Clipchamp Review


Clipchamp offers customizable templates and stock assets that support creating content across many types and styles, making video creation more accessible. This democratizes video creation.

This software features tools for rotating and cropping videos, so that you can direct viewers’ attention towards specific points within clips. Furthermore, it enables you to add subtitles and closed captions.

It offers a variety of templates

Clipchamp provides an impressive variety of video templates designed to suit different purposes. Whether it’s creating a slideshow or family video, Clipchamp has something suitable to meet all your needs. Our designers have thoughtfully created these templates in order to help you quickly produce professional-looking videos with just a few clicks. Simply select from among available templates, import images and videos into them as needed, customize text according to style preferences, choose royalty-free audio tracks from content library library as well as add stickers if desired!

When ready to export your video, select your file format and resolution preferences from those offered by this site. There are four resolutions you can select for drafts: 480p for drafts; social media-friendly 720p; HD 1080p; or 4K if uploading to YouTube or another platform. In addition, many different file formats exist so your final video can be enjoyed across devices.

Clipchamp offers unlimited exports and an abundant library of audio and video clips in its free version, but its high-end plans can be quite pricey; for instance, its $39 monthly Business plan comes equipped with brand kit features as well as video stock library access. Still, higher-end plans make a good choice for those seeking powerful editors with advanced features; however, their software can sometimes become unresponsive.

Text editing in Clipchamp projects is simple, though sometimes slow to respond and may crash when editing videos. Also, changes aren’t saved automatically so be sure to double-check that they were saved prior to closing out of the program or backing up your work in a safe folder.

Clipchamp stands out from other video editors with its built-in green screen and text-to-speech functionality, its integration with Google Drive for file access and sharing, and the ease with which you can record, edit and caption videos while on the move.

It offers a library of sounds and animations

Clipchamp offers an in-browser editor for creating and storing video files, making the importation of media from mobile devices or computers quick and straightforward. Integrations with cloud services (OneDrive, Google Drive and Dropbox) or using Clipchamp’s media library make this even simpler; alternatively you can upload directly via Airdrop or Nearby Share!

Bring an added dimension of style and class to your music videos, vlogs and podcasts by incorporating audio visualiser overlays. These visualisers automatically listen to a video’s audio stream and generate a visual representation of its soundwave; perfect for adding some flair and making any piece more captivating! They even work great for voiceover audio!

Add an elegant and professional touch to your videos with custom-designed designer text and graphic stickers, such as subscribe, swipe up actions, greetings and more. Simply customize their colour and size to perfectly complement the video in which they’re used; animated text titles make videos more captivating and educational!

With our free video editing tools, it’s easier than ever to quickly and efficiently create and download high-quality videos for YouTube, Instagram and other popular social platforms. Choose between resolutions and aspect ratios optimised specifically for each social platform, such as YouTube and Instagram. In addition, we offer an impressive library of royalty-free stock videos which are suitable for your video productions.

Clipchamp offers more than music and audio effects; we also provide an impressive collection of free and professional video editing features to enhance your videos. Using Clipchamp can save time while making them appear more polished and professional – use these features now to take full advantage of them!

Clipchamp makes video creation easy for all levels, no matter your experience level. Simply import personal videos or use our royalty-free video stock and sound library in our content library tab; when you find an asset suitable to your project just click on the green + button and drag it into the timeline to add it!

It offers a variety of editing tools

Clipchamp provides editing tools to make your slideshow, montage video or short film look polished and professional. From cutting, trimming, cropping, rotating, spliting looping filters transitions and adding filters & transitions you can edit your video, add background music text or voiceover and even change its speed! Clipchamp also makes adding photos or videos from your personal library easy as well as using its library of stock images & music!

If the free, ad-supported library doesn’t meet your needs, consider subscribing for either annual or monthly access that unlocks additional features, including: A larger stock asset library of images, vector graphics, illustrations and other assets; premium effects and content backup services; brand kits to make designs match corporate styles more seamlessly; content backup; brand kits so designs match corporate styles more consistently across videos produced regularly and brand kits to help create consistent designs across them all. This feature will particularly be beneficial to businesses producing videos regularly as content consistency across production can help ensure consistency across productions – something many businesses produce videos regularly as it keeps content consistent across productions.

As another addition, you now have the ability to add text directly on top of video clips – useful for social media and corporate videos alike. Simply write your own text or select from our preset styles via the drop-down menu for best results. These new features enhance an already powerful yet user-friendly tool.

Other editing tools include an image to video converter and photo editor that allow for simple resizing, cropping, rotating, brightness/contrast adjustments and layering options – including adding a vignette if you wish.

Auto Compose can automatically generate a slideshow, montage or short video from your media and never leave your computer. After editing in the timeline and adding clipping features such as titles and captions so they are watchable on mute; as well as text to speech capability for lifelike voiceover with over 400 global languages available – text to speech also makes editing fun!

It offers a variety of export options

Clipchamp supports various file formats, such as MP4, WMV, AVI, MOV, and 3GP. Users can select among various quality settings including 480p for drafts videos, 720p for social media videos, and 1080p for YouTube or other video streaming platforms. It provides editing tools including cut, trim, trim crop rotate loop zoom as well as filters overlays transitions filters as well as music library for videos to make their editing more intuitive and efficient. It even boasts its own library of sound effects!

Clipchamp offers an expansive collection of templates to get you started, spanning everything from personal (Grandparents’ Day) to professional (Marketing Intro). There are even vertical TikTok videos and text overlay templates. Some templates feature stock footage or music while others require you to upload your own. All these resources can be found within the Content Library section of the app.

Clipchamp provides other features, including green screen – an efficient method for quickly and accurately keying in backgrounds from one clip to the next – and picture-in-picture, which allows users to place video clips within larger frames. While this works fairly well, an easier method would be ideal so as to move clips without dragging and dropping the entire preview window.

There’s also an auto-captioning tool, which converts audio clips directly into captions. Although not as accurate as Adobe’s automated captioning solution, this does an effective job at filtering profanity and jumping to the appropriate point in your timeline.

Clipchamp provides multiple file-sharing and cloud storage solutions. OneDrive makes importing files easy; drag-and-drop is also possible on PCs. Furthermore, you can set up folders to organize clips and files, making them easier to find and manage.

Clipchamp was previously limited in that its free and creator plans only allowed for 480p exports; however, with their newly introduced pricing tiers they now support HD resolution exports as well. Their most economical plan costs just $39 a month but doesn’t offer premium features such as brand kits or unlimited stock audio libraries.

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