CDBurnerXP Review

CD burners have opened up an exciting world of opportunities for home computer users. They allow users to record music-mix CDs that play in most CD players or create CD-ROMs containing pictures, Web pages and movies that can then be listened to on most CD players.

CDBurnerXP is an outstanding free program on Windows that provides comprehensive audio/data CD burning support.


CDBurnerXP stands out as one of the premier disc burning programs with an intuitive user interface designed for burning data to optical media. Furthermore, this program supports numerous customization options – users can select their default language of CDBurnerXP, set the location for temporary files, enable event messages and configure other settings such as file system support and recording speed among many others.

CDBurnerXP is an efficient application designed to work well on most modern Windows systems. It allows users to burn DVDs and Blu-ray discs, create ISO images, erase rewritable media and record multiple sessions before booting discs if necessary. After burning has completed successfully, verification can take place so the data burned was verified successfully before verification occurs on completed discs. Moreover, audio files such as MP3, 16-Bit Wav Format (WAV), Ogg File Formats can also be imported while supporting Replay Gain (an audio normalization standard that helps maintain consistent volume levels).

CDBurnerXP is an intuitive program, suitable for novice and expert users alike. The graphical user interface resembles Explorer for easy navigation and use. Furthermore, drag-and-drop support enables users to select files or folders to be burned to CD or DVD media and makes CDBurnerXP an excellent solution to safeguard important documents on computer systems from accidental loss or corruption.

Though CDBurnerXP is one of the premier CD burning software programs, it does have some drawbacks. Most notably, you cannot record video onto disc – a common feature in many other programs – nor is its tool user-friendly; therefore, its help option may prove helpful in getting acquainted with its features and getting you up and running efficiently.

At you can download a portable freeware version of CDBurnerXP that requires no installation and runs directly off a memory stick or external storage device. This version offers all of its essential tools while being small enough to run on virtually any modern Windows system.


The program’s main window may look disorganized at first glance, with too many buttons that may confuse users, but users should quickly understand what each button does. Furthermore, you can switch into file explorer-like mode where files can be “dragged and dropped.” This feature makes selecting data to burn onto CD/DVD easier than ever!

If you’re creating a data disc, you have several choices when it comes to choosing which file system (UDF, ISO 9660 or Joliet) and settings you would like. Additionally, you can select how many copies are needed as well as double-check your burning options before beginning. When burning music CDs you have additional options like adding Cue sheets for automatic track splitting as well as choosing how many songs per CD as well as whether gapless playback is desired.

Once you’ve selected all of the details for your burning project, click the Burn button to get things underway. A progress bar will show while the application works; when your disc has finished burning you’ll be able to test that it worked by playing it back using any typical player.

Copying CD or DVD recordings onto blank media is also a useful feature, providing backup copies of your recordings for safekeeping. This process works similarly to burning a new disc; just take note that it takes longer.

CDBurnerXP Portable provides all of the same capabilities of its regular counterpart but in a much smaller package that can be run from any computer without installation. It can burn data, audio and ISO image files as well as copy discs all from memory sticks without leaving traces on host machines.

This portable version is an ideal solution for anyone who needs to bring their recording tool with them on the move. It is user-friendly, providing vital backup should an emergency arise while away from their PC.

Burning options

Frequent users of CD burners might not need a software application like CDBurnerXP to burn media files onto disc, but those who don’t might find one useful in order to burn files onto disc. CDBurnerXP provides such an alternative with its simple step-by-step process that guides users through burning various data and audio files onto disc. Furthermore, this program can create ISO images, burn DVDs/Blu-rays as well as perform other tasks.

For instance, to create an MP3 CD compilation, a user is guided through a process in which they choose which files to include and what name to give their compilation disc. After choosing their files and choosing their name for their disc, the program shows how much space will be necessary on the disc and automatically adds files for CD cases or cases with slim designs (if available) before showing how much of each space remains on each one. It can even print covers for standard, slim CD, or DVD cases (depending on image availability).

A user who wishes to create a Video DVD that will play on a DVD player must follow a slightly different process. They need to set a disc name, direct their software program to where their.vob or.ifo file resides, select their required copies and double-check burn options before proceeding with creation.

One alternative option available to users is forcing the program to burn discs in Session at Once mode, which is useful when recording movies onto one disc. While this will use up more disc space than Track at Once mode due to overhead costs such as system space and path tables, its end result will provide much smoother playback of finished products.

CDBurnerXP also allows users to create ISO images of CD/DVD contents, making this program useful if you need an emergency copy or need a backup of an important disc. In addition, this program features support for multiple languages and multilingual interface, built-in media player support and can convert between various audio formats. Furthermore, a portable version is also available that runs directly off USB drive without leaving traces behind on host computer systems.


CD burners offer computer users endless possibilities. By using these devices, users can create music CDs that will play on any standard CD player; as well as discs containing photos, Web pages or movies. They can even be used to securely record information.

When selecting CD burning software, carefully consider which formats and features will meet your needs. Aim for something straightforward that won’t consume too much memory on your computer; verifying data after burning should be straightforward with tools for backup as well. Some programs even come equipped with built-in audio players so you can preview what the final CD will look like!

Some of the top CD burning software programs may be more complex than others, making them better suited to professional use. Nero Burning ROM offers advanced features and is compatible with almost every type of DVD and Blu-ray drive; furthermore, audio enhancements and filters help improve sound quality; additional helpful features include adjustable data redundancy protection with password protection as well as 256-bit encryption capabilities.

Express Burn from NCH Software is another fantastic CD burner available, boasting one of the fastest disc-burning processes and featuring many helpful features for both novices and professionals. With its lightning-fast disc-burning process and wide array of formats supported (including Blu-ray), as well as its host of DVD authoring tools and menu templates to make discs look professional – Express Burn is truly worth consideration when considering CD burning software options.

Free CD burner software programs may be an ideal starting point for beginners. However, keep in mind that they do not typically provide as many features as paid software such as CDBurnerXP and DeepBurner. Among other free options is ImgBurn which also comes highly recommended.

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