Clipchamp Review


Clipchamp offers a selection of effects and filters to add artistic flourish to your videos, creating more engaging experiences for viewers.

Stock footage provided with this software allows you to achieve the perfect look for your videos, while its branding kit allows you to add fonts, shapes and high-resolution images into clips.


Clipchamp was built with consumers and non-professionals in mind, featuring an intuitive user interface designed to remove friction from video editing and work efficiently. You can upload files directly from your computer or connect with various cloud storage providers – plus it also makes transferring media from mobile phones seamless!

This tool offers basic video editing features like cropping, trimming, cutting and rotating video. In addition, it can add filters, adjust color balance and alter video speed as needed. Furthermore, its text tool offers animated and stylized text which comes equipped with various font options; furthermore there’s also a library of stock images and music available – and compatibility with numerous file formats!

Clipchamp offers free basic features, but for an upgrade fee you can upgrade to its Business plan for unlimited HD exports and access to its stock audio and video library. Furthermore, its Business Platinum plan comes equipped with premium media files as well as advanced features.

Clipchamp stands out among video editing tools with its ability to render videos in multiple aspect ratios, giving you the power to produce YouTube-friendly 16:9 videos or Instagram stories with vertical portrait mode. Furthermore, Clipchamp features captions and titles as well as audio track adjustments; furthermore it comes equipped with voice changer and auto-tune technology so your video sound professional.

Clipchamp offers many other useful features, such as uploading multiple files simultaneously or searching its database for specific images or videos. Clipchamp also boasts an audio visualizer for visualizing audio tracks while its Green Screen function enables you to place footage over images or videos.

Clipchamp offers an intuitive user experience and supports several video formats. It also comes with customizable templates to make creating unique videos easy for any occasion – simply add video clips, text and branding for an unrivalled custom video! In addition, royalty-free music options can be selected.


Clipchamp is one of the most versatile video editors available online, boasting user-centric design and comprehensive features to enable individuals and teams to produce high-quality videos quickly without extensive technical knowhow. This versatility positions it as an invaluable asset for creating social media ads, tutorials, vlogs, etc.

Clipchamp offers an intuitive user-friendly interface that makes its tools easy for anyone to use, reducing learning curves and speeding up content creation quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, Clipchamp’s multiple keyboard shortcuts simplify editing processes and help save time – plus its cloud-based functionality enables multiple team members to collaborate simultaneously on projects from any device, increasing productivity.

Clipchamp offers an expansive library of royalty-free stock video, audio tracks and images. This library can help to improve the quality of your video while staying consistent with your brand’s visual identity. Plus, its bite-sized collections simplify searching experiences for users.

Clipchamp offers more than just stock content: its creative editing tools allow for editing options like transitions, filters and customizable text overlays to give your videos the look and feel you desire. Furthermore, you can even design custom fonts and logos to ensure they reflect the messaging behind your videos.

Clipchamp allows users to record video footage using its built-in webcam, making this feature especially helpful when creating videos messages or vlogs without the need for separate recording software. Furthermore, this software also supports video compression to reduce final project size.

Clipchamp offers much to users, yet there are some drawbacks they should keep in mind. First is its maximum export resolution of 1080p which may not meet content creators’ needs. Furthermore, some advanced features require subscription in order to unlock them.

Clipchamp remains an ideal option for both casual videographers and business professionals, alike. Its user-friendly tools and templates can easily adapt to fit a range of content creation requirements; plus its integrations with cloud services, stock libraries and graphic options add even greater capabilities.


Clipchamp provides users with all of the tools necessary for producing polished and professional-looking video content, from trimming and cropping, screen recording and green screen features, all without downloading additional software or needing special licenses. Clipchamp also boasts an expansive library of royalty-free video and audio stock which can be used to add enhancements and also provides flexible export options in different formats and dimensions.

This online video editor can be used on Windows, Mac OS X and iOS devices through web browsers, supporting various file formats and popular social media platforms. With its real-time preview feature you can see changes as they happen saving both time and resources; additionally, fine tuning your videos with speed, pitch and volume controls provides you with ultimate precision when editing videos.

The software includes editing templates designed to get your project underway quickly and effortlessly, including title screens and subtitles, transition effects, and more. Furthermore, this powerful marketing content tool records both screen footage and camera footage, providing powerful capabilities for creating marketing content. Furthermore, text and image animations add professional touches that give videos a polished appearance.

Clipchamp does offer many useful features, yet is lacking several key functions found in other professional editing programs. Notably, AI-powered clip generation capabilities could save time for creators who wish to automate this task from large pieces of content.

Clipchamp software does not support 4k videos, making the platform inconvenient for those relying on YouTube and Instagram as platforms to upload their videos. Although they offer resolution of 1080p for videos uploaded via this platform, this may still not meet some users’ requirements.

Clipchamp is an ideal option for novice video editors, offering an intuitive user-friendly interface and high-quality output, making it useful both casual filmmakers and business owners. Learning it will save both time and effort in the long run.


Clipchamp was created to be accessible for users with limited computer resources, offering them a powerful yet cost-effective alternative to professional editing software that requires expensive laptops and external hard drives for editing videos professionally. Plus, its intuitive user interface means no download necessary – editing videos anywhere!

Integration with social media platforms and the creation of video templates for Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and Facebook is available as well as subtitle creation and background image insertion. Furthermore, this tool also records webcam or screen footage as well as upload existing footage directly from a PC for upload.

At first glance, the software’s user interface may seem simplistic, yet its feature set is rich with benefits for casual filmmakers and social media video producers alike. You’ll have access to features such as chroma key support, text-to-speech capabilities, animated text effects and audio effects; all essential for quick social media video creation. Furthermore, there’s even an extensive library of royalty-free music and sound effects which you can add audio tracks and voiceover to your videos quickly and efficiently.

This program now offers a simplified pricing structure based on producing Full HD videos, replacing its previous three paid subscription plans with one plan that combines all features at a discounted price: the Essentials plan. Any existing subscribers logging in with their Microsoft account will be asked to switch over, with refunds given for their current subscription as part of this transition process.

Clipchamp offers an elegantly simple solution to professional editing software: no installations are necessary. This makes Clipchamp particularly suitable for older computers without enough processing power to run heavy video editing programs; access can be granted from any device and your completed videos saved directly into either folders on your computer or cloud storage services.

Clipchamp offers an outstanding selection of royalty-free stock images and videos, which are useful for producing professional-looking videos. Available on various sites including Pixabay and Pexels, these resources can be licensed commercially at reasonable rates.

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