CamScanner Review

CamScanner is a document scanning and storage application that enables users to digitize paper documents. Furthermore, users are able to convert scanned documents into PDFs or JPEGs for storage on their phones – or print directly from them!

Recently, Kaspersky researchers identified Trojan Dropper malware within the popular Phone PDF creator app CamScanner, known as CamScanner PDF Creator Pro. This Trojan Dropper malware can steal data stored on Android devices.

It is a scanner

CamScanner is an app that turns your mobile phone into an efficient and fast document scanning solution, ideal for quickly digitizing documents into JPG, PDF or TXT formats for sharing; or even creating editable Word or Excel documents from them. Furthermore, CamScanner enables multiple page scans into one PDF document and add comments. While CamScanner is free-to-use through Google Play download, please be aware that certain features only become available with premium subscription.

The app boasts an array of scanning and editing features, such as cropping, auto-enhancing, text recognition and batch mode. It can digitize paper documents such as notes, certificates, photos and whiteboard discussion into clear JPEG or PDF files with OCR recognizing multiple languages for text recognition – making this OCR feature ideal for turning scanned images into legible documents. Furthermore, its intuitive user interface supports social media sharing as well as link sharing via email.

CamScanner, first released by Chinese developers in 2011, allows users to use iOS or Android mobile devices as image scanners and capture documents in JPEG or PDF formats for sharing or storage purposes. Since then, over 100 million downloads on Android alone have taken place – both free and premium versions exist with more features and ads removal features respectively.

Once you download and install the app, the first step in using it will be creating an account and setting up your profile for document and file storage. With your profile created, you will be able to organize folders according to your personal needs while setting passwords or security features to safeguard documents stored therein.

One of the greatest features of this app is that it comes equipped with many tools to help keep you organized. For instance, you can save files to a cloud service for easy access anytime; create tags to organize files; or take advantage of an intuitive search function to quickly locate what you are searching for.

It is a document management tool

CamScanner transforms your mobile device into a scanner and offers various features to assist with document management. The app lets you scan documents and images into PDFs and share them with others as PDFs; supports various file formats; offers tagging, annotation and basic OCR; even helps save them directly into the cloud!

This app features a simple and straightforward user interface with suggestive buttons; however, newcomers may still find themselves confused as to what each one does. If this type of software is new to you, be sure to review all its tutorials prior to exploring all its functions; once familiarized, navigation will become much simpler.

Adobe Scan is another document capture app with similar user-interface and additional features to CamScanner, such as being able to automatically detect and fine-tune documents for edges and clarity as well as capture handwritten notes and whiteboard tables. Furthermore, this application recognizes text within images for export into Microsoft Word, Excel or OneNote.

CamScanner’s capabilities can be fulfilled by other apps, including Top Scanner – another free alternative with similar functions that boasts similar UI and features such as High-Quality scanning, Cloud Integration, batch-scanning feature, OCR recognition capability and support for various document formats. Furthermore, this app can e-mail documents as well as create links that share them easily via e-mail or social networks.

CamScanner is an all-in-one document management solution, enabling users to fax, sign, encrypt, collate and share documents easily and seamlessly. Additionally, this app offers advanced editing tools as well as a built-in search function – designed specifically to make the transition from paper documents into digital as seamless as possible – along with additional features like scanning business cards directly into PDF documents.

CamScanner also features several add-ons you can purchase to enhance its capabilities, such as Image to PPT which allows users to take photos of documents and turn them into PowerPoint presentations; Image to Excel which transforms scanned images into an Excel spreadsheet; and ID Photo which captures photos and text for use as passport or ID cards.

It is a PDF editor

CamScanner allows smartphone users to quickly transform their phone into a document scanner, scanning any file and saving it as PDF or JPG formats. Users can edit scanned images to enhance clarity and accuracy before saving as PDF/JPG. In addition, CamScanner features many additional functions, including OCR for automatically extracting text from images as well as scanning documents into different formats.

This app boasts a simple user interface and is extremely straightforward, making it accessible across most smartphones and tablets. Users can scan multiple documents as well as import files from other applications into it for scanning purposes; additionally they can edit scanned documents and use them as templates in future uses; finally they can share these scanned documents via email or social media with others.

Users of the latest version of the app can take advantage of several new features, such as “Book to E-book,” which enables them to effortlessly scan books with just one click and has it divide left and right pages automatically. Furthermore, PPT shooting mode allows for high clarity scanning of PowerPoint presentations – it even can help correct bent text and other issues!

This new version also comes equipped with a PDF editor, enabling users to make minor adjustments and modifications to an original image. These adjustments may include changing its brightness or removing red eyes; adding a watermark or QR code; setting password protection; or even converting files into various formats like DOCX and TXT.

CamScanner also boasts the ability to quickly identify which paper type a document was written on, making finding important information much faster. Furthermore, you can search text in scanned documents if you’re researching something specific – for instance if you scanned a recipe including chicken pasta as part of its title then CamScanner will display all recipes that contain that term!

CamScanner is an effective document management solution, but it has some serious drawbacks. In 2019, security experts discovered that it had been infected with malware which caused users to lose data – prompting Google Play to temporarily suspend it until further review could take place. Adobe Scan, Microsoft Lens and Google Drive all offer document scanning options which might better suit your needs.

It is a PDF to PPT converter

CamScanner allows users to convert PDF files to other file formats easily and effortlessly. This software program is an efficient and straightforward solution for document conversion, supporting many formats including Microsoft Word. Furthermore, CamScanner boasts useful features for document management as well as being one of the top scanner apps available for mobile devices – making it an attractive option for students, teachers and business professionals who need to document their work.

This app makes scanning documents with your phone easy, using its camera to transform them into PDF format and saving it to either memory or the cloud. Plus, you can print them using any compatible printer! The free and straightforward app comes with some limitations such as inability to scan multiple pages simultaneously or issues when printing documents onto certain types of paper.

CamScanner stands out with its optical character recognition (OCR) feature, making text extraction from scanned images much simpler. OCR allows for the creation of Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations as well as turning scanned images into Word documents.

Not only is this program an exceptional scanning application, it has many other useful features that make it an essential asset to business users. Not only can you use it to scan documents but you can also edit photos and add filters – helping remove unwanted background elements or creating artistic looks – and create collages of documents from multiple scans with it; only downside is its small watermark on every scan.

CamScanner is an invaluable tool for any individual or business that requires them to scan, organize and distribute papers quickly on-the-go. Its intuitive user interface and advanced features will allow you to do even more with your smartphone than before! However, please be aware that its free version does present security issues which could make some people uneasy about using it.

If security is of concern, try out the paid version of this program. It offers more features than its free counterpart – like PDF to DOC conversion – making it ideal for business users who require automatic edge cropping, auto-scanning and high-quality scans.

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