Clipchamp Review


Clipchamp is an online video editor that strives to remove the obstacles and frustration associated with editing videos for non-pros. Featuring a clean timeline and templates as well as royalty-free music that’s available free of charge – and offering unlimited exports!

The app also supports video transitions and effects. Furthermore, you can add text tracks as well as choose from several preloaded titles.

It’s easy to use

Clipchamp is an efficient video editing solution that is great for beginners. With an attractive minimalist UI and straightforward workflow, its tools line the left of the screen, while viewer and timeline sit beneath. Plus, there are various templates to select.

To create a video, it’s first important to select an appropriate template. After doing that, you can customize it with photos and videos from your media library on the left or by tapping “Your media” at the top of the screen and accessing online services or your smartphone for selections.

Add music to your video easily by selecting the Music & SFX tab or clicking on the green plus sign at the top of your screen. Editing audio tracks works just like editing video files; for instance, speed up or slow down sections as needed.

As well as video, you can also add photos, text, and animations. There are various methods available to uploading assets that you own; free stock assets include images, icons and backgrounds that are all open for anyone to use while paid assets can only be acquired via subscription.

Your recording studio offers a limited selection of stock audio tracks; though small, these should suffice for most purposes. Furthermore, adding your own music is also possible, which is an outstanding feature; unfortunately you cannot adjust its pitch or tempo however.

Another disadvantage of the app is that it cannot export 4k videos, which is an issue for those creating content for social media platforms that compress videos to make them smaller.

There are also some minor drawbacks of this program, such as its lack of filters and transitions and no RAW format support, however these shouldn’t prevent most people from making use of this application.

It’s free

Clipchamp provides an easy, quick, and intuitive video editing solution that’s tailored towards ease-of-use. Featuring a drag-and-drop interface with basic editing tools such as cutting, cropping and resizing videos as well as recording webcam and screen recordings for green screen video editing, Clipchamp’s smart features can save time when it comes to making scroll-stopping videos for social media, sales promotions or in-depth tutorials.

Built-in templates are intuitive to use and cater to a range of users from novice video editors to experienced professionals alike. Its template library offers styles from animated videos, slideshows, music clips to text overlays and audio effects; there are even specific social media templates such as YouTube, Instagram, TikTok. Furthermore, this software allows you to add your own GIFs or music files.

The app works as a PWA and supports cloud sync to let you take your projects with you wherever they may go. While its free version has limited functionality, upgrading to paid plan unlocks additional features including video recording and editing from multiple sources as well as multiple languages support, text-to-speech translation, direct upload from social networks such as Facebook etc and text-to-speech text output.

Another amazing feature of the software is that it automatically resizes videos to fit a platform’s aspect ratio, saving time by eliminating manual resizing of individual clips in separate programs. Furthermore, there’s an extensive library of free stock music and sound effects, plus custom fonts to customize your project’s look further.

The app also supports multiple video formats, including 4K. This makes the software an ideal way to produce high-quality videos for YouTube, Instagram and other platforms while saving storage space on computers. Furthermore, MP3 support enables conversion from videos. Finally, its free trial period lasts seven days with no export feature available during that time.

It’s fast

Clipchamp is an ideal video editing software to quickly produce high-quality videos, offering an organized editing timeline and numerous tools to do so. Features such as trimming footage, altering its speed, adding and editing captions and filters as well as screen capture makes Clipchamp accessible even for novice editors. With its user-friendly interface it makes this tool user friendly for beginners alike!

Clipchamp Pty Ltd of Brisbane created Clipchamp for businesses, bloggers, YouTube creators and anyone who needs to create videos quickly on-the-go. Developed in a browser format so it requires neither an expensive computer nor external hard drives for its operation, Clipchamp offers customizable templates which make video creation simple – plus live capture capabilities!

Clipchamp offers both free and premium versions for users to create video exports in HD quality for export to Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube. Both versions allow unlimited video exports with any subscription plan from monthly or annually available; additionally users can enjoy access to GIPHY’s large library of stock videos and graphics allowing them to easily create GIFs as well as record audio/video for sharing on these social media platforms.

Clipchamp offers an excellent selection of templates designed specifically to help users create social media posts and YouTube clips for social media and YouTube. Templates can feature predominantly photographs or videos – or both – making creating slideshows of holiday photos or year-end video clips easy! Customization is straightforward while import/export capabilities make import from Dropbox/Google Drive seamless.

Clipchamp stands apart from other online video editing tools by being completely browser-based, eliminating the need for you to install separate software on your laptop or PC. Furthermore, its intuitive use on phones through QR code scanning reveals an HTML interface which enables drag-and-dropping photos or videos onto a computer screen – plus 4K support!

This company provides an expansive library of pre-designed templates organized into categories. In each category you will find video backgrounds, music/sound effects, free stock footage and transitions arranged into video playlists. Their editing tools enable you to change backgrounds quickly or combine clips together without loss in quality; adjust brightness saturation and color gamut in seconds with one click; as well as add or remove text and support right-to-left languages!

It’s easy to customize

Clipchamp is an excellent solution for people who are new to editing video but require assistance getting started with professional software. With an intuitive user interface and customizable effects and templates to select from, Clipchamp makes video editing straightforward.

Clipchamp offers one of the most useful tools, its ability to alter video aspect ratio. This can come in handy when creating content for different platforms such as Instagram, YouTube and TikTok – for instance if you need a square video for Instagram you can use the crop tool to resize it so it fits with their aspect ratio requirements.

Clipchamp’s biggest limitation lies in its export resolution cap at 1080p, which may cause issues for those uploading videos to platforms like YouTube or Facebook. But short-form editing shouldn’t pose such problems.

The app features a simple design with an easily navigable bar on the left of the screen that lets you add images, GIFs, text, transitions and video effects such as transitions to your videos. Audio files may be added and volume adjusted; even clipping feature is available so you can remove part of an audio track – saving both time and energy by not needing to trim entire clips!

Clipchamp offers many useful tools, but one standout feature is its speed control feature, enabling users to slow down or accelerate footage for precise videography. Furthermore, Clipchamp also has access to stock audio and image assets that you can use to give your videos a more polished appearance.

As a business owner, upload your company logo and color palettes into the Brand kit section to ensure consistency across all channels and increase professionalism while increasing marketing efforts. Doing this can help your content build stronger professional presence while improving marketing efforts.

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