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Candy Crush Saga is a mobile puzzle game which involves swapping colored candy pieces to line up three in a row. There are various power-ups, including striped candies that clear rows and columns or bombs which destroy all candy of one color.

Each level features an objective, such as reaching a certain score or clearing all jelly, and players can purchase gold bars with real money to buy extra lives and other perks.


Candy Crush Saga is an engaging puzzle game that demands strategic thinking and planning to succeed at each level. Players move colored candy pieces across a game board by swapping horizontally or vertically until three or more candy pieces align, then swap them horizontally or vertically to form matches of three or more for maximum points and power-ups. Matching five candy pieces simultaneously activates a special Candy Crush effect for bonus points and power-ups!

Each level presents the player with a specific goal they must accomplish within a limited number of moves, typically clearing as many rows and columns of candy as possible. Some levels also feature obstacles like jelly-filled squares that must be cleared away before reaching your goals can be realized. Furthermore, new candy types need more thought and planning in order to utilize effectively.

This game is free to play, though players can make in-app purchases such as buying extra lives that automatically regenerate after a specific amount of time; these additional lives can only be purchased at once and limited numbers can be bought per transaction.

Candy Crush Saga can be enjoyed on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. The game’s interface is user-friendly, featuring the main menu and controls located in the upper-left corner of the screen, and players can select their level by either tapping on its name from within the main menu or tapping the Play button located at the bottom.

Candy Crush Saga contains plenty of in-game advertising, but players can turn off this advertising by changing the settings. Furthermore, players may choose to display a warning before making in-app purchases to prevent accidental purchases and Candy Crush Saga also provides tutorials for each level that may prove helpful for novice players.

Game mechanics

Candy Crush Saga is one of the most beloved mobile games ever developed. Its gameplay requires players to swap candies into rows or columns of three or more candies in order to advance. As players progress, challenges increase in difficulty. Each level has different goals that must be completed to progress further in the game – keeping things fresh and interesting!

This game employs several core psychological principles to engage players and keep them coming back for more. These include using Beginner’s Luck (Game Technique #23) in its early levels to make them easy for beginners. Furthermore, five lives are assigned at default with 30 minutes between lives regeneration – creating an urgent feeling as you search for extra ones or purchase them with gold; or waiting patiently until their turn comes again – which keeps players playing! This creates both urgency and impatience that keeps the player playing!

Candy Crush Saga makes use of Social Treasures (Game Technique #63). These bonuses allow users to send gifts directly to their friends without incurring costs and reward them with extra moves or other advantages; many are hooked on this aspect alone! These gifts have played a critical role in keeping many people hooked on Candy Crush Saga for so long.

Candy Crush Saga offers multiple game modes that require players to think differently and employ different strategies; for instance, Jelly levels do not use the same tactic as Ingredients or Candy Order levels. Furthermore, boosters can be activated prior to or during levels for an added advantage.


Five years after its debut, Candy Crush Saga remains one of the top grossing and most-played mobile apps. This success can be attributed to both its engaging gameplay and quirky characters as well as its captivating story arc that follows Tiffi through delicious lands where she meets unique animals such as polar bears and jelly fish to fight off mischievous Bubblegum Troll.

Tiffi’s adventures are divided into 142 episodes, each set in its own world and offering its own storyline. Most episodes focus on Tiffi assisting some citizen of Candy Kingdom with an issue, which will then be resolved at the end of a level; this unique aspect has helped set this game apart from others on the market.

Every episode features its own distinct type of level. Jelly Levels are the most common, where players must drop Jelly Squares onto the bottom of the screen (and often combine them). Score and Moves Levels require earning a specific score before any moves have expired; these basic levels were gradually phased out from 2021 forward. Ingredient Levels were initially popular but eventually made way for Dragons by March of 2023.

Other level types include Portals, which warp candies from one side of the board to the other. This is a staple feature in later levels; Ice Cream and Soda Geysers may also appear. Delicious Dynasty was the first episode to utilize Ice Cream Cones as boosters; other boosters have made one-off appearances including Lollipop Hammers and Gummi Dragons.


Candy Crush Saga is an easy mobile game to learn and play, but can be challenging to master. Levels can become punishingly complex and buying boosters can be expensive; therefore players should carefully consider all their options before investing any real money into this title. Although there may be services online offering free lives or allowing users to skip Candy Crush levels, avoid any services offering such promises as King may ban an account for engaging in any suspicious activities.

Candy Crush Saga Challenges offer players an exciting way to compete against other players for rewards in competition with up to 10 others each day, and the one who wins each challenge will receive either boosters or gold bars as their prize!

Each challenge lasts two minutes, and teams have two minutes to create as many candy matches as they can within that period. Certain special candies provide extra time bonuses; for instance, matching three candies yields five extra seconds, and four candies will extend this by 10 seconds more!

Players in Candy Crush Saga can utilize special candies to help clear more challenging areas of the board, and create massive combos by combining special candies. Doing this will allow them to overcome more challenging levels while earning more points; but be wary when using special candies as overkill is possible with their use. It is also essential to think ahead about board layout when matching candies; for instance if there are jellies or threats in the center of the screen players should think how special candies can be created quickly to clear them.


Candy Crush Saga, created by King, is a puzzle game available on Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Amazon Fire OS devices. Players match coloured sweets by swiping and matching to make them vanish from the screen; each level contains goals to meet within a set number of moves – the game is free but some items require payment to unlock!

Candy Crush Saga has over 2.7 billion downloads and is one of the most-played mobile games ever. King Digital Entertainment, who developed and made billions from this free-to-play model. An estimated daily audience of approximately 93 Million plays the game and generates approximately $800,000.000 daily revenue through players purchasing boosters and extra lives.

Candy Crush Saga follows the tradition of other match-3 puzzle games by asking players to line up three or more candies either horizontally or vertically in a line, before disappearing off screen leaving space for new candies to appear. At times special power-ups may appear that assist you in reaching new levels – these might include an explosive color bomb that destroys all matching candies on board or swapping two candies that don’t match with one another for example.

The game is highly engaging and can keep players engrossed for hours at a time, making it perfect for quick breaks or longer distractions. Unfortunately, however, older devices may struggle with it, so upgrading may be beneficial in this instance. It would also be advisable to store your phone somewhere safe so as not to accidentally hit its power button when playing this game.

Candy Crush Saga Download

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