CCleaner Review


CCleaner can clean unused files, optimize settings and free up space on your PC. Additionally, it freezes resource-hogging applications while updating software drivers to optimize performance and battery life.

Recently, the company caused confusion and controversy when they implemented a feature that collected user’s computer data – this included names, MAC addresses and installed software.

It cleans your PC

CCleaner is an application that helps keep your computer clean by clearing away junk files, cookies and invalid Windows Registry keys as well as any unnecessary data that slows it down. Furthermore, this program helps safeguard against malware infections by clearing away temporary files that eat up disk space as well as searching for any potentially dangerous programs on the system. Furthermore, it can even assist when troubleshooting PC issues arises.

CCleaner differs from many PC cleaners by not requiring administrative rights for it to operate, making its default settings suitable for most users. If you wish to make additional adjustments, however, the Options area offers plenty of customisation possibilities; such as disabling specific applications that launch when your machine boots up; however it would be wiser not to play around too much with this part of the software unless you know exactly what you’re doing as this could lead to system stability issues if any processes that are essential to its running successfully may get deleted by mistake – be wary!

For more advanced users, CCleaner provides a Custom Clean option that analyzes both your computer and third-party applications, searching for duplicate files to delete. In a test using Windows 10 PCs, this software freed up an impressive 1.9GB in storage space – an amount which could significantly increase performance on older devices.

Disk Analyzer is another helpful feature, which allows you to identify which files are consuming the most space on your hard drive. This can be especially helpful if your storage capacity has become limited and/or you need more room for downloads; plus it saves you time by automatically deleting cache files no longer required.

In September 2017, cybercriminals compromised an old 32-bit version of CCleaner and turned it into malware that steals user data from computers. Although this was concerning, Avast quickly suspended future releases and started checking all previous versions for suspicious modifications to ensure users remained protected from potential danger.

It protects your privacy

Piriform has created free software called CCleaner to clean up computers and protect user privacy, and has been downloaded over two billion times globally. While safe to use and won’t harm your system, some applications might experience issues as a result, so take care when using this program.

CCleaner is not only useful for cleaning your computer; it can also be a valuable resource in managing startup programs and optimizing system performance. Furthermore, it features an uninstaller/startup manager combination which can improve PC bootup time; detect security issues such as outdated browser plugins; remove malware; prevent future attacks by deleting malicious files/processes and prevent future infections by deleting malware files; detect potential security threats by deleting malware files/processes; uninstall/uninstall software as well as fixing them; malware removal from within systems can prevent future attacks by deleting malicious files/processes – as well as features to remove malware/protect against future attacks by deleting malicious files/processes; remove malware/protect against future attacks by deleting any malicious files/processes/files/processes/processes as well as provide uninstallation/uninstallation capability and improve PC bootup time/bootup time issues such as outdated browser plugins/processes/processes etc; all these capabilities allow CCleaner is an invaluable tool to detect/fix any potential security threats such as outdated browser plugins/processes/processes or processes/processes which might exist within systems such as these tools from within systems/compare all these tools/managing system processes/ processes/processes etc… /processes etc reducing attacks through processes/processes etc, uninstallers/ startup managers which would help improve bootup time! In addition, detect/software.

In 2017, hackers managed to compromise CCleaner software, dispersing an infected version to millions of users worldwide. While this event was alarming, its developer quickly responded with a new version that was safe from malware infection.

The CCleaner hack was particularly disturbing as its malware could collect personal and computer activity data and transmit it back to a third-party server in the US for transmission back out. Criminals could then exploit this data for financial gain or steal sensitive tech company information using sophisticated techniques that were discovered by cybersecurity firm Morphisec and later removed from CCleaner website.

Microsoft Windows Defender began flagging the free version of CCleaner as potentially unwanted due to the large number of third-party applications installed automatically by default on it. But days later, Piriform issued an update and now third-party installation is optional on CCleaner for free users. Overall, despite initial controversy, CCleaner remains an effective way of optimizing Windows PC performance and protecting privacy – just remember to stay current with antivirus software and run full system scans regularly in order to avoid potential infections on your system!

It boosts your PC’s performance

No matter if it’s an old or new PC, sometimes its performance can feel diminished. This could be caused by too many apps or items being installed that require memory resources or take too long to boot up, or simply by too many programs running at startup – however there are ways you can improve its performance: one such way being using CCleaner which removes junk files and stops programs running automatically at startup while speeding up internet connection speeds.

CCleaner searches your hard drive for files it deems unnecessary and removes them from Internet cache, browsing history, temporary file folders and recycle bin. Furthermore, it offers various security features aimed at eliminating spyware/adware while monitoring online privacy.

CCleaner goes beyond providing cleanup and optimization tools by also helping manage apps, monitor system issues, and delete old software that might slow down your computer. Its process management feature lets you monitor CPU/RAM usage while its disk analyzer identifies space-hogging activities on disk. Plus it has features to delete old software which could slow your PC.

You can use the free version of CCleaner to remove junk files, optimize PC performance and protect privacy. But for maximum functionality you’ll need the Pro version that includes registry cleaner, disk analyzer and malware scanner among many other features.

Use of CCleaner can improve the performance of your PC, make starting up and shutting down easier, decrease cyber attack risk and help reduce system crashes while preventing hardware problems. Furthermore, this tool can save money on power bills as well as extend its lifespan while improving visuals, sound and Internet connectivity – not forgetting reducing visual bugs as well as cyber security risks!

It’s easy to use

CCleaner is one of the world’s most beloved optimization tools. Created by Piriform and downloaded over two billion times since 2008, over five million desktop users regularly utilize this program that promises to protect privacy by clearing away digital clutter from their systems while eliminating digital clutter altogether. Furthermore, this tool also warns about malicious programs while offering secure server downloads of latest versions for software updates.

CCleaner features an intuitive user interface, making it simple and straightforward for anyone to understand and navigate. Its components include Easy Clean, Custom Clean, Registry Cleanup and Tools (which includes utilities like duplicate finder and disk analyzer). Furthermore, you can monitor system performance as well as free up space using this software.

Most of us leave temporary files behind on our devices, which can consume storage space and slow performance and speed. CCleaner can help clear away these unwanted files to improve device performance and speed, along with clearing away browser history, cookies and autofill data for privacy protection online.

CCleaner can also help speed up your PC by cleaning out applications that automatically launch when Windows boots up, helping prevent apps from running in the background and eating up memory, which could otherwise slow it down. You can edit the list of applications that start when Windows loads and remove any entries you no longer require.

CCleaner can do much more than clean your PC; it can detect and fix driver-related issues as well. It scans for outdated or missing drivers on devices connected to a secure server, downloading new versions automatically – especially helpful if using older PCs with outdated drivers.

CCleaner comes in various versions, including one portable version which runs directly off a USB drive. You can try it for free but must provide some basic customer information and an email address valid to access any advanced features. You may purchase a license to unlock these additional capabilities.

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