Clash Royale Game Review

Clash Royale is a mobile strategy game which pits players head-to-head in battles using cards as summonable units such as archers or giants for which one costs magical energy to summon.

Popularity of the game has given rise to numerous official tournaments with structured formats, rules and prizes. Furthermore, its feature set offers shareable built-in replays as well as a Magic the Gathering-like draft mode.


Clash Royale is a mobile free-to-play strategy game created by Supercell, the makers of Clash of Clans. Featuring fast-paced combat where players build and upgrade decks of cards to take on enemies worldwide. From Crown Towers they spawn troops for real-time battles with opponents across the globe in real-time to destroy each other’s towers while protecting their own.

Official tournaments provide players with an opportunity to compete and win rewards and recognition, with structured formats, rules, prize pools and prize pools making these highly competitive events highly prestigious and sought-after. Furthermore, player-hosted tournaments provide various gameplay options and rewards.

Clash Royale recently unveiled a brand-new card, prompting both excitement and concern among fans. This particular card possesses many special abilities that could drastically change its meta; yet many players worry about its effect on game balance or cycle decks.

Clash Royale features multiple card classes, such as troop, spell and building cards. Each of the card classes have unique strengths and weaknesses and can be leveled up for increased power. Players can unlock higher-tier cards through chest opening or special events; Gold currency can then be used to upgrade existing ones as well.

Gems can be used to speed up levelling up units and unlock new cards, or purchased for real money to purchase additional in-game shop items. Game developers regularly update gameplay with new elements while correcting bugs.

Card decks

Clash Royale is an online strategy game where players create and deploy decks of cards in battle against other players in real-time. Each card possesses distinct attributes like range, hit points, damage per second and attack speed which are essential in crafting winning decks. Furthermore, every card offers special abilities which can be activated upon playing them.

The game’s card decks can be divided into three distinct categories: buildings, troops and spells. Troops consist of infantry and ranged units which can be deployed on either the ground or air to protect buildings against attacks by troops; buildings serve as permanent defensive structures against attack from troops; temporary spells may be cast upon opposing troops or buildings to target opposing players on the battlefield; tower troops are melee/ranged hybrid units created through Crown towers that attack nearby troops – these categories all fall into this broad umbrella category of cards!

When selecting a card deck, it is crucial that it fits with your play style. Some players prefer building beatdown decks while others use control strategies – either way, an effective deck must be capable of quickly attacking its enemies’ towers while dealing out heavy damage quickly.

Card decks also require an ideal mix of troops and spells to be effective. Too much or too few spells will reduce their effectiveness significantly, so beware adding too many or too few to your deck! Ideally, your cards should provide both splash damage and single target damage, which allows troops to be massed together and take out multiple targets simultaneously.

The most recent update in the game introduced several cards that have altered its meta, due to buffs and nerfs which affected certain cards’ powers. Furthermore, four evolveable cards now exist within it allowing for stronger versions of themselves to emerge, creating even greater excitement within gameplay! These exciting additions promise an experience-rich journey.


Players accumulate Elixir points at a rate of one point every two seconds during a match, displayed as a small bar at the bottom of their screens which can only hold 10 at any one time. Each card also has an associated cost indicated by its pink water droplet icon; this number shows how many Elixir points must be spent to bring that card onto the battlefield.

Proper Elixir management is crucial to any Clash Royale game. A winning strategy involves strategically expending different amounts of Elixir at key moments to maximize your advantage and defeat opponent units. A Skeleton Army can counter an enemy P.E.K.K.A, for an Elixir profit of four.

One key to effective Elixir management is keeping an eye on your opponent’s deck and noting trends and patterns. By paying attention to what they plan to do next, observing can give an indication of when their plans may take place, giving you time to plan accordingly. You can also monitor how much Elixir they leak by keeping an eye on the right-side number of their Elixir bar which displays how much was leaked since last match.

If the player fails to manage their Elixir appropriately, it can result in serious setbacks. An opponent could exploit their lack of Elixir by deploying their push; which will deal a great deal of damage to Tower. Without Miners or low-cost units to assist their collector, this type of attack may prove particularly deadly; having other buildings like Cannons could help provide protection from such an assault since their attacks would target collectors rather than Towers directly.


Clash Royale, developed by Supercell and available on iOS and Android, features high-energy duels between players in tower defense gameplay. Boasting an arsenal of troops and defenses designed by Supercell that help players win battles and advance in the arena, Towers play an essential part in this tower defense game, so upgrading them gives players an advantage over opponents; but players must carefully plan out their defenses so as to not get overwhelmed by opposing units on the battlefield.

Players use various weapons to take on their opponent’s three towers. Conquering all three towers brings victory, earning the crown prize that everyone in the game desires. There are also a variety of towers and spells available that help players defend their castles.

The Electro Giant tower is a formidable structure, and can be difficult to take down. For optimal performance, place it near the center of the map where its attacks can target both air and ground units as well as buildings that can damage towers such as Miner or Goblin Barrel buildings. However, avoid placing this tower close to King Tower or Arena Towers, as this may result in it being crossfired and damaged by both.

Players can upgrade their towers using various weapons and cards such as Arrows, Fireball, Barbarian Barrel and Rocket to improve them. Certain cards even activate the King Tower when hit directly! Players can unlock new towers by reaching higher arenas. On December 13th the Tower Troop Chest was introduced as an extra way of upgrading towers with special upgrades!


Chests in Clash Royale provide players with cards and resources without spending real money, rewarding after every match with higher-tier chests available upon collecting sufficient Crowns. Achieve higher-tier chests requires patience; knowing when they may arrive can be found through accessing one’s in-game profile.

Wining games in an online arena unlocks chests containing Gold and Gems as well as cards to strengthen your deck. Each chest guarantees a certain number of each card rarity type with the chance of unlocking additional rare, epic or legendary cards if desired. These chests can be unlocked either within a set time period or by spending Gems to open instantly.

Silver Chests are the most frequently found among chests, and contain Common Cards as well as Rare ones if you are in Builder’s Workshop or higher. There are 180 Silver Chests per 240-Chest Cycle; to unlock one requires 3 hours or 18 Gems.

Golden and Giant Chests both guarantee Legendary cards, and can be unlocked after 8 hours or by paying 48 Gems. Finally, Tournament Chests provide one Legendary card and several Magic Items every ten matches played.

Many players believe the order of chests they receive is random; however, this isn’t accurate; each battle has a set pattern of chest awards to predict which chest type will come after each battle. Understanding this cycle will give you greater peace of mind knowing when your next Chest arrives; knowing when it arrives will boost confidence in the cards that await you!

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