CleanMyPC Review


CleanMyPC scans your PC quickly to locate junk files and other issues compromising its performance, providing an intuitive user experience and various features to manage them. Furthermore, it deletes files and frees up space on its hard disk drive.

Software that manages browser extensions provides another module for optimizing storage space usage. By disabling startup items and improving boot time, as well as eliminating hibernation files that take up unnecessary storage space.

It can remove junk files

Cluttered Windows systems can quickly become slow and error prone, which requires CleanMyPC to clear away. CleanMyPC removes unnecessary files to increase PC performance by cleaning out privacy traces, fixing registry issues and optimizing auto-run programs. With its user-friendly interface and numerous features that make this tool suitable for users of all skill levels.

CleanMyPC uses a safe and fast scanning process to identify which files require deletion and how much disk space they will use, then generates a list of them requiring cleaning. With this information in hand, you can decide whether or not to delete them from your computer; select individual files or folders to be deleted instead; or use its file shredder feature which securely erases selected files without risk of recovery.

CleanMyPC also can detect and uninstall unwanted applications with its Multi Uninstaller tab, making uninstalling applications simpler than ever before. CCleaner users who wish to keep their computers running smoothly may find this feature invaluable.

Your PC needs a registry cleaner in order to remain fast and stable, and with its auto-run manager you can monitor which programs run when your PC boots. Furthermore, its useful startup item management feature provides another key way of optimizing its performance.

Extension Manager provides complete control over browser extensions and helps save memory and battery power, identify bloatware add-ons to remove for you, reclaim storage space on hard drives by freeing up space, as well as get more space from hard drives by reclaiming unused storage.

CleanMyPC can free up space quickly by deleting temporary files and decreasing auto-start programs, creating much-needed extra room on your hard drive. Best of all, this program is completely safe to use and doesn’t make any permanent modifications to your system; additionally it offers a 30-day trial so that you can evaluate it before deciding to buy.

It can clean the registry

The Windows Registry is an essential database that holds information essential for running your computer smoothly, and any cluttering could hinder software and OS from accessing necessary data for proper operation. CleanMyPC can assist in keeping it clear by regularly cleaning out Registry entries with outdated entries that block their functions, increasing performance. Furthermore, CleanMyPC can find and delete startup and autorun items saving space on hard drives by disabling startup and autorun items that would otherwise remain active on them.

The program’s key feature is its ability to remove junk files from your system. This process works in two steps: first, it scans through and finds all unnecessary files taking up disk space before quickly and effortlessly removing them all at once with one click. Furthermore, there’s even an option that cleans memory – making your PC faster overall!

CleanMyPC also lets you delete privacy traces – information stored about your online activities that’s stored on your computer, including browser history, cache and downloads – as well as unneeded apps or extensions that no longer serve a purpose; its multi-uninstaller makes this even simpler.

CleanMyPC not only removes junk files but also optimizes the registry to help software and the OS run more smoothly by deleting redundant and unused entries and shrinking down Windows Boot Image size, clearing hibernation files that take up a substantial portion of disk space and even cleaning hibernation files, which have an enormous footprint on space usage.

CleanMyPC can improve the performance of both CPU and GPU by eliminating unnecessary processes, and detect and repair system errors which lead to crashes and other problems. Unlike other optimization programs, however, CleanMyPC does not install additional software programs, making it safe to use alongside antivirus/antimalware protection programs.

CleanMyPC is an excellent program for cleaning your computer, but it comes with some downsides. Many antivirus scanners view it as potentially unwanted software and it may interfere with other PC cleaning software like PCCleaner. Furthermore, its registry cleaner may cause serious problems by accidentally deleting something necessary – though you have the ability to turn this feature off via Control Panel if needed.

It can disable startup items

CleanMyPC’s startup manager can help reduce computer stress by eliminating unnecessary programs that run at startup. Such programs may take up too much memory or slow down your system; simply check off their checkboxes in CleanMyPC to disable them!

CleanMyPC can also help lighten the load on your PC by disabling autorun programs that automatically start up when Windows boots up. While these programs can be resource-intensive, CleanMyPC makes it simple to lighten their burden with just a click – speeding up Windows boot time while saving time searching through settings!

CleanMyPC also boasts the ability to clear away cookies, caches and temporary files used by malicious software to track internet activity on your PC. This feature provides added protection in case anyone gains access to it as they could potentially use these files to determine your location or gain personal details about you. CleanMyPC’s Privacy tab scans all installed browsers and file folders for information that could be exploited by malware and allows for its deletion with just a single click.

This program also offers the option of cleaning your registry, which may help improve performance and correct errors that cause crashes or other issues. Unfortunately, this solution cannot guarantee complete a solution; and can take an extensive period to be effective. Advanced PC users may be able to work around this issue using other Windows tools; however, for non-technical users looking for assistance, CleanMyPC provides excellent solutions that deliver on its promises. Furthermore, it’s fast and efficient when downloading updates, which further strengthens its credibility. Thought it would be nice if there was an option to add programs to a startup list like many other programs allow. That would certainly be useful.

It can remove privacy traces

CleanMyPC is an easy and straightforward program designed to erase privacy traces, including browsing history and online activities, apps, windows settings and app installers that may no longer be necessary on your PC. With an intuitive user interface and customizable options that enable you to choose exactly which data and files should be cleaned/deleted/uninstalled; CleanMyPC makes the perfect way for PC owners to keep their privacy safe online while improving overall PC performance. It features an easy setup wizard so you can get cleaning right away. CleanMyPC features an intuitive user experience which lets them choose exactly which files/ folders/installers are necessary on their PC! CleanMyPC makes this task effortless while its advanced tools also assist with app installer removals not currently installed on computers – saving both time and effort on both counts! CleanMyPC makes PC users’ privacy protection by uninstalling anything not required from their computers while freeing up disk space by uninstalling applications already uninstalled by uninstallers (it can even remove apps you’ve uninstalled, saving both time and effort) whilst eliminating app installers not required on PC removing them instantly saving both time and effort; furthermore it removes installers not required from computers saving both effort and time spent cleaning off unnecessary app installers unnecessary installations to be removed automatically without hassle wasting their hard drives.

Log files and cache files can be deleted quickly and easily using this software, while it also detects and removes malware to protect your privacy. Furthermore, it can optimize system registry maintenance as well as delete unnecessary files to improve system performance – all while being user friendly enough for all ages of computer users.

CleanMyPC goes further than standard Windows deletion in that it completely eradicates activity traces using safe files that cannot be accessed by other programs or people, as well as providing an option to shred any file you delete.

CleanMyPC makes privacy breaches much simpler by making it easier to erase all traces, from browser cookies and login information, search history and autocomplete data, hidden folders/registries on the computer’s hard disk as well as virus remnants that remain. It can even remove all of these traces at once!

CleanMyPC stands out as one of the premier PC tuneup utilities because it doesn’t hinder PC performance or consume memory resources. It has an easy-to-use interface, featuring minimal buttons compared to similar tuneup utilities and with one click solutions for cleaning extensions and Window gadgets. Additionally, CleanMyPC comes equipped with several handy extras like its ability to uninstall extensions automatically with just one click – plus additional useful extras such as automatic backup.

This program is available on both Mac and Windows computers, making it an excellent solution for users seeking to decrease clutter on their computers. In addition, its variety of features can improve computer performance such as deleting obsolete or redundant files, eliminating spyware threats and tracking threats as well as managing autostart programs more efficiently.

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