BurnAware Review

BurnAware is an intuitive CD, DVD and Blu-ray Disc burning software solution with advanced functionality to enable users to quickly create bootable or multisession discs as well as high-quality audio CDs and video DVDs, erase rewritable discs and verify burned data.

BurnAware was developed to combine user friendliness with an array of functions and is available free of charge, making it the ideal solution for basic disc burning needs.

Easy to use

BurnAware strikes an ideal balance between ease of use and feature selection, making it an excellent choice for everyday disc burning tasks. While not overburdened with unnecessary features that most users won’t require, it still boasts advanced tools like simulation for data verification and error correction, custom disc labels, dates (original, compilation date as file date or custom), buffer underrun protection, optimum power calibration and buffer underrun protection – providing users with everything they need for everyday disc burning tasks.

The free version is ideal for basic backup, creating data, audio and video discs as well as various disc image operations. Users can create bootable CDs, multisession discs with high quality audio/DVD video discs as well as ISO images. Moreover, users can make and erase rewritable discs and extract audio tracks from audio CDs with ease using this software.

Customers seeking extra flexibility can upgrade to the Premium edition for greater control over the burning process, simultaneous recording on multiple recorders, direct disc-to-disc copying and file recovery from damaged discs or different sessions as well as editing track names, album art and adding audio CD text and cover artwork.

This program has an exceptionally small footprint, taking up no more than 8 MB of memory during operation and running only in the system tray when not in use. Its intuitive user interface enables even novices to grasp its operation quickly. Furthermore, this multilingual application supports most standard disc formats including M-Disc and Blu-Ray as well as offering troubleshooting assistance via online manual, FAQs and support page – not forgetting its unique verification function which ensures all copied data is complete and accurate before erasing a disc! A feature rarely found among other burning applications is this app’s unique verification function which ensures data completeness/accuracy before erasing/erasing/erasures data accuracy before erasing/erasing/erasure feature helps make this program standout from others such as this program’s.

High-speed burning

BurnAware provides a fast burning process without compromising the quality of its output, making it the ideal choice for beginners as it has everything they need to complete basic tasks such as creating and burning data discs and DVD/Blu-ray video recordings. Furthermore, it supports back up discs, erase and format rewritable discs, format bootable CDs, as well as back up discs – though more advanced features like copying one disc to another require the premium version of BurnAware software.

Noteworthy is this program’s low CPU and memory usage during burning, as well as its steady performance and smooth experience. Furthermore, its GUI is clear yet effective enough for most users to comprehend quickly.

BurnAware stands up well against its competition when it comes to features. It can create and burn standard/bootable data CDs, MP3 discs, DVD-Videos and BDMV / AVCHD Pro discs as well as save ISO/CUE/BIN images; copy/burn data across multiple discs/formats simultaneously; verify discs; erase rewritable discs; verify them again before use and display disc/drive information. Furthermore, you can rip audio files for transfer onto new discs; various customization settings allow further personalization options can also be used.

BurnAware allows users to add personalization and save data loss with its CD and DVD label-making features. Choose from an assortment of designs and customize it as per your taste! Furthermore, BurnAware creates backup copies for discs for users who need copies of their creations as a preventative measure against data loss; plus it performs other useful tasks such as byte-by-byte verification and disc spanning!

Customizable disc authoring

BurnAware is an impressive application designed for creating CD, DVD and Blu-ray discs. Compatible with various file formats, BurnAware can even save disc contents as ISO or BIN files for easy storage. Furthermore, this program offers customization settings for menu and audio track options as well as customization settings to personalize each disc for optimal use.

The software supports disc-to-disc copying, which enables users to make exact copies of existing discs. This feature can be particularly helpful for system administrators when installing operating systems or backing up files. In addition, advanced options like bootable disc creation and ISO image creation/ripping capabilities are included as part of this product suite.

BurnAware also makes creating disc labels and covers easy, with its label designer offering various templates and customizable options to make creating eye-catching labels an easy process. Furthermore, the program includes an auto disc data verification option so users can ensure all information contained on a disc is complete and correct.

BurnAware stands out from its competition by not requiring users to install additional software in order to utilize its advanced features. Furthermore, it was fully compatible with Windows 8.1 Pro during our evaluation and performed smoothly without hanging or crashing; there is a free and paid version with various additional features available only in the latter; both editions support older Windows editions such as XP. BurnAware can support a wide variety of media formats and burn them directly onto DVDs, Blu-rays or standard data discs simultaneously; up to four audio streams can simultaneously and eight subtitle streams at once – offering users maximum flexibility when burning high quality videos to disc.

ISO and CUE/BIN image creation

BurnAware boasts the capability of creating ISO or CUE/BIN image files from CDs and DVDs, enabling users to store data across multiple discs or create back up copies should a hard disk fail or other issues arise. This feature enables backup copies in case something goes amiss in future.

“Span Disc” functionality within the software enables users to burn data across multiple discs simultaneously, which is useful when the amount of information needs to be burned exceeds one disc’s capacity. By creating multiple spanned discs, users can divide large data files into manageable sections that can then be burned on individual rewritable discs.

Beyond its basic burning functions, the program also allows users to create bootable discs and multilevel discs; record high-quality audio CDs and video DVDs; copy and erase rewritable discs; set the burning speed; choose disc formats; control boot settings, UDF partitions and ISO levels; session selection; as well as text for audio CDs.

BurnAware allows users to duplicate discs directly into a BIN or ISO file for storage purposes in case their computers crash or another disaster arises, providing essential documents and files access in case something goes amis. This feature may prove particularly helpful if important documents or data need protecting in case something goes amis.

BurnAware supports both UDF and ISO9660 file systems, which have been designed to be system-independent – meaning the same disc can be read by both Windows 2000 and XP without needing special drivers installed on it.

Disc-to-disc copying

BurnAware makes copying CDs and DVDs from source to destination easier and faster, maintaining format and data. Similar to ripping, it preserves track and gap information which is critical for high-quality audio/video creation. Whether it be backup a CD, burning multisession discs, or creating copies of damaged discs this feature can prove extremely helpful.

Burning Settings window lets you select your target drive and disk type before customizing Write Speed settings to suit. In addition, delete temporary file after writing is also an option to help free up space on your computer and prevent overwriting of disc. Lastly, an Ignore errors occurred while reading disc sectors feature can help preserve readability by replacing defective areas with zeros while keeping copies readable.

BurnAware goes far beyond standard disc creation and backup; it can also create and burn ISO images, extract audio tracks, erase rewritable discs, verify discs, verify them against database files and more. Furthermore, its user-friendly interface, multilingual support, low CPU usage during burning and low RAM usage make BurnAware an invaluable asset to have around.

BurnAware stands out as one of the premier free disc burning applications, boasting advanced video editing and menu creation features not found elsewhere. However, for beginners looking for basic CD and DVD creation and backup solutions without incurring additional costs for Blu-ray – BurnAware provides everything they’d need besides that ability. However, many don’t own Blu-ray players anyway so this shouldn’t be too much of an issue anyway.

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