Cerberus FTP Server

Cerberus FTP Server

Cerberus FTP Server provides businesses of all sizes with an advanced file transfer solution, offering secure SFTP, FTP/S and HTTP/S web client access and automated file management features such as encryption and automation.

Selecting this option will create a limited privilege Windows account for Cerberus FTP Server service to run under. This approach is highly recommended in Windows Domain environments.


Cerberus FTP Server is a secure file transfer solution developed to meet the demands of IT professionals from industries that demand significant security. Users can securely transfer files using popular file transfer protocols like FTP/FTPS, SFTP, HTTP and SCP; its features include a set of integrity and security tools as well as support for international languages – making this server suitable as an on-premises file transfer server.

HIPAA compliant and offering two-factor authentication, FIPS 140-2 validated and SSL encryption are just a few features of this system that make it ideal. In addition, this system includes whitelist/backlist capabilities as well as automatic account lockout features for added protection and account lockout protection. Furthermore, organizations can create virtual directories and customize user accounts in the system while enjoying ad hoc file sharing with event support – perfect for Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware ESX servers!

This on-premises file transfer system gives administrators control over file and connection access while providing audit trails of all transfer activity. With automatic logging of commands and file accesses to help track user activity. Furthermore, its statistics database keeps tabs on connections and transfers while its Report Manager makes reports more easily generated than ever. Furthermore, advanced options like rolling log files with configurable size limits as well as Syslog integration are included as part of its advanced logging features.

Users can sign in via built-in users and groups, Active Directory/LDAP authentication or public key authentication. Its multi-layered security includes controllable authentication chaining to allow administrators to manage login requirements more effectively; as well as supporting granular permissions on both directories and files. Administrators may restrict specific ciphers/bit strengths/protocols by protocol while simultaneously managing simultaneous connections per user.

Professional, Enterprise and Enterprise Plus editions of this software are all available, with the latter two offering basic automation and security while the former two provide more extensive automation and are more secure. In addition, all three editions include a 30-day free trial period and flexible licensing and pricing plans to suit every organization’s individual needs.


Cerberus FTP Server provides secure and reliable file transfer capabilities for IT professionals who prioritize security. Supported protocols include SFTP, FTP/S, HTTP/S, Active Directory authentication/LDAP support and native x64 support with its comprehensive set of integrity/security features as well as user-friendly management for access control over files/operations.

Boeing, NASA, Microsoft, Intel and HP rely on our secure file transfer server technology. Available in three editions including Professional (secure file transfer server for Windows: $999), Enterprise Plus – enhanced automation and security: $2,499.99 and mission critical performance at $4,999.99 all editions include support and software updates.

This tool offers an innovative monitoring and alerting system, providing real-time management of data movement and performance, helping businesses identify threats before they happen, providing comprehensive reports on business decisions made with this data, automating repetitive tasks for increased productivity and sharing large files between partners, clients and colleagues.

Other reviewers seem confused that FTP Server allows for creating virtual directories versus traditional FTP servers which only offer one root and force you to store everything there at once. This gives more control and flexibility in setting up your server to your requirements.

Cuspera collected 1716 insights from buyers and buying teams, peer reviews, customer case studies, testimonials, expert opinions and vendor installation data to gauge how effectively Cerberus FTP Server meets specific business needs. As an extremely flexible, customizable and scalable tool that helps organizations of any size achieve their goals more quickly; easy installation/maintenance on any operating system; powerful features/intuitive interface making this FTP Server the ideal choice for any organization.


On your first launch of Cerberus FTP Server, the Getting Started Wizard will assist in setting up your server so clients can connect. It automatically configures itself so as to accept FTP, FTPS, and SSH SFTP connections from clients.

The Getting Started Wizard will also assist in creating and ordering your SSL Certificate through DigiCert, whether that be through our convenient Console tool or our CSR Generation tool.

Once the Getting Started Wizard has been completed, an unprivileged local computer account called Cerberus FTP Service will be created with credentials of ‘Cerberus”. You may opt to keep this as the default or change it using the options in the dialog box – some Windows domain environments require services run under specific accounts for security purposes.

Within this dialog box, you must provide details about your organization such as its legal name and address, the department responsible for IT within your organization (if applicable), and where your company is legally registered. Additionally, please provide a valid email address as it will serve as the main point of contact when renewing or issuing certificates.

Your business requirements will determine which licensing option best meets them. If you select “For Personal, Home Use Only,” however, only five simultaneous FTP and FTPS connections can be supported simultaneously and users will see a message stating the server runs as Home Edition.

Once you’ve selected your license option, the Network Setup page awaits. If your system features a proxy server, select whether Cerberus FTP Server should attempt to detect your public IP address for passive data connections from clients and specify a proxy host name here. You may also create an initial anonymous user which will allow customers to download or upload files without being required to log in or have passwords.


Your organization must use secure file transfer protocols like FTP, FTPS, SFTP or HTTPS in order to protect all the data being transmitted between servers. One effective means is using Secure Socket Layer (SSL). SSL creates a safe channel between server and client and helps safeguard any sensitive financial services data or card payment-related data that must remain private during transmission.

Cerberus FTP Server was designed with security in mind, and provides numerous features that can help better secure your files – including IP auto-banning, two-factor authentication (2FA), and more.

Cerberus FTP Server uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to encrypt all traffic between itself and clients, protecting all information such as login credentials, user accounts and file transfers in transit. Furthermore, SSL can also be used to secure connections via web browsers or other applications that support SSL.

Protecting users with strong passwords is one of the key components to improving security vulnerabilities. Establishing and reinforcing robust password policies and regularly reminding users about its importance will significantly lower risks associated with compromised accounts and data theft. Furthermore, Security Policy management settings offer password expiration policies which notify native user accounts when their passwords are close to expiring automatically.

Cerberus FTP Server’s Security Policy Management gives you another layer of protection by enabling two-factor authentication (2FA). This prevents unauthorised users from accessing your files by forcing them to verify their identities before being permitted to log in.

Cerberus FTP Server also features several tools designed to protect against Denial of Service attacks, including its IP Manager Auto-Blocking feature which detects any connection attempts that exceed an administrator-set threshold and blocks their source IP address – this can help limit services that repeatedly probe for vulnerabilities and tie up servers by using multiple connections at once.

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