an efficient Windows FTP server that’s simple to set up and manage, giving you total control over connected users and where their files go from an intuitive graphical user interface. BPFTP can work behind NAT/firewalls as a Windows service or can even run in passive mode to make connecting easier for clients.

The program features a similar graphical user interface as other FTP client software like CuteFTP and WS FTP Pro. There’s a window on the left showing local system directories while on the right there’s one showing remote system directories. Overall, its interface is user-friendly without being too clunky; however it lacks features typically found in more-advanced FTP clients – for instance it doesn’t include site management for saving bookmarks of websites you frequently visit.

This application can also automatically reconnect and disconnect from an FTP server, download files on a schedule and resuming broken downloads, monitor server activity and limit connection attempts, as well as enable file transfers over local area networks (LAN).

Leech mode of this FTP client enables you to download files on sites with limited file downloading limits in one session without going beyond your download credit quota; it automatically disconnects, reconnects and resumes where it left off when needed.

Use FTP to create a list of banned IP addresses, which will prevent certain individuals from accessing your server and using up too much bandwidth. This feature can be especially helpful for home Internet connections with limited speed limitations; alternatively, set your server so it rejects multiple connections from one IP address simultaneously and save yourself the trouble of banning each person individually; it is a very handy tool for anyone using FTP for file sharing!

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