BWMeter by DeskSoft Review


BWMeter is a network bandwidth monitor and traffic controller designed for Windows operating systems as a shareware offering. Compatible with both LAN and Internet connections, this software helps ensure optimal network performance.

Users can prioritize applications, set limits on certain connections and block unwanted traffic with this program. Furthermore, its customizable interface and advanced monitoring features add further value.

Real-time bandwidth monitoring

Real-time bandwidth monitoring is essential to business networks, providing an invaluable way of monitoring performance and identifying any issues with the network. You can use it to prevent bottlenecks in bandwidth usage and improve overall network efficiency while avoiding going beyond your Internet speed limit or incurring additional charges from your ISP.

Software that monitors network traffic between your computer and other computers in real-time. You can see exactly how much data is being transferred across networks, which programs are using the most bandwidth, and the current average transfer rate. Furthermore, its built-in speeds stopwatch allows you to test download/upload speeds of your network connection while its user-friendly interface makes setting up and managing network bandwidth monitoring straightforward.

BWMeter provides real-time bandwidth monitoring as well as statistics for individual computers and groups of users, creating custom graphs to show bandwidth usage over specific time periods. You can customize monitoring settings, set filters and get alerts based on specific thresholds – with its easy install process you won’t have to worry about installing additional drivers or risking your system in any way!

NetFlow Analyzer is an excellent bandwidth monitoring tool, capable of quickly identifying who, when and what your bandwidth usage is. Additionally, its dashboard gives an overview of top applications and protocols using bandwidth while its extensive analytics provide insights for capacity planning.

This software makes it possible to monitor bandwidth from various network devices such as switches, routers and servers. It analyzes SNMP data to assess traffic levels and detect potential problems; its intuitive graphical display makes use simple for both novice and experienced administrators alike; plus its lightweight nature means less storage requirements compared to similar programs in Networking category – an attractive feature for small and midsized businesses who need to monitor bandwidth effectively in their networks.

Data traffic analysis

BWMeter is an easy and powerful network bandwidth monitoring software. It helps prevent slow connection speeds and unwanted network connections with clear visual reporting of data usage. Its user-friendly interface and extensive feature set make BWMeter an excellent choice for both novice users and experts.

This program monitors all traffic between your computer and Internet sites in real-time, offering detailed data traffic analysis as well as the option of setting limits on maximum download/upload speeds for specific websites. Furthermore, it detects and reports on illegal P2P applications while offering other features like network performance monitoring and protocol analyzer.

Configuring BWMeter to monitor your network can be done easily by choosing an adapter in the Options menu and then viewing all traffic accumulated for all selected networks on your computer, and creating reports per network adapter. Furthermore, filters and alerts can also be customized according to personal preference.

One great feature of this software is its ability to detect and block unauthorised traffic sources like BitTorrent. Furthermore, this tool can track usage for individual applications, hosts, or conversations over a set period – this feature is particularly beneficial for users with limited monthly Internet traffic or metered plans.

Network bandwidth monitoring and control tools are essential in protecting against data breaches and malware attacks. An ideal monitoring and control solution should include a strong firewall, support for multiple networking adapters, comprehensive reporting/analytics capabilities as well as seamless integration into existing IT systems and third-party security solutions.

This software can be found for free and downloaded from its official website, supporting most versions of Windows from XP to 10. As a dynamic bandwidth meter, this program measures both internal and Internet transfer speeds simultaneously. Furthermore, the data packets analysed can show where they came from as well as where they’re headed to; plus it even differentiates between local and Internet traffic so you can monitor specific IP addresses during transfers.

Customizable interface

BWMeter is an effective bandwidth monitor and traffic controller that lets you monitor, analyze, and manage network data traffic on your network. Featuring a customizable user interface and advanced reporting features, it enables you to identify slow connection speeds or unwanted network connections through clear visual reporting of bandwidth usage on your network.

This software application monitors your bandwidth usage and notifies you if you are exceeding your available limit. Filters allow you to track specific data traffic, creating reports and alerts. In addition, this application displays your network traffic over time through a graph display – this feature can especially helpful if sharing an internet connection with multiple users as it identifies when someone is abusing it.

BWMeter stands out among similar apps by being able to analyze data packets; where they originate and where they travel as well as which port and protocol they utilize. Furthermore, you can distinguish between local and internet traffic allowing you to monitor each computer individually as well as set speed limits on specific types of connections for added control over network access.

This program also helps identify IP addresses of devices on your network, which can help determine whether or not your ISP is violating your privacy. Furthermore, it identifies applications using up the most bandwidth and notifies you if your monthly quota has been exceeded.

BWMeter supports multiple languages and features a customizable dashboard that enables you to view various data at a glance, making it particularly helpful for companies with diverse workforces as it allows you to monitor groups of users at once. Furthermore, you can adjust default settings based on personal preference for an enhanced user experience.

BWMeter stands out by supporting multiple network adapters. This enables you to monitor multiple types of connections – such as WAN and VPN connections – simultaneously. Furthermore, you can adjust the size of the bandwidth display, set alerts and create your own custom ping tool – all great features that make BWMeter truly incredible.


BWMeter by DeskSoft is an all-in-one network bandwidth monitoring solution ideal for home and business users alike, featuring an extensive set of features and an intuitive user interface that make it user friendly for both beginners and experts. Plus, its price point starts at $30 for personal use – you can download a free trial version here to see if BWMeter fits with Windows 10, previous versions of Windows OS as well as Linux operating systems!

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