BurnAware Review


BurnAware is an efficient and dependable disc-burning software for Windows with a user-friendly interface, high performance capabilities and low CPU usage.

Beginners will find this software easy to use, while advanced users will appreciate features like SHOE configurations, UDF partition and version configurations, ISO limitation levels, session selection, CD track text extractions, data recovery direct copying and much more.

Easy-to-use interface

BurnAware is the ideal disc-burning program if you’re searching for an intuitive and user-friendly experience. Its simple layout offers intuitive drag-and-drop file uploads for creating disc projects, as well as wizards to assist with specific types of disc creation processes. BurnAware can handle everything from data backups to audio CDs and video DVDs; simply make your selection today and experience its power!

BurnAware comes in three versions – Free, Pro and Business. The Free version is ideal for home use and comes equipped with all of the essential features necessary to create CDs, DVDs, or Blu-rays – including dual layer and M-Disc compatibility – making it suitable for storing movies, music, games or software files simultaneously. Furthermore, users have access to multiple disc storage.

This program is quick and simple to install on all versions of Windows from XP up through to 10. With its uncluttered user interface and multilingual capabilities, this burning solution makes an ideal choice for newcomers seeking fast and reliable burning solutions without complicated configuration options.

BurnAware Free can be used to make bootable and multisession discs, high-quality Audio CDs and Video DVDs, ISO images and create bootable boot images. However, advanced features like ripping audio tracks or recovering data from unreadable discs require premium versions of BurnAware; nevertheless this program offers a good selection of basic functions compatible with most standard CD burners.

BurnAware features an easy-to-use interface, featuring clear icons for each operation and full multilingual support with high DPI monitor support, making it suitable for use across languages and DPI monitors. Furthermore, its fast performance requires low CPU resources making it ideal for older computers while offering advanced users numerous configuration options such as managing UDF partitions/versions/boot settings settings etc.

Supports all types of discs

BurnAware is one of the premier free CD, DVD and Blu-ray Disc burning tools available to Windows users, offering an intuitive user experience with its comprehensive set of features and ease of use. Specifically tailored for both home users and “professional” users alike. Features such as creating and burning Audio/MP3 CDs/Data DVD-Video discs ISOs or Cue Images as well as erase/format rewritable discs are among its many capabilities as is copying CD/DVDs to ISO files are just some examples of its capabilities!

User interface of the software is user-friendly and will make learning the ropes easy for even novice users. Step-by-step guidance guides users through each process with this program, showing what to do next and where they should head next with this program. Likewise, tasks can be selected via a menu located at the top of their screens.

BurnAware allows you to perform numerous tasks, from creating CD/DVD data disks and audio CDs to recording music CDs, writing DVD video discs, erasing rewritable discs, copying files and erasing rewritable discs to copying files and creating bootable discs. In addition to this functionality, it also features multitrack recording as well as multisession burning capabilities as well as extracting tracks from Audio CDs.

The program’s functionality is further augmented with a variety of useful features, including ISO and CUE/BIN image burning as well as creating disc backups, erasing rewritable discs and verifying written data verification. Furthermore, multilingual support, error recovery system support and various burner support are included to further extend its usefulness.

Performance and Conclusion BurnAware is an extremely cost-effective piece of software, using minimal memory and CPU resources – perfect for older PCs with limited storage capacity. It runs smoothly and reliably without errors or hangups and comes free from advertisements or malware; making it a safe solution for all users.

User guides and FAQs are both available online, while phone support options may be lacking, which could prove limiting for some.

Easy to install

BurnAware is a comprehensive program with advanced tools for handling all kinds of disks. Its intuitive user-interface makes it simple and user-friendly even for novice users, while there are three editions: Free, Premium and Professional – supporting most daily burning tasks while the Premium edition adds features such as disc spanning and copying capabilities. BurnAware works perfectly on Windows 8, 7, 10 through its quick setup process that makes downloading and installing this software effortless.

This software is very lightweight, placing no strain or burden on your system’s resources. It only consumes minimal CPU usage while running smoothly – an ideal option for users with older machines.

One great aspect of this program is its ability to produce high-quality audio CDs that play on traditional music players and DVD video discs that can be watched on DVD players. Furthermore, you can duplicate rewritable discs, erase rewritable disks and display disc/drive details – making this powerful burning program an impressive contender on the market!

BurnAware stands apart from other burning programs by not offering features you won’t ever use or need; rather, it focuses on the essential tasks associated with disk-burning and is very intuitively designed. Home users will appreciate its user-friendly approach; furthermore, BurnAware features disc spanning and direct copying functions for added flexibility.

BurnAware is the perfect option for anyone who’s looking to save time and effort on everyday burning tasks. This fast, stable and reliable program works great with both traditional CDs and Blu-ray discs; its user-friendly interface makes creating data, bootable multisession discs a snap; it even supports high quality audio/video discs as well as ISO image creation! Plus there are other handy features such as session selection for tracks/discs text printing as well as data recovery!


BurnAware is an efficient program for creating standard data CDs, audio CDs, bootable data CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs, duplicating disc images and verifying disc/drive details. With its wide format support it’s suitable for novice to expert users alike and comes without unnecessary bells-and-whistles that many don’t require; making it simple and dependable use.

Small installation size makes this program adaptable to any system, while its low CPU usage during burning and copying make it especially advantageous. Furthermore, it features tools for backing up data and recovering lost files from corrupted discs as well as supporting multiple languages across disc drives; moreover, its comprehensive online user manual includes error codes; users may even get assistance from its community.

BurnAware strikes the ideal balance between ease of use and feature range. The interface is uncluttered and tailored towards tasks most commonly performed by users; furthermore, there are no unwanted ads or extraneous bloatware installed with it.

The software comes in three editions: Free, Premium and Professional. The latter two provide access to advanced facilities like audio grabbing and data recovery as well as disc spanning and simultaneous copying to multiple drives simultaneously. Furthermore, both are tailored for business and organizational use respectively.

BurnAware requires regular PC maintenance in order to deliver optimal performance. This includes running malware scans and using cleanmgr and sfc /scannow to cleanup hard drives; uninstalling unneeded programs using uninstaller; monitoring auto-start programs using msconfig; making backups frequently and setting recovery points; creating regular backups of important documents etc.

Though BurnAware is an efficient and feature-packed application, it does have some drawbacks. Some features may not be user-friendly enough, and its installer may recommend additional software installations which are unnecessary to your needs. Furthermore, users have reported issues with stability as well. It is essential to be aware of such potential issues prior to installing BurnAware; furthermore downloading torrents of it could constitute illegal piracy which can have legal repercussions.

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