Clash of Clans Raiding Tips

Clash of Clans hit mobile gaming at an inflection point when free-to-play titles began incorporating social and multiplayer elements, turning it into an almost social networking app, with players forming clans and giving troops to one another.

This game also pits clans against one another in war, with the winning clan receiving loot as rewards – features which have attracted millions of players worldwide.


Clash of Clans is a free-to-play strategy video game that lets players design and defend their village. They can form clans to attack other villages, collect resources for upgrading buildings, as well as gain gems – the game’s in-game currency – through gameplay or in-app purchases.

This game carries a PEGI 7 rating and is appropriate for children of 13 years and over. However, without parental controls in place they could potentially encounter inappropriate content in-game chat function and be subject to any risk that comes with that. Parents should talk to their children about online safety as well as play only with trusted friends to limit this potential danger.

Clans in Clash of Clans are organized into four separate ranks, such as Leader, Co-Leader, Elder, and Member. Each rank offers its own benefits and powers – for instance a Leader can promote any player to Co-Leader status while inviting new members to join. Leaders also start wars with specific targets chosen by them – however if one doesn’t take their duties seriously they could find themselves demoted and lose all leadership responsibilities.

As well as these benefits, each clan’s information screen provides players with additional statistics relating to its town hall level, troop counts, war wins, etc. These details allow players to better track their progress and make informed decisions regarding future strategies.

Players can use gems not only to increase production speeds and upgrade upgrades, but also use gems to strengthen their defences. As players increase the level of their town hall, more defensive troops become available. For optimal results, newer players should focus on creating an even balance of offensive and defensive troops; it is recommended that no more than 10 of each type are deployed at any given time for maximum effectiveness.


Clash of Clans offers players many activities to do, from designing your village and upgrading its buildings, to engaging in epic battles against other players, but the key component of the game remains raiding. Raiding is the perfect way to gain revenge or increase trophy count; just keep these tips in mind before setting out.

Raids provide an opportunity for Clans to test their defenses against another player’s base while earning some extra Capital Gold. On Raid Weekends, those that perform well will be awarded with Raid Medals and Capital Gold; it may not be wise, however, to raid players with higher level characters as this could waste valuable elixir resources.

Raids pit Clans against others with roughly the same building level. Instead of competing directly against one another, raids involve multiple attacks against each different Clan in an effort to 3-Star as many bases as possible.

Raid Weekends will bring Clans together and reward them with Raid Medals and Capital Gold depending on how effective their attacks were, with special incentives given out for 3-Starting Districts and completely destroying enemy Capitals. You can even host District Friendly Challenges within your Clan to test out your District designing skills!

The forthcoming update brings with it some helpful new features designed to make raiding more effective. Hog Riders and Archers can now be combined in a single attack against bases with multiple walls; alternatively, Goblins and Healers can now be deployed collectively against an entire base in mass attacks.

Mistakenly under-deploying troops during raiding is the primary source of reduced attack value and poor trophies totals. To reduce this issue, consider using multiple types of troops such as Healers and Giants; their combined effectiveness outshines that of any single troop type alone, especially when combined with powerful spells.

Attacking other bases

Attacking other players’ bases in Clash of Clans is an enjoyable way to earn Builder Gold and Builder Elixir, as well as gems which can be collected either through gameplay or purchased with in-app purchases. Attacking other bases can be fun but to ensure that your base does not get drawn into an unnecessary battle and lost, it is key that a strong attacking strategy be developed before attacking other bases in the game.

The best way to attack other players’ bases is with a funnel, as this allows for rapid takedown of difficult defenses. This method of attack is especially beneficial against TH 10 bases where most powerful defenses are in the air; one common strategy uses witches, skeletons and bats as fast attack agents against these defenses; afterward you can use balloons and giants against collectors and storage buildings within that base.

Once you’ve attacked another player’s Builder Base, your own defenses will automatically upgrade, giving you access to more Builder Gold and Elixir. Furthermore, live attacks against your Builder Base offer valuable insight into where improvements should be made for improved defensive capabilities.

If you want to prevent other players from attacking your village while you’re away, locking it can help by tapping on the shield icon in the upper-right corner of the screen. This will keep them from attacking while you’re not there; simply unlock it upon return!

Collectors and Mines have limited storage capacities that restrict how much loot can be stolen, while Clan Castles offer far greater potential to loot thieves.

Players with plenty of loot in their Collectors or Mines are at increased risk for attacks from attackers. Emptying collectors too frequently gives attackers another opportunity to steal your resources; similarly, low trophies or collections full of Gold and Elixir are likely targets as well.


Gems in Clash of Clans are an invaluable in-game currency that can help speed up building upgrades and other in-game activities, but you should use them wisely as they’re costly and quickly used up. When purchasing Gems through third-party services it is essential that reputable services are chosen; read online reviews as well as visiting their websites for contact details and privacy policies.

Earning free Gems in-game can be achieved by completing achievements, which reward players for doing certain actions such as unlocking troops or upgrading villages. As more achievements are completed, your tier of achievements increases and you will receive more free gems as rewards. An alternative method of earning Gems free of charge would be joining a clan and competing in Clan War Leagues; these events offer loads of fun while giving participants the chance to win prizes as well as some additional gems!

Use gems strategically in the game can make upgrading your base simpler and make you more competitive in the long run. Be wary of spending gems on non-essential purchases such as shield time; such protection will only provide short term protection to your village and should not be the main goal for upgrading town hall.

Gems can also be put to good use in buying builder huts, which will increase your construction speed and enable you to advance faster through the game. In addition, they help train armies faster while increasing resource production – all available at a relatively modest cost of gems.

Gems can also be used to purchase decorations for your village. Collecting decorations can be exciting and will look fantastic on your screen, with the best place to spend them being the Trader. There you will find good deals on items to enhance your village or personalize the game experience further – plus buy cosmetic items for characters so you can add a more tailored approach to gameplay!

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