CleanMyPC Review


CleanMyPC offers an all-inclusive suite of tools for optimizing the performance of your PC, from purging junk files and disabling Windows sleep functions and hardware hibernation settings, managing browser extensions, uninstall trackers and removing past recovery images to purging all unnecessary junk files and purging junk drives.

Speed up a slow computer and regain lost disk space – all this with just a few clicks!

Uninstall unwanted programs

CleanMyPC makes cleaning up easier by taking over from manual removal via Windows’ Programs and Features menu, and also removes program fragments that slow down performance or bloat your registry. Furthermore, this software also deletes files/folders or empty caches to free up disk space – plus its user-friendly design doesn’t require complex setup or technical jargon; there is even a comprehensive help section provided to newcomers!

CleanMyPC goes far beyond junk removal to provide other useful functions, including defragmenting your operating system, eliminating errors from your registry and optimizing Windows settings to increase performance. In addition to protecting privacy by blocking malware attacks on personal information. While its free version offers some functions and features, an upgraded full version offers even more.

CleanMyPC stands out with its multi-uninstaller, which allows you to uninstall up to 10 applications at the same time. Furthermore, its uninstaller combs through all leftover files and traces left by uninstalled programs to ensure all unneeded fragments have been cleared away. Furthermore, CleanMyPC can detect registry errors as well as remove unnecessary startup and autorun entries that cause your computer to run slower.

CleanMyPC’s Multi Uninstaller is an invaluable feature for those who use multiple programs on their computer, saving both time and effort by bypassing Windows’ Programs and Features menu to uninstall an application and cleaning all associated files, traces and even any adware that might exist with it.

As well, this toolbar and extension detection and removal service can also detect and delete unnecessary toolbars and extensions from your web browsers with one click – especially useful if using Internet security software that limits or blocks extensions installed onto browsers.

CleanMyPC can also help you regain valuable storage space by detecting and deleting temporary files created by other applications or services, like anti-virus and spyware scanners. Furthermore, it can help disable hibernation mode on laptops to free up up to one GB more space.

Disable startup or autorun items

Launched programs at startup can add unnecessary load and slow your system. CleanMyPC helps to identify all these programs running at start up and lets you choose which ones should be disabled so only essential applications start automatically with your PC.

As well as scanning for junk files and unwanted folders, the software also scans Windows registry entries that may cause future issues or be outdated. With one click you can clean and fix them to get your computer working like new in no time!

This application offers another key benefit – its ability to remove unused extensions and software that could compromise your online privacy. It can help clear browser histories and traces such as cache, cookies, sessions, download history and storage to safeguard against unnecessary information that could potentially be used against you.

The multi-uninstaller is another convenient addition to this suite as it quickly uninstalls multiple programs at once – this includes built-in games, gadgets, Windows extensions and even malware toolbars and plugins – meaning when you delete something it is actually gone instead of remaining hidden somewhere on your system.

Use this program to quickly uninstall all programs consuming too much disk space, freeing up valuable hard drive space that can be put to better use elsewhere. Plus, delete temporary files, restore points and even clear your Internet Explorer browser history with one click!

CleanMyPC can be an incredibly useful application to speed up your computer by uninstalling all unnecessary programs and folders that bog down performance, as well as eliminating autorun items that cause it to boot slowly. Unlike other uninstallation applications that simply delete a program’s folders, CleanMyPC erases its fragments and files to ensure a proper uninstallation from your system.

CleanMyPC’s versatility makes it an invaluable addition to any maintenance toolbox. From cleaning out junk files and uninstalling unwanted programs to optimizing system performance, CleanMyPC provides all of the solutions for all of your PC needs.

Clean your system’s junk files

If your PC has become slow and unstable, accumulated junk files or remnants from uninstalled programs could be to blame. CleanMyPC offers a solution by safely eliminating junk and temporary files to clear space for new programs and enhance performance. In addition to this feature, this tune-up utility performs multi-faceted scans of the registry to locate errors that need fixing, manage plugins/trackers as well as managing browser plugins/trackers with built-in Safety Database and intelligent analytic mechanisms during its scanning process so it makes it safe use on any Windows system!

CleanMyMac allows you to remove unnecessary Windows components such as registry entries and file associations that could be the cause of errors or slowdowns, such as hibernation files that eat up disk space on older hard drives. Furthermore, the program offers you a recovery feature should any folder contain vital data be accidentally deleted by accident or be corrupted by malware.

CleanMyPC features an easy and user-friendly interface, enabling users to effortlessly navigate its modules. All functions are conveniently organized on the left side of the screen with their results listed directly underneath them; click any module for that task – for instance if you wish to uninstall an application simply select it using Multi Uninstaller tab and it will be uninstalled from your computer automatically by CleanMyPC.

CleanMyPC stands out as a highly reliable and advanced PC cleaning tool with its user-friendly interface and powerful modules, making it an excellent option for revitalizing the performance of any PC. Unlike some freeware programs, CleanMyPC requires no extra downloads or add-ons – it won’t alter system settings without first seeking confirmation – nor will it interfere with antivirus or antimalware software programs; its only restriction being its free version which can only remove up to 500MB of junk at a time – for extended optimization needs it will require purchasing a license.

Optimize your system’s performance

Your computer can become overrun with unnecessary files that bog it down. CleanMyPC scans and detects these problem areas to help you eliminate them with one click. In addition, it can delete unnecessary desktop shortcuts, Windows history lists and browser extensions that no longer serve you – plus even clean out outdated registries to increase performance on your PC.

With time, your Windows system accumulates unwanted files, fragmented data, and other remaining remnants that clog it up and reduce its performance. This could be caused by old software, malware infections, system errors or system malfunction. CleanMyPC is an all-in-one tool designed to remove these leftovers while improving performance and increasing security on computers – as well as help users identify bloatware programs which slow them down further.

The program is straightforward to use, with an intuitive user interface and straightforward setup process. Installation only takes minutes; multiple language installers are also provided. Once installed, it runs automatically at startup and performs regular maintenance tasks to keep your system at peak performance; clearing system cache, clearing out outdated registry entries, optimizing settings for gaming, streaming, and downloading in real-time are among its capabilities.

Alongside its cleaning and optimization features, this program also enables users to monitor the health of their systems. It can monitor various drives’ statuses as well as detect any issues which might compromise system performance; as well as detecting problems with RAM memory which it may recommend fixing as part of its health check capabilities.

CleanMyPC is an effective tool for optimizing your computer, but it might not be suitable for everyone. With an array of tools that may overwhelm beginner users and less customization than other PC cleaning and maintenance applications, CleanMyPC may not be ideal. However, its versatility still makes it an invaluable asset in maintaining optimal system performance for Windows systems.

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