Can Unlocker Kill Processes?

Unlocker is an application designed to bypass lock protection in order to move, rename, or delete files without incurring lock protection warnings. But please use this software with care as it could kill vital processes required by Windows OS.

Installing and integrating into the context menu makes this application straightforward to access when error messages such as “The file is currently being used by another program or user” occur.


Have you experienced issues with files or folders on your computer that refuse to leave? Unlocker is an invaluable tool that can help remove them quickly. Bypassing locked files, this program enables users to move, rename or delete them as necessary – even eliminating error messages like “The file is in use by another user or application” or “Access is denied”. It works on all versions of Windows as well.

IObit Unlocker is a free software program designed to unlock stubborn files and manage them the way you prefer. The interface is user-friendly and features basic functions such as “Unlock & Delete”, “Unlock & Copy”, and “Unlock & Move”. Furthermore, all processes that lock files will be terminated so you can edit them easily; making this an excellent choice for beginners.

The free-to-use program does not contain any malicious software and is safe to download on your computer. However, before installing it it is advisable to scan its installer for viruses; some antivirus programs like McAfee or BitDefender may even identify it as potentially unwanted application (PUA).

Unlocker is an extremely useful application, designed for anyone to benefit. With its straightforward user interface and all versions of Windows compatibility, Unlocker makes life simpler for those experiencing “The file is in use by another user” or “Access is denied” errors on their PCs. Safe to download and use without using up system resources, Unlocker makes life easier by making files more accessible – portable version available too – it is available free at its official website.


Unlocker is a breakthrough website unlocking solution designed to enable businesses to effortlessly bypass anti-bot technologies and access public web data without hassle or difficulty. Its innovative technology automatically devises ways around these anti-bot technologies and provides smooth scraping experiences for all users.

Cellebrite, the company which cracked iPhones for the FBI allegedly, charges $5,000 per device that must be shipped directly to them for processing. By comparison, our software is very affordable when compared to similar products on the market that provide similar functionality.

Unlocker can save businesses millions in licensing fees and costs associated with competing technology, with flexible pricing allowing businesses to buy credits as needed – meaning they can access data whenever it is needed without incurring upfront investments for it.


If you use Windows computers, chances are you have experienced the irritation of “Cannot delete file: It is being used by another program or user”. Luckily, Unlocker download frees these files from being occupied by other programs so they can be copied, cut or moved without interruption by other processes occupying them. Furthermore, Unlocker allows you to kill processes that occupy an individual file and/or folders that occupy them.

This program works by tracking down and unlocking system file locking protection to allow only one program at a time to access them. Furthermore, it enables users to kill processes that are using files so you can delete or rename them without fear of them being reused by processes that you no longer wish for them to access. In addition, other functions include displaying locked file contents, identifying sources of lock protection as well as helping restore corrupted files or remove viruses and spyware.

You can experience the power of IObit Unlocker without incurring a cost. Installation is straightforward, as is working by adding it directly into the right-click menu on a Windows device. Once it’s up and running, all that’s required to access any write-protected or used file is right-clicking them with right-click to choose “IObit Unlocker from menu”, selecting it, then editing or deleting as usual.

Unlocker is an invaluable tool for those who rely on their computer regularly, needing access to files without being interrupted by error messages. Unfortunately, however, Unlocker isn’t perfect and it may take some digging around to determine why something’s blocking a file. In order to maximize Unlocker’s potential use on your machine it is recommended that you regularly run malware scans and registry cleaners like cleanmgr and sfc/scannow as well as monitor auto-start programs and disable those which no longer require this software.

TeraCopy or Ninite offer limited features but will still allow you to manipulate and move files. As always, ensure you have backup copies of any important files just in case the program accidentally deletes them or fails in some way.


Are You Using Windows PCs Regularly? Then it is likely that you have encountered files which refuse to allow you to delete or edit. This happens because they have been protected by the operating system in order to ensure all processes run efficiently; however, Unlocker allows you to bypass this protection by accessing its handle.

When an app detects locked files on a device, it will immediately shut down any processes using them without actually closing or deleting them. Furthermore, an error prompt is issued to notify users what’s happened – one of the easiest and fastest ways of finding locked files on any given device.

Unlocker can help you manage the processes that prevent you from editing files and remove adware and malware, among many other features that make this application an indispensable resource for all kinds of users.

Unlocker is an accessible free application designed to unlock any type of file, such as binary or executable ones. The app traces locking protection that system files often employ in order to terminate processes and force its release so you can delete, move, or rename files freely.

Another excellent feature of this tool is that it will detect any malicious antivirus software using the file you want to edit, as well as identify and eliminate ransomware from affected files. Keep in mind, however, that not all types of anti-virus software will be compatible with the program.

Unlocker is a lightweight and straightforward application designed to unlock any file on your Windows computer, including error messages that indicate they’re currently being used by another application. Both an installer and portable version are available; with the former having been identified by Defender as potential PUA software; while its successor appears safe.

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