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Ashampoo Snap

Ashampoo Snap makes taking pictures and videos a magical experience. Anything on your screen is reliably captured with intelligent settings while its integrated editor handles post processing and file management seamlessly. Plus, with convenience features like auto-numbering and tools for comments, shapes, arrows and cliparts – your message can be conveyed visually while remaining stylish!

Capture anything on your screen

Ashampoo Snap is an impressive program that makes capturing anything on your screen effortless. Equipped with all of the essential tools necessary for taking screenshots or recording video, as well as other helpful features that make them more meaningful. Auto-numbering features, comments and cliparts help simplify visual explanation of complex topics easily.

Use various capture modes tailored for specific scenarios, including single window captures, primary or all monitor captures, rectangular regions and scrolling areas – perfect for creating tutorials and instructional videos! With this tool you can capture specific areas without dealing with complex settings or numerous buttons – to quickly get the exact image that you require. Record voiceovers directly with each image capture for even greater flexibility when creating tutorials or instructional videos!

One of the more interesting tools included with this package is a time-lapse mode, enabling you to take regular pictures or videos at regular intervals for creating a time-lapse effect that shows things such as building construction or plant growth. Another great feature in this program is being able to highlight certain parts of an image using custom colors or text highlights quickly get the attention of your audience.

Text and drawings can make your captures more meaningful and easier to comprehend; our brains process and recall information embedded into pictures faster than plain text. You could even add arrows and stamps to highlight specific details or draw the attention of your audience.

Last but not least, you can also use this software to easily create animated GIFs. It features a handy cropping tool which automatically resizes images for saving in any file format you like – JPG, PNG, WEBP PSD Snapdoc are just a few to name. Furthermore, 4K resolution support provides maximum quality.

Edit live recordings

Ashampoo Snap goes beyond Microsoft’s Snipping Tool to provide advanced screen capture features such as annotation and sharing features with its screen capture software, including scrolling windows, freehand or rectangular regions, timed captures at custom intervals (every x seconds/minutes), editing processing features as well as timer captures at custom intervals – ideal for video productions, tutorials, presentations or recording gameplay!

Capture any application window with one click and use the multi-purpose editor to quickly add comments, arrows or shapes to emphasize key passages. Our OCR supports seven world languages and quickly turns text objects into editable computer text at the press of a button – an especially handy feature when it comes to turning screenshots or recordings into digital documents that can be read easily by computers.

Video clipping can be an extremely helpful feature when creating tutorials or presentations, enabling you to quickly remove unnecessary scenes such as ads, extra steps or any unnecessary pauses from recordings. Furthermore, this program can convert any video into a GIF animation – perfect for sharing on social media!

Ashampoo Snap offers a comprehensive catalogue for storing all captured images and videos, making it simple to access any file created over time with just a few clicks. In addition, any image or video captured with Ashampoo Snap can be exported as image/video files to popular online and cloud services including Ashampoo Webspace.

Ashampoo Snap has an easy and intuitive user interface that enables all skill levels to use its features easily, with help available in form of FAQs and responsive email support. Furthermore, users can take advantage of an extended free trial version so they can test out their product prior to making their decision on purchasing it.

Share your files across all popular online and cloud services

Ashampoo Snap is a high-end software solution designed to make it simple and straightforward for users to capture images and videos with pinpoint precision. The app offers numerous tools to facilitate creating custom video tutorials and screen recordings as well as capture webcam footage or streaming media as well as modify screenshots using powerful image editing features.

The program also offers various functions for annotating and enhancing captured content with text, shapes, arrows, comments and more – perfect for creating more meaningful and visually engaging documentations and tutorials. For instance, mouse clicks can be visualized while key strokes added as watermarks prevent copyright infringement. Captured files can then be shared across popular online and cloud services or alternatively uploaded directly using Ashampoo Web service instantly for immediate sharing and upload.

Ashampoo Snap provides extensive image and video editing features, but also offers various capture and sharing tools for your work. You can create customized capture widgets, add text overlays, record audio directly from the microphone or capture screenshots directly into Ashampoo Snap’s file format library of PNG, JPG and BMP images as well as MP4, AVI WMV MOV video files for editing.

Ashampoo Snap can also be used to capture rectangular or fixed regions on your desktop as well as specific windows or programs, if working with multiple monitors. Furthermore, you can select which monitor is your primary monitor when working with multiple displays; record audio from speakers or microphone; choose between on-the-fly encoding and disk cache encoding for on-the-fly encoding; as well as an array of video trimming and transition options available within this software.

Another useful feature is the ability to quickly and concisely demonstrate processes or actions with small animated GIFs made from any movie clip. This feature comes especially in handy if you need to demonstrate specific processes or actions quickly and concisely.

Ashampoo Snap is an outstanding screen capture and recording software solution at an outstanding value for money. Its ease of use, compatibility with most operating systems and superb technical support–including knowledge bases, FAQs and email assistance – make this software highly recommended.

Save your images and videos

No matter if it be work related or at home, visual aids can add great value to many tasks. Proposals, discussions and explanations all become much more impactful when supported with images and videos. Ashampoo Snap allows you to quickly and easily create visual aids using photos or videos; then further customize them with comments, drawings or text annotations for maximum efficiency.

Capturing anything on your screen has never been simpler thanks to multiple modes and customizable hotkeys, making screen capture a straightforward process. Capture windows, regions or scrolling content pixel-perfectly using this program which also supports multi-display setups and features an inbuilt mechanism for editing video files real time.

This software offers a range of image editing features and supports all popular file formats. You can crop, flip, rotate or resize images as desired while applying effects such as blurring or sharpening is also easy with this tool. Furthermore, drawing with mouse cursor and applying color gradients to your creations are both possible using this software.

Sharing your finished creations has never been simpler with Ashampoo Web service! This online sharing portal hosts all uploaded media for up to one month and can be accessed from anywhere with an Internet connection, and also allows for download and local saving of image files or PDF documents.

Ashampoo Snap can also automatically upload screenshots and video recordings directly into Dropbox or Google Drive accounts; additionally it works with popular cloud services like OneDrive and Evernote.

Ashampoo Snap is an impressive piece of software for quickly and efficiently capturing, editing and sharing any kind of image or video. It offers comprehensive support with regular updates to keep pace with modern image workflow. Overall, Ashampoo Snap provides users with everything they need to work more efficiently with images.

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