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Cemu Emulator

Cemu is an emulator designed to let you enjoy Wii U games on PC, supporting various controllers including Wii Remotes, Xbox and PlayStation controllers as well as Amiibo figurines that unlock content within games.

As this emulator is still under development, some games may not run perfectly; however, it can run popular titles such as Mario 3D World and Captain Toad Treasure Tracker at high resolutions.


Cemu is an emulator designed to emulate Wii U games on PCs, supporting numerous disc image file formats – including encrypted ones – as well as gamepads, pro controllers, classic Wii Remotes and keyboard input. Furthermore, Cemu emulates Nintendo Amiibo figurines used for unlocking content within certain games (though not as accurately).

At its core, this emulator supports most modern PCs at full resolution while running most modern games at full resolution and smooth gameplay. Furthermore, high-performance models may deliver even higher frame rates and smoother gameplay experience. Furthermore, the emulator supports various video outputs from 480p up to 4K which can be configured automatically depending on screen size or resolution for seamless playback.

Since 2011, the emulator has made great strides forward and achieved exceptional results with complex titles such as Super Mario 3D World and Captain Toad Treasure Tracker, among others. One key improvement is using GPU native support for sprites for more precise control over their behavior; another major change includes having the option between OpenGL and Vulkan graphics APIs to optimize performance on some systems.

Developers of the emulator have also enhanced shader emulation and texture/depth/color buffer management, and implemented fixes for CPU timing and thread synchronization. Additional updates include a new controller configuration system UI/system; support for XInput/gyro controls via mouse; as well as various bug fixes/performance improvements related to games like Bayonetta 2 and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Start off by installing a game dump for your Wii U (or 3DS). Depending on your console, this can be accomplished either using official Nintendo software or third-party tools like NUSGrabber, FunKiiU or UWizard to extract it from the device and using File Load to put it in its appropriate directory for loading your version of the game. Or alternatively you could download transferable shader caches instead – these can be found online and then renamed accordingly to match up with its ID for faster gameplay start times!


Cemu – Wii U Emulator on Windows PC provides users with the opportunity to play handheld console video games directly on their computer. Compatible with modern Windows operating systems and offering high-definition graphics and gamepad support. Furthermore, graphic packs may be downloaded for added visual enhancements.

This emulator supports most of the Nintendo Wii U library as well as homebrew and third-party software, as well as homebrew. You can use either a mouse or external touchpad with it; and most features of the gamepad including touchscreen functionality and motion controls are supported. Furthermore, some titles can run in 4K resolution with regular updates from its developer to ensure accuracy and compatibility for each new release.

One of the hallmarks of an emulator is its automatic updates feature, which downloads and installs patches and drivers at set intervals to keep your system at peak performance and avoid compatibility issues with games or hardware configurations. Furthermore, this database keeps an eye on changes within the emulator so as to automatically download any necessary updates specific to your computer configuration.

This emulator can be easily downloaded for free on any Windows PC, with either 64-bit or 32-bit versions available for use. Compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 10 as well as most modern 64-bit processors, donations to help fund its continued development are accepted; its current version (1.26.2) can be found on its developer’s website – further updates should continue to improve performance as time progresses.


Cemu Emulator is a PC program that enables you to enjoy games designed for Nintendo Switch and Wii U gaming consoles on your computer. This emulator software runs smoothly on 64-bit machines and supports 4K quality games if your system can handle it. At minimum requirements for running a game on Cemu Emulator are an Intel dual-core processor with at least 4 GB RAM; additionally you will require a graphics card supporting Vulkan API for compatibility.

Cemu’s latest version, 1.12.0, provides several performance upgrades and support for new GPUs; however, it still lacks user friendliness compared to Dolphin or N64 emulators and requires additional steps for installation and configuration. You’ll need two programs called Mouse2Joystick from Github (free) and vJoystick from Steam (purchaseable) that enable mouse/keyboard control of Cemu; once these have been downloaded and installed on your PC they must be configured appropriately in order for it to function optimally with both applications properly on PC.

Once that’s completed, you can begin playing games on your Switch. Unfortunately, however, the Wii U controller emulation isn’t very good; you may experience lag when using them; however there are workarounds that can solve these issues.

Apart from these issues, using an emulator involves other considerations. For instance, to play games on it you’ll need to rip them first – there are various methods available, but one common tool called DDD Title Dumper may help with this process; it will dump all the game’s data to a file on your computer; these files usually don’t take up too much space either!

Keep in mind that Cemu graphical packs may not always be current; to stay on the cutting edge, check the official website regularly for updates and bug fixes.

Make sure your games look their best by making use of the “Options -> General Settings -> Graphics” tab. Here, you can select either OpenGL or Vulkan as your graphics API, along with other settings such as screen ratio and upscaling/downscaling methods.

Final Words

Cemu Wii U emulator is a piece of free software that enables gamers to enjoy Nintendo Wii U games on PCs, without the need for physical consoles or emulators. For optimal performance it requires a powerful PC with an excellent graphics card; and works smoothly across many screen resolutions (even 4K quality!). Recently the developer of this highly experimental software released an update bringing performance updates, improved game compatibility (StarFox Zero and Nintendoland work again!), easier audio debugging tools, softdec video support, softdec video support – plus much more.

The latest version of the software also improves framerates by decreasing shader compiling time, which will significantly decrease stuttering and make gaming much smoother for gamers. As it continues to get better, some of the most demanding games can already run at 1080p/60fps! Furthermore, graphic settings can be adjusted freely so gamers can manipulate features such as resolution, anti-aliasing and shading as they please.

Cemu’s latest release not only improves performance but also resolves several bugs. These include issues where voices were being overshadowed by louder music tracks during cut scenes and when selecting manual from in-game menu caused game softlocking; as well as FrontierNav background page not displaying properly when selected and pressing X button during gameplay launched the Change Time menu instead.

Exzap’s software has also undergone significant development with regard to support for Linux, an impressive feat considering it had only ever been available on Windows until this release. Gamers should be able to use it with Steam Deck and other gaming devices powered by Linux-powered operating systems; furthermore, Exzap hopes this new release will inspire other developers to join his project, for which he had been solely responsible during most of its lifespan.

Even with these advancements, it remains crucial that game ROMs be backed up prior to using an emulator. Storing backups in multiple locations will ensure your data will not be lost should something go amiss with your computer or you unknowingly install incorrect software. Furthermore, users should ensure they run the latest version of software so as to avoid compatibility issues.

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