Clip Studio Paint Vs Celsys Clip Studio Paint

Clip Studio Paint

Clip Studio Paint is an innovative drawing program that has revolutionized illustration, comic creation, webtoon development and animation creation. Featuring powerful tools suitable for professional users while remaining user-friendly enough for beginners, Clip Studio Paint provides unparalleled creative freedom for creators across industries and audiences.

It offers various tools that are essential for inking. There is a selection of brushes offering different levels of control. Furthermore, this kit comes equipped with various color tones and textures.


Clip Studio Paint is an innovative combination of Adobe Photoshop and Manga Studio/Paint Tool SAI for artists, providing them with all of the essential tools at a more reasonable cost. Clip Studio Paint even boasts 3D modeling capabilities tailored specifically for artists; users can import and manipulate 3D models for reference purposes as well as sketching/drafting sketches/notes etc.

This program also boasts a customizable workspace and shortcut keys that increase efficiency and streamline workflow, while its intelligent anti-aliasing feature enhances resolution by eliminating JPG noise, perfect for high-resolution printing and screen display. Furthermore, its color management tool makes testing and managing multiple colors simpler, while supporting PSD file formats makes working with other design software programs simpler.

It also offers an assortment of brushes and effects for drawing anime and traditional manga art, accurately reflecting pen strokes to provide an unparalleled drawing experience. Additionally, users are able to customize brush parameters like shape, size, tip width and pressure sensitivity; additionally this software is capable of drawing both vector line drawings as well as raster line drawings.

Clip Studio provides both official and user-created tutorials to assist beginners in getting acquainted with its intuitive interface, making learning and using this program simple. In addition, its comprehensive array of options satisfies varied artistic needs including adjustable fisheye perspective rulers and the capability of automatically closing gaps between lines.

Other features include a 3D model scanner that enables artists to scan and create detailed models of people and objects, enabling them to adjust poses and angles of models to meet their artistic requirements. Furthermore, this program supports export/import of 3D data in both FBX and LWO formats for further use.

It includes a feature to import 3D objects as layers, making it possible to easily move and modify their positions within scenes. Furthermore, drawing over these 3D objects using just their layer selection and pen is possible; additionally the software provides a 3D material editor which enables editing 3D materials such as textures.


Clip Studio Paint is an intuitive digital art program with tools powerful enough for professional work yet user-friendly enough for anyone. This program features illustration, manga, comics, animation tools as well as AI-powered colorization technology and other special functions that make its use highly enjoyable.

It also features brushes that mimic traditional media and enable users to customize size, shape, and behavior of these brushes according to their desired style. Furthermore, it supports various file formats like BMP, JPEG, PNG, TGA and PICT, making file creation and saving much simpler for artists of any skill level. In addition to those included with the application itself, users can access an online community for additional brushes.

Unique to this software is its capability of capturing pressure-sensitivity details. This feature makes creating expressive drawings more lifelike while also being used to adjust drawing lines post-draw. For beginners this is an exceptional feature which helps them overcome barriers to drawing more effectively and achieve greater results.

The software allows users to draw 3D models for anatomy and figure drawing. This is an especially helpful feature for beginner artists as they gain more realistic representations of body parts more quickly and accurately, and overcome obstacles when drawing difficult angles or poses. Furthermore, this can assist with creating storyboards or sketchbooks.

Another unique feature of this program is its ability to allow users to customize the sensitivity of the brush tip by altering pressure applied by users on their pen, as well as setting an unlimited or limited number of strokes for brush usage.

There is limited technical support for this software, however a FAQs page and video tutorials are provided as well as user-driven tutorials on YouTube videos and creator blogs. Furthermore, it supports different printer models and can save in both RGB and CMYK formats for optimal printing quality.


Clip Studio Paint is an impressive digital creation tool with plenty of features that you’re sure to appreciate, offering everything from customizable settings and frame-by-frame animation to frame 3D capabilities and 3D capabilities. Ideal for manga artists and comic book writers alike. However, its licensing may mar its reputation; recently Celsys announced version 2.0 which includes an update model with monthly fees attached – leaving some users feeling duped.

This update will introduce several tools and features designed to increase artist productivity. These include color options that provide more flexible control of palettes; as well as supporting a range of drawing and painting brushes which will allow artists to easily create distinctive styles. Plus, all Photoshop file formats will work without altering their workflows!

Another exciting feature is the ability to create shared workspaces between multiple users, which will enable larger teams to collaborate more efficiently. Users will be able to share customized command bars, colors and shortcuts between themselves; additionally they will be able to set Auto Actions that perform repetitive or frequent tasks with just a click.

The latest version of the program also offers several other features to increase artist productivity, such as creating more realistic shadows by analyzing light sources’ shapes and directions; creating gradient effects with one click; automatically creating thumbnails of every image and even adjusting its brightness; these features all combine together for maximum artist productivity.

Clip Studio Paint can be used across desktop and tablet computers, iOS and Android mobile devices and the web. It features an intuitive user interface designed for beginners. Furthermore, multiple languages are supported and it supports JPG, PNG and BMP file types as well. In fact, many popular pen tablets from Wacom come bundled with this program as it comes preloaded on Galaxy Android tablet computers.


Clip Studio Paint is an ideal program for artists interested in working with vector graphics, offering a range of drawing tools – including brush options and an intuitive workspace – as well as premade graphics you can integrate without paying royalties. Furthermore, the program is compatible with both mouse and digital pen, providing greater precision while drawing.

Clip Studio Paint’s layers system is one of its greatest assets, enabling artists to separate various elements and edit them independently, giving Clip Studio Paint incredible flexibility for creating complex designs. Furthermore, its customizable shortcuts enable users to easily create customized commands.

Clip Studio Paint offers an impressive range of editing and illustration tools beyond layers, such as vector line editing. This tool allows for lengthening or shortening lines as needed, adjusting their thickness or erasing areas where lines cross. Furthermore, the program supports using brushes with up to 8,000 points of pressure recognition for creating art that appears natural.

Correct Line is another valuable tool, automatically adjusting the width of lines automatically for beginners to digital art and saving them valuable time. Airbrush offers impressive effects as it adds highlights and shadows as well as soft focus effects perfect for anime/manga art.

The software also offers an assortment of templates and themes, which artists can use to kickstart their projects. This feature is particularly beneficial to comic and manga artists as it can assist with story creation as well as speed up page production for multiple pages/volumes which saves considerable time.

Clip Studio Paint stands out among its competition as being lightweight and intuitive to use, using minimal system resources for optimal performance on low-powered computers. Furthermore, it can be downloaded legally from its official website; any piracy of pirated versions could lead to legal implications and may incur penalties.

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